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Faces From the Front for April 6, 2009 - Staff Sgt. Camille Adams

Staff Sergeant Camille Adams

Current Unit: 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Group Support Battalion, Group Service Support Company
Current Position: Communications Specialist
Component: Active Army
Current Location: Balad, Iraq
Hometown: Pullman, Wash.
Years of Service: 9

As part of the Logistics Task Force, Staff Sgt. Camille Adams is a vital part of the support structure that sustains the Special Forces community in Iraq. The Group Support Battalion (GSB) the 27-year-old serves under is designed to provide rapidly deployable support in a war that has relied heavily on special forces capabilities in the counter insurgency fight. With Special Forces units being deployed repeatedly, GSBs provide the logistical and operational support necessary to sustain the continuous deployments.

As a communications specialist, Adams is specifically responsible for ensuring information transmission between Soldiers is uninterrupted. In an era of modern warfare, connectivity is one of a Soldier's most vital tools, making Adam's knowledge of network technology and computers critical not only to her mission, but also to her fellow Soldiers' combat missions. Having deployed four times, Adams believes she still learns something new with every assignment. She says her current deployment is challenging her skills even more and that each day brings new learnings.

Not content just to focus on the technical aspect of her work, Adams also pushes herself physically. A bit of a fitness fanatic, Adams believes that even though her work centers around technology that maintaining a high-level of fitness is important to the success of her mission.

"If something goes down you never know how quickly or where they'll need you, so you have to be ready to grab your gear and get on a bird or a truck and provide communications to these teams," said Adams. "There is no typical support Soldier in today's military, so being in peak physical condition is a goal every Soldier needs to take seriously."

Adams certainly walks the walk and recently finished third in the Joint Base Balad St. Patrick's Day Biathlon. She credits events like the biathlon with not only keeping her in peak condition, but also with establishing relationships with Soldiers and colleagues she might not otherwise have met.

Adams is slated to return to the states later this year and looks forward to seeing her mother, father and sister who also have all served in the Army. Adams is originally from Pullman, Wash. and graduated from Pullman High School.

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