This Year's Competition"

The 2006 Best Ranger Competition 2006 is the 23rd anniversary of this grueling three day athletic competition. It will feature the best athletes in the world; our United States Army RANGERS! The competition has evolved over the past twenty years from one that was originally created to salute the best two-man "buddy" team in the Ranger Department at Fort Benning, GA, to  a competition to determine the best two-man team from the entire United States Armed Forces. The Best Ranger Competition is held on Fort Benning and is open to the public.

Instructions for Post Access:

Open Access Points:

  • I-185/ Visitors Center
  • Custer Road (Sand Hill)
  • South Lumpkin Road
  • 1st DIV ROAD / Columbus Cusseta Road
  • (Entrance / Exit Southbound Only)
  • Phenix City (Adjacent to Lawson AAF) 1ST DIV ROAD
  • (Entrance / Exit Northbound Only on East
  • Side of Highway 27)

Post Access Checklist:

Go to I-185 access point and bring the following:

  • Valid Driver's License Proof of Insurance
  • Valid Registration (Tag)
  • Request 3 day pass