STAND-TO! Edition: Friday March 7, 2014

Today's Focus:

Army Unit Training Management

What is it?

The Unit Training Management (UTM) provides the doctrine-based, how-to details of the U.S. Army's training management processes. It is the process commanders, leaders and staffs use to plan-prepare-execute-assess unit training and identify the resources needed to accomplish that training.

Each process mixes art and science. The science aspect employs tools such as the military decision making process, pre-combat checks, after-action reviews and rehearsal of concept drills. Art emerges as leaders gain experience, which develops intuition - that gut feeling for knowing the right solution to challenges. Among the pillars of training, education and experience, experience contributes the most to leader development. As leaders experience every phase of the UTM process, they will not only learn how to use the tools but also how to apply them artfully. Developing training and leader development plans using UTM is the best leader development tool available.

What has the Army done?

Training tools support the science of UTM. In 2012, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command published Army Doctrine Publication and Army Doctrine Reference Publication 7-0, Training Units and Developing Leaders. Online tools include the upgraded Army Training Network (ATN), Digital Training Management System (DTMS), and the Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS) Development Tool.

UTM art will improve as leaders retake control of training after a decade of top-down training, resulting in commanders, rather than the CTCs, training their units. As leaders conduct UTM and understand their training environment, their instincts - the art of what works and what doesn't - will improve.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The Army Training Management System (ATMS) will combine ATN, DTMS and CATS into an integrated online training management resource. The Army Training Information System will absorb ATMS, linking it to all other training information databases and reducing its overhead requirements. As of January, ATN now hosts an updated, downloadable UTM based on feedback from UTM mobile training teams in 2013.

Why is this important to the Army?

Experienced leaders and easy-to-use tools are critical to developing and executing sound unit training and leader development plans. Leaders skilled in the art and science of training management not only improve their unit's readiness, but also become more proficient in conducting operations, because they are training as they will fight.


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Quote for the Day

Wearing the uniform is a privilege, one that was earned by millions of men and women who served over the last 238 years. None of us has the right to wear the uniform and then degrade the Armed Forces with an offensive video or statement in a public domain. I tell the Soldiers that it's OK to be young and have fun on the social media venues, but if you represent the U.S. Army, you have limits in regard to the content.

- Col. Thomas Rivard, commander 59th Ordnance Bde., Fort Lee, Va., responsible for training and preparing thousands of Soldiers each year to move on to their first duty stations, emphasizes that the new Soldiers have to be taught about responsible use of social media as one of their top priorities

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