USAG Japan

U.S. Army Garrison Japan

USAG Japan recognizes Air Force unit for their help with Army’s budgetary mission


Mission: U.S. Army Garrison Japan provides quality installation services and support to the Soldiers, Civilians, and Families of the United States Army in Japan and installation partners dispersed throughout Japan to ensure mission readiness and the well-being of our Community.


USAG Japan's Vision:

USAG Japan is a resilient team of professionals committed to enabling the US Army in Japan to be "ready today" for any contingency while providing prioritized resources and services for our Community. "USAG Japan is ready today, builds readiness for tomorrow, and takes care of our Community always"


This page is updated by the U.S. Army Garrison Japan Public Affairs Office to keep the American people, the citizens of our Japanese host nation, and the Soldiers, Families and Civilian employees serving, working and living on U.S. Army Installations here in Japan informed about the activities of the U.S. Army in Japan. USAG Japan is part of IMCOM, the U.S. Army Installation Management Command.

Contact Information

Telephone Directory Assistance / To find a phone number for a specific unit or organization at USAG Japan, please call the telephone information line: DSN (Defense Switched Network): 315-263-1110 Within Japan: 046-407-1110 From the U.S.: 011-81-46-407-1110 046-407-1110() Public Affairs Office / For questions or comments about the U.S. Army Garrison Japan, please contact the Public Affairs Office. DSN (Defense Switched Network): 315-263-7156 Within Japan: 046-407-7156 From the U.S.: 011-81-46-407-7156

Directorate of Emergency Services Contacts

Director, DES: 315-263-5786 Deputy Director, DES: 315-263-3610 Chief of Police: 315-263-5640 Provost Sergeant: 315-263-3743 Traffic Management Section: 315-263-5263 Military Police Investigators: 315-263-3787 Police Liaison: 315-263-3522 Fire Chief: 315-263-3335 Deputy Fire Chief: 315-263-3344 Fire Inspectors: 315-263-3507 Chief of Physical Security: 315-263-4044 Physical Security Guard NCOIC: 263-5545 Security Guard Chief, Honshu: 315-263-3437 Senior PS Inspector: 315-263-3260 Chief of Security, Kure: 315-256-2510 Vehicle Registration: 315-263-3732 Installation Pass Office: 315-263-4697 SHA Pass Office: 315-263-6065


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