The United States Army Soldier for Life

Soldier for Life Cycle

Connect Army, governmental, and community efforts to build relationships that facilitate successful reintegration of our Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families in order to keep them Army Strong and instill their values, ethos, and leadership within communities.


Americans are proud of the military and see the Army as a strong career path. The U.S. Army wants the best educated, healthy and strong individuals to join the Army as a profession.


Forged in the crucible of austere, highly dynamic situations, Soldiers are adaptable, skilled, team players that desire to Serve Strong. As Soldiers serve, they continue to become stronger through technical skills education, credentialing opportunities, and professional leadership training.


In order to Reintegrate Strong, Soldiers must approach the Transition process throughout the life cycle of their career in order to be "career ready". We've found that Soldiers and their Families successfully prepare for re-integration through these focus areas: meaningful employment, access to education to improve marketability, and access to quality healthcare.

Remain Strong

Soldiers and their Families are the Veterans that are our ambassadors within in the community. Soldiers bring with them invaluable skills to include the Warrior Ethos and Army Values. They are Soldiers for Life Veterans, that Remain Strong, and thereby strengthen our communities and inspire future generations to serve.

Are You A Business?

  • Soldiers transitioning to civilian life bring exceptional training, critical skills sets, and proven talents back to their local communities.
  • Hiring a Veteran makes sound business sense.
  • We are willing to assist in educating your leaders and human resource specialists to understand the qualities Soldiers will offer to your organization.
  • Soldiers already maintain a network of support via Veterans benefits organizations and specialized peer-to-peer networks.

Are you a Non-profit Organization?

  • Help us understand how your organization supports the Army Family.
  • We can connect you to the right people within the U.S. Army to assist your efforts.
  • We have connections within the core functions of Employment, Education, and Healthcare.
  • We appreciate your efforts across the Nation to help with this huge mission.
  • Our Soldiers will reintegrate back into 4,000 communities.

Are you a Local Community?

  • Does your community have a Veteran’s Outreach or Community Action Team with whom we can connect to Soldiers?
  • Are there Soldier/Veteran Reintegration challenges your community is dealing with that could be affected by what the U.S. Army is doing?
  • We can directly link you with community organizational models that can be adapted and customized to fit your needs.

Are you a Veteran?

  • Our Army Veterans are Soldier for Life; its about keeping the bond of Trust with Veterans by taking care of our Army Family.
  • If you served on active duty, are you receiving your Veteran’s Benefits?
  • The primary website to access benefits for Veterans it:


We want to hire a soldier, how do we make the connection?

The U.S. Army G-1 formed a Transition Strategic Outreach Office to assist with making the connections between soldiers and industry. The virtual connection is the Hero 2 Hired website:

We are a non-profit organization and we want to assist Soldiers/Veterans, where do we start?

Email explaining what your organization does and we'll connect you to the right agency to begin to assist.

Health Care Resources

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