Happy Birthday U.S. Army!

June 14 we celebrate 248 years of turning obstacles into possibilities and challenging our Soldiers to be all they can be.



1775 emblem - This we'll defend

We invite you to celebrate with us as we commemorate the Army's role in building our nation and defending its values. This year we are emphasizing Soldier and Veteran stories and showcasing the many possibilities the Army offers for service, personal growth and professional development. We are celebrating the American Soldier's odyssey from recruit to military expert and leader.


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Join us as we commemorate the legacy that has been built on our storied 248 years of our history, displayed in the dedication, courage and heroism of the American Soldier.


Since its official establishment, June 14, 1775 — more than a year before the Declaration of Independence — the U.S. Army has played a vital role in the growth and development of the American nation. Drawing on both long-standing militia traditions and recently introduced professional standards, it won the new republic's independence in an arduous eight-year struggle against Great Britain. At times, the Army provided the lone symbol of nationhood around which patriots rallied.


Older than the nation it defends, the U.S. Army has made a difference in the history and founding of America. This year we are celebrating how America’s Army has challenged, empowered and equipped our Soldiers, because “Be All You Can Be” is more than just a slogan, it's the Army way of life.

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