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The U.S. Army Professional Writing Collection showcases articles from a variety of professional journals that focus on relevant issues affecting The Army. This micro-site seeks to stimulate innovative thinking about the challenges that may face tomorrow’s Army. It is further intended that the articles featured on this site cause reflection, increased dialogue within The Army Community, and in the best case, action by Soldiers. Updated monthly, these articles are written by Soldiers, civilians, academics, and other subject matter experts. Links to various Army publications, Department of Defense journals and selected non-governmental defense-related publications are also provided on this site.

Transforming Strategic Mobility

Transforming Strategic MobilitySince the United States reduced its forward presence overseas at the end of the Cold War, the centerpiece of U.S. defense strategy has been power projection - the ability to rapidly and effectively deploy and sustain military forces in dispersed locations. Stung several times over the past decade by its inability to project forces swiftly to scenes of conflict, the Army now is engaged in one of the most remarkable and critical transformations it has ever undertaken. In addition to getting "lighter" - a key tenet of this transformation - the author proposes a force planning option that takes another look at the placement of its pre-positioned equipment and its forward-deployed forces.

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Unorthodox Thoughts About Asymmetric Warfare

Unorthodox Thoughts About Asymmetric Warfaren the last few years the use of nerve agent in the Tokyo subway by Aum Shinrikyo and al Qaeda's offensive leading to its 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon forced us to reevaluate the threat of terrorism to our art of operations. As a term of art, asymmetric warfare now dominates public attention. But many use the term with little understanding of its operational meaning.

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The Quartermaster Corps - Embracing Logistics Transformation

The Quartermaster Corps - Embracing Logistics TransformationBoth the future battle space and how the Army engages in battle are changing. The Chief of Staff of the Army has directed Army Transformation into an Objective Force to meet the goals of achieving strategic responsiveness and full spectrum dominance in support of the geographic combatant commanders. This lethal and rapidly responsive force must be sustained in a pulsed, rapid, precise and efficient manner by an equally responsive distribution-based logistics network.

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The Objective Force: A Holistic Approach To Army Transformation

The Objective Force: A Holistic Approach To Army TransformationThe Objective Force is not simply a new weapons program; it is nothing less than the complete transformation of today's Army to meet tomorrow's challenges. It is holistic change-Doctrine, Training, Leader development, Organizations, People, and Facilities. OF units will be more strategically responsive, deployable, agile, versatile, lethal, survivable, and sustainable across the full spectrum of military operations. They will support decisive maneuvers-horizontal and vertical, day and night-in all weather and terrain as dismounted or mounted combined arms teams with unyielding unit integrity.

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July 1, 2003 | Volume 2.1