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Faces From the Front for April 18, 2011 - Cpl. Shereia L. Reed

Corporal Shereia L. Reed

Current Unit: 580th Signal Company
Current Position: Unit Supply Specialist
Component: Active
Current Location: Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.
Years of Service: 2

Continuing in the rich legacy of women serving in the military, Cpl. Shereia Reed serves as the unit supply specialist for 580th Signal Company in Afghanistan.

A proud Soldier, Reed answered the call to serve in order to be part of something larger than herself and learn skills that will help shape her future.

“It means a whole lot to be serving overseas during this time because I am part of history. I’m making history for myself as well as for my family,” Reed said. “I embrace being a woman in the military.”

On the job, Reed is responsible for the entire communications inventory for her signal unit. This means handling the storage, upkeep and tracking of all sorts of equipment, such as servers, routers, switches, phones, computers, monitors and processing cards. The equipment she maintains enables her unit to achieve their mission of providing units throughout Afghanistan with communications capabilities.

During a change in command, Reed’s leadership and accountability skills were put to the test. Throughout the transition process, her job was to make sure that all the equipment under the outgoing commander’s responsibility was accounted for and transferred to the new leader’s command. Reed was up for the challenge--not only did she fully account for all communications supplies, but she did so while assuming responsibility for the communications personnel as well. Cpl. Reed describes this experience as one of the most challenging aspects of her deployment to Afghanistan.

“This was the first time that I had to be accountable for equipment and personnel,” she explained. “Suddenly, I was responsible for a task usually given to Soldiers of higher rank and serving as Noncommissioned Officer-In-Charge of the 580th Supply Room. Both were great opportunities but definitely a challenge during my deployment.”

When she’s not spending time on the job, Reed remains a leader among her peers as she enjoys organizing activities for her fellow Soldiers. Last month, she rallied her comrades together to participate in a Women’s History Month run.

“To commemorate the month, I conducted a run and gathered other service members to participate,” Reed said.

Reed has been stationed at Bagram Airfield, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, for nearly a year. Returning home to what she calls “the best family and friends one can ask for,” cannot happen soon enough. But, her experience in Afghanistan is something she will always remember as she continues on her journey--a woman bound for success in the Army.

“During this deployment, I’ve learned patience and the severity of my job. I now know to be understanding of people’s needs; while also treating everything as urgent when it comes to my job. That is how I was trained,” she explained, “and that is how I will continue to train others.”

Upon her return, Reed plans to visit family and friends in her hometown of Detroit. She also plans to adopt a son, to whom she can one day pass on her great skills of leadership and accountability.

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