Our Commitment to the Nation

Our Nation and our Army are engaged in a Global War on Terrorism -- a war of survival against an insidious and cruel enemy that threatens our civilization and our way of life. This enemy is actively targeting the interests of America and our allies, both within our own country and abroad.

Defeating this enemy requires the continued, strong support of our Nation. The steadfastness of our Nation in this effort is readily apparent. Ordinary Americans are doing their part and will continue to do so. Congressional support for our troops has been critical to our success. The industrial base also has responded, accelerating production of items essential to our Soldiers' protection and warfighting ability.

Our Army, too, remains committed to its heritage of preserving freedom. American Soldiers display unrelenting tenacity, steadfast purpose, quiet confidence and selfless heroism. For America to survive and flourish throughout the 21st Century, our Army must defeat decisively the threats that challenge us today. To accomplish this essential task, we must recognize some important truths.

  • The fight against terror will be a long one
  • Our Army must simultaneously deter aggression, defeat the forces of international terrorism, and maintain our campaign qualities
  • We must continue to modernize to meet the challenges of our future
  • Our operational tempo is high and will remain so
  • Sustained operations and deployments will be the norm for our Soldiers -- NOT the exception
  • Old rules and operational methods may no longer apply; we will not achieve victory with a business-as-usual approach

Congressional backing for reset, our continued transformation to the Future Force, our rebalancing and restructuring of the Active and Reserve Component, and improvements to our installation infrastructure is essential to continued mission readiness. We fully appreciate the exceptional support Members and their staffs provided this past year. The support of the American people and their elected representatives in the United States Congress is essential.

Our Army's commitment to the future is certain. We will continue to provide our Nation, the President, the Secretary of Defense and the Combatant Commanders a unique set of core competencies and capabilities. We remain dedicated to training and equipping our Soldiers and growing leaders. We will continue to deliver relevant and ready land power to the Combatant Commanders and the Joint Force. We will protect our country and our way of life as we have for 228 years. It is our privilege, our duty, and our honor to do so.

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