412th TEC

412th Theater Engineer Command, U.S. Army Reserve Operational and Functional Command


The 412th Theater Engineer Command, an Operational & Functional command of the U.S. Army Reserve, provides trained, ready and available Soldiers in support of the Army's mission at home and abroad. On order, the two-star command conducts theater-level engineer operations in support of U.S. Army Pacific; U.S. Army Europe; U.S. Army Africa; and Eighth U.S. Army, Korea.


  • Maj. Gen. Daniel J. Christian Commanding General Maj. Gen. Daniel J. Christian


1 Warrior Care: Air Transport
2 Warrior Care: Neuropsychology
3 Warrior Care: Amputee Clinic
4 Warrior Care: Neurosurgery
5 Warrior Care: Gait Lab
6 Warrior Care: Medical Center
7 Incredible Finish
8 Incredible Finish
9 Incredible Finish
10 Warrior Care: Neurosurgery
11 Wounded Warrior Receives Pat Tillman Award
12 Warrior Care in the 21st Century Symposium - October 25-27, 2016