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The threat that led to the global war on terror began festering long before Sept. 11, 2001, and will continue to rage as long as al Qaeda and other like organizations keep spreading their ideology.
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BG Mark Kimmitt
U.S. Central Command


Army Materiel Command's Always A Soldier Program

The U.S. Army Materiel Command provides more than spare parts, bullets and food to Warfighters--they're providing jobs too.

In their commitment to ensure no Soldier is left behind on or off the battlefield, AMC formed the Always a Soldier program, which focuses on providing wounded veterans with jobs in the command.

- The Always A Soldier Program is an AMC based initiative focused on assisting our nations wounded veterans after their selfless service to our nation and allies. The goal of the program is to provide continuing support to Warfighters beyond their active duty service. By providing jobs for veterans, AMC can clearly benefit by tapping into the valuable experience and commitment that our men and women in uniform embody.

- So far, 12 Soldiers been hired through the program, which started in June 2004. AMC hopes to help hire more Soldiers from referrals received through the Army Wounded Warrior Program, the Military Severely Injured Joint Operations Center and the Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, for which there is a memorandum of understanding.

- Although finding jobs for injured veterans is the program's primary mission, the staff also assists Soldiers and their family members with purchasing food and clothes, explaining job application processes and providing veteran resource information.

- Although many of those recruited are veterans of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, the program is open to Soldiers wounded in all conflicts.

- Benefits for AMC: Employing young, dedicated former service members who are already familiar with the military. They talk the talk, and walk the walk. As combat veterans, they bring practical, hands-on experience with respect to the equipment that AMC develops and procures for the military.

- Benefits for the wounded Warfighter: They are given the opportunity to stay in the fight and stay close to the military where their sacrifices will always be honored. The program offers a personal touch to their transition from military to civilian life. AMC works to accommodate the challenges presented by their injuries.

Employment tracks AMC offers:

- Wage grade positions involving trades and labor.
- The Student Career Education Program providing job experience and related education.
- Internship programs providing monitored or supervised work/training experience with learning goals.
- Various series GS full performance positions.

For more information about the Always a Soldier program and to apply on-line, visit Homepage for Always a Soldier Program or call 703-806-8140. To learn more about the Army Materiel Command, visit .