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OTF Soldier Story for October 27, 2008 - Sgt. Lisa Morales

Sergeant Lisa Morales

Age: 23
Current Unit: 11th Signal Brigade/NETCOM
Current Position: Command Post Node Team Chief
Component: Active Army
Current Location: Fort Huachuca, Ariz.
Hometown: Sierra Vista, Ariz.
Years of Service: 4

As one of the first female Soldiers ever to compete in the U.S. Army’s Best Warrior Competition, Sgt. Lisa Morales has had a history-making year. In 2008, she was also the first female non-commissioned officer to represent Forces Command (FORSCOM) and the first Soldier to represent Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) in the competition.

Sgt. Morales’ determination, dedication and skill as a non-commissioned officer make her part of the backbone of the Army. And her strength, commitment and heart as a mother, daughter and sister make her the backbone of her family.

Born and raised in Sierra Vista, Ariz. with her four siblings and grandmother, family has always been an integral part of her life. At age 20, Morales adopted her 13-year-old sister in order to provide support as her sister’s father battled illness. Now at age 23, as she prepares to return to her unit in Kuwait next week, Morales also finds herself preparing for parent-teacher conferences and keeping a vigilant eye on her now 15-year-old sister’s schoolwork.

In Kuwait, Morales will resume her position as Command Post Node Team Chief for Company A, 40th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 11th Signal Brigade. This will be her second tour of duty, as she previously deployed to Iraq in 2005. Her brother is currently serving in Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division and was her inspiration for enlisting in the Army.

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