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Faces From the Front for February 28, 2011 - Spc. Robert Comfort

Specialist Robert Comfort

Current Unit: 580th Signal Company, 25th Signal Battalion
Current Position: Information Systems Operator
Component: Active
Current Location: Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan
Hometown: Bay City, Texas
Years of Service: 5

Every day, Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan rely on the capabilities computers provide to complete their missions. Whether connecting Soldiers across the battlefield, communicating with mission partners, or catching up with loved ones back home, having a reliable computer and modern networking capabilities are essential to ensuring our deployed Soldiers have the right information at the right time at the right place.

But when computer glitches occur, Soldiers like Spc. Robert Comfort are skilled, able and ready to troubleshoot and repair all malfunctions.

Comfort is an information systems operator, responsible for handling computer technical support issues for Soldiers and civilians working at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Comfort is charged with a variety of tasks including creating user accounts and passwords, reimagining the machines, and installing computer and printer equipment.

“Without our help no one would even be able to log into their computers to complete their tasks,” Comfort explained. “My work helps my fellow Soldiers. When they need something done to their accounts or computers they can come to me personally to ensure that it’s take care of.”

This is Comfort’s first deployment to Afghanistan, and while he previously served two tours in Iraq as a field artilleryman, he’s found this to be a unique experience.

“I have done two tours already so I know about getting stabilized mentally and physically while oversees. Other than that everything is different from what I’m used to,” Comfort explained.

That said, the Soldier relies on the support of his family to keep focused and get through this deployment.

“My family is just as proud of my service, if not more so, than I am,” Comfort explained. “My wife is the most important person in the world to me and her words of encouragement and knowing that she has my back no matter what, is what drives me to complete my mission.”

Comfort looks forward to returning home to his family in the coming months and working toward a college degree.

“The most rewarding deployment experience is going home after knowing I proudly defended my country and its allies,” he said. “The fact that only 3 percent of U.S. citizens join and serve for at least a three year term is what makes me proudest of my own service.”

But before heading home, Comfort is enjoying the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of African American History Month and what it symbolizes for him while serving in Afghanistan.

“African American History Month means persevering through the hard times and not giving up on what you want to accomplish. By keeping an open mind and learning from everyone with an encouraging message, we all come together and put our minds as one. When this occurs, no one can defeat the U.S. military!”

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