Addendum B: Well-Being Initiatives

Army Well-Being is directly linked to the relevance and readiness of our Army. This addendum provides additional information on Well-Being programs that support the needs of the Total Army Family before, during and after deployment. The Total Army Family includes:

In the past, the Army’s programs concentrated only on the quality of life of our people – defined as a standard of living to which individuals, communities, and nations strive to meet or exceed. Army Well-Being organizes and integrates those quality of life initiatives and other programs into a Well-Being “framework”. This “framework” provides a way to measure success in the Army’s people programs and to address emerging needs of our transforming Army.

Army Well-Being is the “bridge” that connects Army needs with individual needs and centers around four strategic goals. These goals address the primary and basic needs of each member of the Total Army Family; To Serve, To Live, To Connect, and To Grow. The objective of Army Well-Being is to address the physical, material, mental and spiritual needs of each member of the Total Army Family. The Army is providing the opportunity of its members to achieve individual goals and therefore enhancing the members’ preparedness to perform and support the Army’s mission. More detailed information about these goals and Army Well-Being can be found at the web site.

The requirements of the Total Army Family are critical to Army Well-Being Programs. Services such as Health Care, Family Programs, Morale Welfare and Recreation, Pay and Compensation and Housing benefit the Total Army Family. Additionally, three emerging programs directly support the on-going Global War on Terror:

To learn more about these initiatives and other well-being programs go to the Army Families Online Web site.