Fort A.P. Hill, a Regional Training Center, provides flexible, relevant training facilities and resources in order to enable Army, Joint and Interagency Readiness. On order, support contingency operations in the mid-Atlantic and National Capital regions. Vision: Fort A.P. Hill remains relevant and responsive to customer needs. Strives to provide responsive, adaptive training support to emerging requirements to enable Readiness in an unpredictable environment. Guiding Principles: Live the Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Warrior Success: Empowered employees with steadfast commitment. Teamwork: Focused cooperation to accomplish the mission. Communication: Timely sharing of open, honest and candid information. Safety: Inherent in everything we do. Continuous improvement: Innovation and acceptance of prudent risk. Individual Development: Active participation in individual and professional development opportunities. Leadership: Be the example, communicate effectively, care for and develop workforce, accomplish the mission. Core Competencies: Exercise command and control. Provide services and support to training, readiness and contingency operations. Provide sound stewardship of installation resources and the environment. Facilitate Warrior, Family and Civilian well-being. Sustain and improve installation infrastructure. Provide a safe and secure installation.


  • Lt. Col. Andrew Q. Jordan Garrison Commander Lt. Col. Andrew Q. Jordan
  • Command Sgt. Maj. Robert L. Parker II Garrison Command Sergeant Major Command Sgt. Maj. Robert L. Parker II

Fort A.P. Hill Motto

"The Best Training and Support - Anywhere!"


1 Calling in backup; 2/8 Fox Company trains for embassy reinforcement
2 Asymmetric Warfare Group recruiting video (2016)
3 475th Quartermaster Group Hone their Skills as Petroleum Specialists
4 2016 Pittman Challenge
5 1-130th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion Perform Maintenance on Apache Helicopters at Fort A.P. Hill
6 Clandestine Laboratory training with AWG
7 Gunnery Range for Apache Helicopters
8 55th Signal Company conduct squad live fire exercises
9 1-130th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion
10 Adaptive Leader Workshop
11 Combat Camera conducts heavy weapons training
12 Ap Hill
13 Noise on Fort A.P. Hill
14 AWG assists Cadet Command with ASLTE
15 RAW VIDEO: Bowling Green-based Va. Guard engineers field new float bridge system
16 U.S. Marines Deployment For Training DFT
17 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), fire individual and crew-served weapons
18 Marines prepare for combat
19 AT 1989 AP Hill, VA C-2-110 / 28
20 JCLC 2014
21 3-116th Infantry Regiment conducts Situational Training Exercises
22 Asymmetrical Troop Metro Training (C-SPAN)
23 Delta Co Live Fire
24 Oberserver Controller / Trainers Guide Units to Win in a Complex World at Fort A.P. Hill
25 U.S. Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill official command video 2
26 2015 EIB Ceremony
27 Arctic Lightning Warrior Exercise 2015 on Fort A.P. Hill.
28 AT4 rocket launcher training. AP Hill. US Army
29 Quartermaster Liquid Logistics Exercise
30 Alpha Company Live Fire
31 4th Combat Engineer Battalion
32 Tactics Training at AP Hill
33 Cpl G Sniper shoot fort ap hill
34 Riding in a Chinook at Fort AP Hill, VA.
35 .50 ECP Fort AP Hill
37 Shooting an M240 at Fort AP Hill.
38 USMC - 26th MEU Realistic Urban Training
39 Keeping Busy on the Gun Line
40 ap hill
41 Aerial Gunnery training at Fort A P Hill
42 U.S. Army Garrison, Fort A.P. Hill Training Support Center
43 Annual Training Montage 2014 - D Co. 5-159
45 U.S. Air Force C-17s train on Fort A.P. Hill.
46 Marines move tank hulls at Fort A.P. Hill
47 38th Regional Support Group
48 Old Guard Soldiers Go After Expert Infantryman Badge
49 The best training and support...anywhere!
50 US Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill Hooah Video