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Faces From the Front for August 9, 2010 - Capt. Kiara Baugh

Captain Kiara Baugh

Current Unit: Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 53rd Infantry Brigade, 53rd Brigade Support Battalion
Current Position: Battle Captain
Component: National Guard
Current Location: Camp Virginia, Kuwait
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Years of Service: 4

Capt. Kiara Baugh joined the Army to help others and make a difference.

“My passion in life is being able to help others, and what better way to assist and serve my neighbors than to have the special opportunity to be there for them in their most dire times of need, whether it’s responding to domestic disasters and local missions or answering the call to duty to serve overseas,” Baugh explained. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to stand up and make a difference, no matter how big or small my part and know that I can help to make life better for someone somewhere.”

What Baugh didn’t know when she commissioned, was just how many Soldiers’ lives would be made better by her work. Now in Kuwait, Baugh serves as a battle captain, overseeing operations at Camp Virginia and ensuring that daily life for all of the Soldiers on the camp is made easier and more manageable.

“Through my direct assistance, the command cell helps to maintain a positive quality of life for all Soldiers, permanent and transient, that flow through our camp. We do everything within our capabilities to ensure that Soldiers not only have a place to lay their heads for the night but also provide them with the basic human necessities and the means for communication back home that keeps life comfortable and stress-free,” Baugh said.

Baugh knows that her work is important and that everything from helping a Soldier find a misplaced item in the lost and found, to giving visiting Soldiers directions to the bunks or dining hall, makes a difference. With Soldiers working extremely long hours in stressful situations the significance of replicating some of the comforts of home and providing them the opportunity to rest and recharge is immense.

In addition to her work with the command cell, Baugh is responsible for coordinating with the emergency operations center to direct her fellow Soldiers when crisis situations, such as electrical fires or serious physical injuries, arise.

Baugh, who was promoted to the rank of Captain during her time in Kuwait, has found her first deployment somewhat challenging, in terms of adjusting to living without some of the conveniences she’s used to in the states.

“You don’t have your own vehicle to just drive around whenever you want, you can’t go down the street to shop at your favorite grocery store, and you can’t go visit family any time you want, unless it’s over the internet,” Baugh said.

With that, the Soldier realizes that life during a tour is never going to be exactly the same as life at home, and she recognizes the Army’s efforts in providing amenities for her and her fellow Soldiers. “The Army has done such a great job at building this place up to include things such as Starbucks and mini movie theaters, and these things definitely make it easier for this small piece of desert to feel like a home away from home.”

Baugh is proud of the work that she and her fellow Soldiers have done during their time in Kuwait, but looks forward to returning home later this year. She plans to spend time with her family and continue her education in the psychology field.

“I’ll be going to my mother’s house in Austin, Texas, and I’ll stay there through Christmas and the New Years in order to spend the very much missed time with family and friends.”

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