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"The Army cannot expect to continue funding its growth, modernization and sustainability using supplemental budgets."

-Acting Under Secretary of the Army Nelson Ford.

Acting under secretary: Army stretching budget to limit


This is the fourth of an eight part series highlighting critical elements of the 2008 Army Posture Statement. While the Army remains the best-led, best-trained and best-equipped Army in the world, it is out of balance. The combined effects of an exceptionally high and sustained operational tempo have resulted in our readiness being consumed as fast as we can build it. Therefore, our top priority over the next several years is to restore balance through four imperatives: Sustain, Prepare, Reset and Transform.


To sustain our Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians, we must maintain the quality and viability of the all-volunteer force and the many capabilities it provides to the nation. Sustain ensures our Soldiers and their Families have the quality of life they deserve and that we recruit and sustain a high-quality force.

Goals for Sustain:

- Offer dynamic incentives that attract quality recruits
- Provide improved quality of life and enhanced incentives to retain Soldiers and Families
- Continue to improve the quality of life for Army Families by implementing the Army Family Covenant and other programs
- Continue to improve care for wounded warriors and warriors in transition
- Continue to support Families of our fallen with sustained assistance that honors the service of their Soldiers

Sustain our Soldiers, Families and Civilians

This is the first time in our history when an all-volunteer force has been engaged in conflict for this long. We have taken a hard look at how we take care of our most valuable resource--our people--to determine what needs to change in terms of support and services. Our objective is to ensure our Soldiers, our Families, and our Civilian workforce have meaningful programs available to them and that the Army community affords the quality of life they deserve for the service that they render to the nation.

Sustain begins with recruiting high-quality Soldiers and Civilians, and then retaining them and their Families by providing a lifestyle that eases the challenges of military life and acknowledges the special sacrifices involved with service to the nation. Sustain also demands that we ensure our wounded, ill, and injured warriors in transition receive the care and support they need to reintegrate effectively into the Army or civilian life and that we, as an institution, never forget our moral obligation to assist every spouse and Family who suffered the loss of their Soldier or Civilian in past, present, or future conflicts.

We require sustained, predictable funding in our base budget to support programs like the Army Medical Action Plan and to turn around shortfalls addressed in the Soldier-Family Action Plan. Our focus will help bring the Army back into balance by enabling us to meet our manning objectives, both quantity and quality, as we grow the Army.

For more detailed information, see 2008 Army Posture Statement


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