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The U.S. Army Professional Writing Collection showcases articles from a variety of professional journals that focus on relevant issues affecting The Army. This micro-site seeks to stimulate innovative thinking about the challenges that may face tomorrow's Army. It is further intended that the articles featured on this site cause reflection, increased dialogue within The Army Community, and in the best case, action by Soldiers. Updated biweekly, these articles are written by Soldiers, civilians, academics, and other subject matter experts. Links to various Army publications, Department of Defense journals and selected non-governmental defense-related publications are also provided on this site.

Serving a Nation at War: A Campaign Quality Army with Joint and Expeditionary Capabilities

Serving a Nation at War: A Campaign Quality Army with Joint and Expeditionary CapabilitiesAmerica is a Nation at war. To win this war, we must meld all elements of our national power in a determined and relentless campaign to defeat enemies who challenge our way of life. This is not a "contingency," nor is it a "crisis." It is a new reality that Soldiers understand all too well: since 9/11, they have witnessed more than a battalion's worth of their comrades killed in action, more than a brigade's worth severely wounded. Their sacrifice has liberated more than 46 million people. As these words are written, the Army is completing the largest rotation of forces in its history, and all 18 of its divisions have seen action in Bosnia, Kosovo,Afghanistan, or Iraq. We have activated more than 244,000 Soldiers of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve in the last two years, and more than a division's worth of Soldiers support homeland security missions. Over 300,000 Soldiers are forward-deployed. Like our Nation, we are an Army at war.

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Preparing Leaders for Nationbuilding

Preparing Leaders for NationbuildingIN A RECENT article, author Robert Kaplan set forth 10 rules for "Managing the World." The first rule is "Produce More Joppolos," referring to Major Victor Joppolo, the protagonist of John Hersey's 1945 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Bell for Adano. In Kaplan's view, the fictional Major Joppolo can serve as the model for soldiers during military occupations and peacemaking operations. We clearly need more Joppolos, he says and asks, where are they? The United States has been waging the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) since shortly after 11 September 2001 and, arguably, has been unofficially at war with terrorists since the end of Operation Desert Storm. U.S. involvements in international conflicts in the past decade demonstrate that the U.S. Army needs leaders who can shift quickly from combat to stability operations and back again with an eye on winning both war and peace in the Islamic Middle East battlespace.

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Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines: What Would Sun Tzu Say?

Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines: What Would Sun Tzu Say?IN THE GLOBAL War on Terrorism (GWOT), while Operation Enduring Freedom aims to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines (OEF-P) continues with little fanfare. The operation began in response to the kidnappings of U.S. citizens by the Abu Sayyef Group (ASG), a radical Muslim organization backed by al-Qaeda. From the U.S. perspective, the GWOT is a counterinsurgency operation on a global scale-a fight pitting those who believe in democracy and freedom against those who seek to enslave the world in an Islamic dictatorship.

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Space Exploitation: Making Space Technology Matter

Space Exploitation: Making Space Technology MatterSpace ... the final frontier." So began a popular TV series of several years ago. As our military transforms into smaller, lighter, more agile units with more responsive capabilities to address global uncertainty, the necessity of harnessing and exploiting this "final frontier" is quickly becoming one of the most important enablers for Army transformation. We have long relied on Space as a means of extending reliable communications beyond line-ofsight and over-the-horizon, for providing early warning of enemy missile launch, identification of military and military-related construction, and detection of major military movements. It's important to additionally note Space as a provider of products to support position, location, navigation, weather, terrain, and environmental monitoring.

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June 2003 | Volume 1.1