To jumpstart this process, we have established the Business Initiatives Task Force to find ways to cut costs and reinvest savings to enhance readiness and the well-being of our soldiers, their families, and Army civilians. We are also working with the Defense Acquisition Board to simplify weapons system development and fielding by reducing lifecycle costs of major systems, employing spiral development to improve capability over time, and reducing the acquisition cycle timeline from an average of 10 years to an average of 5 to 7 years.

The Army has embarked on a historic enterprise. Recognizing that the forces we can provide to the combatant commands are becoming obsolescent in a changing strategic environment, The Army is transforming. With the support of the Administration and Congress, The Army has charted a course that will better align its capabilities with the international security environment, enhancing responsiveness and deterrence while sustaining dominance at every point of the spectrum of operations. The Army Transformation is the most comprehensive program of change in a century and is already underway. It comes at a propitious moment. We live in a time of relative peace. Our nation's economic strength has given us a period of prosperity. A decade of post-Cold War experience has provided us strategic perspective and American technological power gives us tremendous potential. We have seized this opportunity to guarantee our strategic capability and our non-negotiable contract with the American people well into this century.

The Army, Soldiers on point for the Nation-Persuasive in Peace, Invincible in War.