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To achieve mission success, Soldiers today and for generations to come need the right resources. Paramount among them is the availability and quality of natural assets that provide effective training areas and support healthy communities in which to live and work. Every day our Soldiers use these assets to remain ready to defend the Nation and it is our responsibility to protect our environment. Therefore, it is vital that we continue to implement innovative polices and practices that will protect and preserve our natural resources for future generations. Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff, United States Army and Dr. Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army. 2006 Army Earth Day Message


Sustainability - Army Strategy for the Environment (Part Two)

Sustainability, a concept detailed in The Army Strategy for the Environment: Sustain the Mission - Secure the Future The Army Stategy For the Enviroment connects our activities today to those of tomorrow with sound business and environmental practices.The goals of the Army Strategy for the Environment support Army Transformation and the overarching Army strategies outlined in the 2006 Army Posture Statement.

Army Strategy: Sustain an All-Volunteer Force Composed of Highly Competent Soldiers that are Provided an Equally High Quality of Life

Army Strategy for the Environment Goal: Enhance well-being of our Soldiers, civilians, families, neighbors and communities through leadership in sustainability.
The Army will honor our commitment to the American people and to future generations. We will sustain our natural resources for our Soldiers, their families, Army civilians, our contract workforce, and our neighbors. We will celebrate our heritage through responsible management of our cultural resources. We will honor our treaty and trust responsibilities to Indian tribes, native Alaskans and Hawaiians, and our obligations abroad.

The sustainable futures of our installations and our communities are inextricably connected. We are active members in our communities, promoting the well-being of Army families and our neighbors, worldwide. We will strengthen and build new community partnerships to achieve sustained and sound environmental stewardship and a ready military force through communication, coordination, consultation, and collaboration.

Provide Infrastructure and Support to Enable the Force to Fulfill its Strategic Roles and Mission

Army Strategy for the Environment Goal: Minimize impacts and total ownership costs of Army systems, material, facilities, and operations by integrating the principles and practices of sustainability.

The Army will reduce impacts on the environment and the true cost of doing business. These life cycle costs, which include impacts on resources and the environment, occur from concept through use to regeneration or disposal.

We will leverage our purchasing power to favor environmentally sustainable products that lower total ownership costs, and employ other tools to continually improve effectiveness and better manage total ownership costs. We will also expect the same ethics and business practices of sustainability from our support contractors and corporate partners.

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