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Faces From the Front for July 13, 2009 - Capt. Lisa Landreth

Captian Lisa Landreth

Current Unit: Company A, 46th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy)
Current Position: Company Commander
Component: Active Army
Current Location: Camp Liberty, Iraq
Hometown: Fair Play S.C.
Years of Service: 9

Company Commander Capt. Lisa Landreth has witnessed many milestones during her time in Iraq. Charged with leading a 150-Soldier Combat Heavy Engineer Company, Landreth has overseen 150 completed construction projects. Her company was in Iraq during the signing of the U.S.-Iraq security agreement in January and the Iraqi elections in February. And Landreth and her Soldiers are currently training Iraqi Army Engineers to support their own operations after U.S. military forces transitions from Iraq.

"We have worked diligently with several Iraqi Army engineer units to complete combined construction projects and forge partnerships," said Landreth. "I have seen Iraqi ingenuity applied to solve problems and their firm resolve to improve themselves and their country"

Her company's missions have covered the full spectrum of engineer operations. Throughout their deployment, Landreth and her Soldiers have graded roads, placed thousands of protective barriers, and scooped up hundreds of tons of garbage and debris, and in general made locations more inhabitable for the Brigade Combat Teams they support across Multi National Division-Baghdad. Most importantly, they have trained Iraqi Army engineers on the equipment and methods necessary to maintain the progress made and continue into the future. Landreth has been impressed not only by the Iraqi Army engineers her company has trained, but also by her own Soldiers skills at passing on their knowledge.

"I have been surprised at how well I was received as a female commander by the Iraqi Army leadership," said Landreth. "I have also been surprised at the versatility of our Soldiers to be able to adapt and overcome language and cultural barriers in order to make the training effective."

Landreth's own expertise has certainly set the standard for her company. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Landreth became the first female Grizzly Award winner in 2001, an honor bestowed annually upon the best engineer platoon leader. She also has served as a liaison to the First Naval Construction Division which gave her a foundation for her work on joint and combined missions.

Landreth, a resident of Fair Play, S.C., is slated to return from deployment at the end of the summer.

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