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OTF Soldier Story for January 4, 2010 - Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Lane

Sergeant First Class Andrew Lane

Current Unit: 5th Special Forces Group, U.S. Army Special Forces Command
Current Position: Special Forces Medical Sergeant
Component: Active Army
Current Location: Fort Campbell, Ky.
Hometown: Sellersburg, Ind.
Years of Service: 15

With two deployments to Iraq as a Special Forces medic, Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Lane has seen firsthand the progress that has been made. The Noncommissioned Officer, who has always wanted to serve in the Army's Special Forces, has received multiple awards for his valorous and meritorious service overseas and will be honored at the 2010 Army All-American Bowl.

While deployed in 2006-2007 to An Najaf, Iraq, Lane was a team medic responsible for providing daily and emergency medical care to Soldiers as well as members of the Iraqi National Police Force. Additionally, the Special Forces medic helped train members of the Iraqi Army and police force for combat operations and provided them with basic emergency medical training. For his involvement in a combat operation during the deployment, Lane was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor.

During his most recent deployment from January to August 2009, Lane served as the company senior medic in Baghdad, Iraq. In this role, he provided leadership to the team medics and procured the necessary medical supplies. Additionally, he served as the Special Operations Task Force-Central liaison to the Baghdad Combat Support Hospital, and provided a friendly face as wounded Special Forces Soldiers arrived and ensured the appropriate medical care. For meritorious service throughout the deployment, he received the Bronze Star Medal.

Comparing the two deployments, Lane noted the substantial progress in Iraq that had taken place over the three-year span.

"The biggest change was the ability of local security forces, both police and the Iraqi Army, to do their job successfully with less support from the American and coalition military. While they had limited abilities in 2006, they had stepped it up quite a bit by 2009," he said.

A native of Sellersburg, Ind., he graduated from New Albany High School, and enlisted in the Army. After 15 years of service, Lane is currently stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky., with the 5th Special Forces Group. His father served as an Army Reserve Special Forces Soldier, and Lane considers it an honor to follow in his father's footsteps and serve in the Army.

"Right now, I get to do what I've wanted to do since I was a little boy. I'm lucky that I get to live out my childhood dream," he said.

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