Mission: Supporting the National Security and Defense Strategies

The Army exists to serve the American people, to protect enduring national interests and to fulfill national military responsibilities. Our mission is enduring: to provide necessary forces and capabilities to the Combatant Commanders in support of the National Security and Defense Strategies. The Army is charged to provide forces able to conduct prompt, sustained combat on land as well as stability and reconstruction operations, when required. Moreover, the Army is charged to provide logistical and other capabilities to enable other Services to accomplish their missions.

To achieve its mission, the Army is providing the Joint Force with capabilities required to prevail in the protracted Global War on Terror and sustain the full range of its global commitments. At the same time, the Army is undergoing one of its most profound transformations since World War II. Army Transformation will meet the needs of Joint Force Commanders today and tomorrow, by providing a campaign-quality Army with joint and expeditionary capabilities. A continuous cycle of innovation and experimentation, informed by experience, is improving the forces and capabilities we are providing today and ensuring that we are well postured for tomorrow's challenges.

We are working to create a unique synergy from both of our tasks, fighting today while transforming for tomorrow, to ensure we "get it right." The size and mix of our components and capabilities must be in balance. Our global posture, both at home and abroad, must enhance agility and readiness to conduct expeditionary operations on short notice. In addition, the force must be designed, equipped, sustained and supported in a manner that will enable us to continue to be effective partners, with the other Services and the armed forces of other nations, in the conduct of sustained, protracted military campaigns.

Soldiers remain at the center of our transformation focus. Soldiers are the Army. It is the Soldier — fierce, well trained, well equipped and well led — who serves as the ultimate expression of the capabilities the Army provides to the Joint Force and to the Nation. As always, we remain dedicated to the well-being of our Soldiers, their families and our civilian workforce.

Soldiers in Afghanistan

The character and skill of our Soldiers, leaders and civilian workforce and the attitudes and actions of our family must reflect our military and organizational challenges. Like any large, complex organization committed to achieving transformational change, our efforts to change our culture will prove to be our true measure of success.

Guided by the compelling requirement to accomplish our mission in service to the Nation, the Army is changing now — and making tremendous progress. With the continued support of Congress and the Department of Defense, we will maintain the momentum we have established, through our collective efforts, to transform capabilities, processes, leadership and culture.