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Throughout our Nation's history, The Army has demonstrated that it is America's decisive ground combat force with capabilities sufficiently diverse to cover the full spectrum of operations demanded by the Nation-anytime, anywhere. The essence of The Army remains unchangedan ethos of service to the Nation, the readiness to fight and win wars decisively, and a willingness to accomplish any mission the American people ask of us.

Today, we are engaged in a global war on terrorism and defense of our homeland. Soldiers, On Point for the Nation, are protecting and promoting American interests around the globe. They are accomplishing these vital missions much as we have for over 226 years with little fanfare or attention. The Army is able to accomplish what is asked by relying on the strength of its Soldiersactive, National Guard, Army
Reserveand civilians, who honorably and proudly answer the calls to duty.

The Army has no illusions about the challenges it faces. It must help win the global war on terrorism and prepare for future wars and conflicts by effectively using the resources you provide us to transform. With the continued support of Congress and the Administration, our Soldiers will continue to do their part to decisively win the global war on terrorism, rapidly transform themselves to fight and win new and different kinds of conflicts, meet our obligations to allies and friends, and maintain our readiness for the unexpected and unpredictable challenges that may arise.

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