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Faces From the Front for June 22, 2009 - Capt. Angela Smoot

Captain Angela Smoot

Current Unit: Headquarters Support Company, 46th Engineer Battalion
Current Position: Company Commander
Component: Active Army
Current Location: Camp Liberty, Iraq
Hometown: High Point, N.C.
Years of Service: 9

As company commander for Headquarters Support Company, 46th Engineer Battalion (Heavy), Capt. Angela Smoot takes great pride in the work she and her Soldiers have accomplished during their time in Iraq. A trained engineer, the High Point, N.C., native combines her technical expertise with her leadership skills to ensure that the Soldiers in her unit are on point. Miscalculations or sloppy work can have huge repercussions in a war zone.

"Being company commander is a very fulfilling job and there's nothing like it in the world," said Smoot. "There is so much responsibility, but I have loved every minute of it. I've seen such wonderful Soldiers come through my ranks."

Training and continued learning are two areas she emphasizes. She tells her Soldiers that each deployment brings a different perspective and experience. But regardless of the scenarios they face, Soldiers who've prepared can adapt and adjust to every situation thrown at them. Before Smoot and her company deployed, she took them through demolition training at Fort Rucker in Alabama. The training was important to prepare her Soldiers for the explosive-related tasks they would encounter on the battlefield.

"I think it's important the Soldiers get out there to train," said Smoot. "When we get away from this stuff for too long, people get nervous about it. The training is good for safety and just to get them used to the different sounds and impacts."

Smoot has deployed multiple times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and each deployment has given her new experiences. Her company's current mission supports the safe maneuvering of Soldiers and local residents throughout the area.

Smoot is expected to return home at the end of summer. She credits her uncle who was a field artillery officer with inspiring her to serve.

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