Lt. Gen. Bill Grisoli

Director, Office of Business Transformation (OBT)

Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Spoehr

"Is the Army a business? Many have persuasively argued it is not, citing the primacy of success on the battlefield far above any other metric such as profit margin or loss. But no one can argue that in many key areas the Army does not need to perform like a business; striving to obtain the most output at the least cost within our twelve Title 10 functions such as recruiting, training, and supplying. Hence, the critical mission of the Office of Business Transformation is to help the Army incorporate proven business practices in order to get the most from every dollar we are provided by the American taxpayers and Congress."




Chief Management Officer

"The Army stands at a critical moment in its history, challenged to reshape into a leaner force still capable of meeting the nation's strategic priorities. Nonetheless, the Army's obligations remain unchanged & I will do everything in my power to ensure the Army meets these important, often sacred, obligations, no matter the fiscal environment."

Hon. Brad R. Carson


Leader page

Deputy CMO

"The Army leadership is focused on proving readiness at value, emphasizing the challenges confronting our country. We will continue to provide an all volunteer force that is leaner, adaptive, flexible and offers the President a significant number of options in the event of conflict."

Mr. Mark R. Lewis (SES)



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