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Faces From the Front for December 21, 2009 - Spc. Sean Meadows

Specialist Sean Meadows

Current Unit: 1192nd Engineer Company
Current Position: Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
Component: National Guard
Current Location: Iraq
Hometown: Myakka City, Fla.
Years of Service: 3

While most college students are heading home for the holidays, Spc. Sean Meadows will celebrate Christmas in Iraq. The 20-year-old is currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq with the 1192nd Engineer Company. Meadows could have spent the holiday at home, but opted instead to deploy early from his ROTC program at the University of Northwestern Ohio.

While it is not required for ROTC Cadets to deploy until they are commissioned at graduation, Meadows felt compelled to serve his country overseas when he heard how shortstaffed many of the units were. Knowing that his mechanical skills would be an available asset to keep vehicles and Soldiers on mission, he stepped forward and volunteered to go.

“The company was running low on mechanics to deploy to Iraq. I put my college and my ROTC on hold to deploy as a member of the 1192nd engineer company and serve my country.”

While being away from his family during the holidays will be difficult for the young Soldier, Spc. Meadows is trying to focus on the positive aspects of his deployment, using his time to fine tune his skills as a mechanic. The Soldier is responsible for repairing and maintaining all of his unit’s vehicles.

“Here, I’m making a difference because I can fix a vehicle and be confident it is mission ready, and if anything were to go wrong on the mission the operators can rely on my work as a mechanic to get them home,” said Meadows.

For Meadows, the hardest part of being away during the holidays is missing out on sitting down to a home cooked dinner with his family on Christmas. While nothing can replace Christmas dinner with the family, Meadows will take a short break from work on December 25 to celebrate the holiday with his fellow Soldiers by sharing in a special meal which will be served at the dining hall.

To his family and friends back home, Meadows would like to send a special message. “Just to say hello, I miss you, and stay safe.”

When Meadows returns home from Iraq he will resume his studies at the University of Northwestern Ohio.

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