Edition: Tue, February 14, 2006
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Our Army is extremely busy. Currently we have more than 270,000 Soldiers, Active, Guard and Reserve deployed, forward stationed overseas or securing the homeland. Soldiers from every state...Soldiers from every corner of this country... serving "We the People" ...the people of the United States... with incredible honor and distinction.

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the United States Army


The 2006 Army Posture Statement

The 2006 Army Posture Statement, which informs Congress on the status of the Army, was released today and is available at The Army Posture Statement ( The document helps to "tell the Army story" and conveys our compelling needs for next year's budget. The Posture Statement, designed to promote understanding and support for Army programs, provides the following:

* A two-page EXSUM that highlights key ideas that are driving our decision making
* Explanation of the four overarching interrelated strategies which comprise The Army Plan
* An Executive Summary that describes our compelling needs for the 2007 Fiscal Year
* A description of the 13 Strategic Initiatives in the basic text and 15 Supporting Initiatives in an addendum
* A summary of Army accomplishments throughout the text; and
* Details of progress made with respect to the 2005 Posture Statement

Drawing upon ideas, the views of key "consumers" on Capitol Hill, and several independent experts, the 2006 Posture Statement is also a great reference tool because it provides several new features:

* It is designed to serve as a "one - stop" shop and a portal to learn about the Army
* It has hyperlinks within the text that provide additional information in a user-friendly way. Several of these hyperlinks lead the reader to Army-supported websites for even greater levels of detail

* It lists key Army websites to enable readers to learn more about Army programs
* The printed version is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing all informational text boxes and supporting addenda . The CD-ROM also includes a survey. All material available on the CD is also available online.

* It spells out our seven Legislative Objectives - characterized as items to mitigate risk -- within the EXSUM
* It is packaged in an electronic medium to promote widespread dissemination and understanding

The main message of the 2006 Army Posture Statement is how the Army is executing four overarching, interrelated strategies to accomplish its mission. They are:

* Provide Relevant and Ready Landpower for the 21st Century Security Environment
* Train and Equip Soldiers to Serve as Warriors and Grow Adaptive Leaders
* Sustain an All-Volnteer Force Composed of Highly Competent Soldiers that are Provided an Equally High Quality of Life
* Provide Infrastructure and Support to Enable the Force to Fulfill its Strategic Roles and Missions

These strategies will be explained in subsequent Stand-To Articles.