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The Army Medical Department Center and School launched Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and High Explosive (CBRNE) training for medical professionals, including combat medics, doctors, nurses, physician assistants and dentists.

President George W. Bush addresses a UN special session


President George W. Bush addresses a UN special session and refers to Iraq, Iran and North Korea as an "axis of evil." He states the regimes "pose a growing danger."

Jan. 15

Operation Freedom Eagle begins. About 600 U.S. Army Special Operations troops and other U.S. military personnel are deployed to assist the Armed Forces of the Philippines in combating al Qaeda leaders and associated Islamist extremist groups.

Kofi Annan apeaks to the UN


UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is unable to influence Iraqi representatives to allow UN weapons inspectors to return.

Soldiers walking away from helicopter


Operation Anaconda takes place. This is a joint assault operation between U.S. military, CIA, and other allies, against al Qaeda and Taliban forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban suffered heavy casualties and evacuated the region.

March 25


U.S. Army Accessions Command established as a subordinate command of TRADOC.

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DOD/VA Clinical Practice Guideline is established to develop clinical practice guidelines for identification and management of their patients with deployment-related health concerns.

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April 9

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Fort Gordon develops new web-based platform, a "blackboard that doesn't need chalk," that enables officers to take classes over the internet.


The UN Security Council extends International Security Force-Afghanistan until December 2002. The coalition force is a NATO-led contingent established to provide stability and security within Afghanistan.

Completion of the Phoenix Project

Aug. 15

The 'Phoenix Project' is completed, almost under a month ahead of schedule. This construction project was to repair the damage caused to the Pentagon by the 9/11 attacks when American Airlines Flight 77 was deliberately crashed into the building.

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President George W. Bush calls for unilateral action against Iraq. Iraq announces it will allow inspectors to return, but recants the offer, specifying no new U.S. sanctions as a condition of acceptance.

Oct. 19

Combined Task Force - Horn of Africa logo

Horn of Africa is activated as part of United States Africa Command. The mission is to promote regional security and stability, prevent conflict, and protect U.S. and Coalition interests.

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Members of the UN adopt Resolution 1441


UN Security Council Resolution 1441 calls for Iraq to cooperate with UN inspection teams.

Nov. 1

Installation Management Agency logo

Installation Management Agency activated. TRADOC is no longer responsible for base operations at its installations.

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Medical Innovations
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Launch of new high-tech bandages for field use, including the Fibrin and Chitosan bandages, and the one-handed tourniquet.

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Nov. 15

Cover of Training for Full Spectrum Operations

FM 7-0, Training the Force, replaces FM 25-100 as the Army's capstone doctrine on training.

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Dec. 13

Medical Innovations
Soldier administering a smallpox vaccination

DOD launches Military Smallpox Vaccination using an existing FDA-approved smallpox vaccine. Like other vaccinations this is mandated for designated personnel unless they are medically exempted.

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