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  • 2-18th FA fires up 'Desert Heat'

    Jul 2, 2015

    In the middle of the Mojave Desert, about halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, lies the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, Calif. In this 1,000-square-mile section of desert 200 Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 18th Field Artillery worked through a large scale joint training exercise -- Operation Desert Heat.

  • MCCC students fight OPFOR hand-to-hand

    Jul 1, 2015

    Maneuver Center of Excellence Soldiers train to be smart, fast, lethal and precise. The Maneuver Captains Career Course students use combatives training to take old hospital.

  • Army publishes new doctrine about leader development

    Jul 1, 2015

    Leader development is a top priority as the Army seeks to maintain a competitive edge in a continually uncertain and complex world.

  • New York Army National Guard EOD teams sharpen their bomb disposal skills at Raven's Challenge

    Jul 1, 2015

    Donning 70 pound protective suits in scorching heat, New York Army National Guard Soldiers engaged explosive devices left in banks and restaurants, utilized state-of-the-art robotics and electronics, saved hostages from collar bombs, raided home-made explosive labs, and rescued children from terrorists on a bus. Then they did it all over again. Sixty Soldiers from the New York Army National Guard's 501st Explosive Ordnance Device (EOD) Battalion, and 1108th EOD Company trained for a week alongside 300 domestic and international EOD military and law enforcement personnel during an exercise called Raven's Challenge at the New York State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany NY, June 22-26.

  • Students visit Army Corps, talk careers with recruiters

    Jul 1, 2015

    U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, SEATTLE DISTRICT, Wash. -- Seventeen high school students visited the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District headquarters for a week to learn more about careers within the Army Corps of Engineers, Jun. 8-12.

  • U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Promotes 57 Faculty Members

    Jun 23, 2015

    The Command and General Staff College selected 57 faculty members for academic promotion for the academic year 2015-2016 that begins on August 10. Academic promotion recognizes excellence in the faculty characterized by sustained superior performance across the four domains of faculty development--teaching, scholarship, service and faculty development.

  • 1st Armored Division Stryker brigade trains with mobile network at NTC

    Jun 22, 2015

    In mid-June, 1/1 AD finished its National Training Center rotation that included utilizing WIN-T Increment 2 integrated onto Stryker platforms in an operationally relevant environment.

  • Fort Leonard Wood helps Springfield Cardinals honor military

    Jun 22, 2015

    Several Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen from Fort Leonard Wood joined the 399th Army Band and Maneuver Support Center of Excellence Color Guard at the Springfield Cardinals Military Appreciation game Saturday.

  • American Dream U returns to Presidio for career-inspiration event

    Jun 20, 2015

    PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. -- Military community members turned out for a return entrepreneurial and career-inspiration presentation here by American Dream U June 19 and 20.

  • Nett Warrior: Fort Campbell Soldiers train with subject matter experts

    Jun 19, 2015

    Fort Campbell Soldiers have been learning to use the Nett Warrior system that was fielded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd brigade combat teams more than 18 months ago. But for the past three months 101st Airborne Division units have been improving their proficiency with one-on-one support from the equipment's subject matter experts.

  • Army puts Gray Eagle, One System Remote Video Terminal through test

    Jun 19, 2015

    The Army has finished its follow on test and evaluation, or FOTE, on the MQ-1C Gray Eagle and Initial Test and Evaluation on the One System Remote Video Terminal at the National Training Center on Fort Irwin, California.

  • Army aviation executive gives industry update

    Jun 19, 2015

    Brig. Gen. Bob Marion, program executive officer for aviation, speaks on the Army aviation portfolio during the Association of the U.S. Army's "Update for Industry" event June 5 at the Jackson Center in Huntsville.

  • Award-winning app boosts unmanned aircraft training

    Jun 19, 2015

    Unmanned aircraft systems operators now have the option to train anywhere, anytime and in real time without having to sit in a classroom or be co-located with the other UAS operator.

  • Army, Air Force take bomb disposal to new level with lasers

    Jun 18, 2015

    The U.S. Army and Air Force are working together to develop mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles with laser technology.

  • New leader slated for Ordnance Corps

    Jun 18, 2015

    FORT LEE, Va. (June 18, 2015) -- Brig. Gen. John F. Haley wrapped up his tour as the Chief of Ordnance with a relinquishment of command ceremony Friday in the maintenance high bay at Hatcher Hall on the Ordnance Campus.

  • Quartermaster takes helm at Army Logistics University

    Jun 18, 2015

    FORT LEE, Va. (June 18, 2015) -- By his own account, Col. Thomas J. Rogers' speech went a bit long despite the fact he avoided mentioning many of the dignitaries present. It wasn't intentional, declared the new commandant of the Army Logistics University, but it was more important to spend the time sharing a short list of commitments.

  • Young student scientists represent the future

    Jun 18, 2015

    Middle school students convening here this week for the eCYBERMISSION National Judging and Educational Event were told they had become honorary U.S. Army scientists and engineers and that they represent the future of the American scientific community.

  • Trainees queue up for taste of Army history, customs

    Jun 18, 2015

    About 600 of the Army's newest Soldiers, who haven't even started Basic Combat Training, learned about the history, mission, heritage and their role in the organization June 12, as the 95th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) celebrated the Army birthday at Fort Sill.

  • Course takes guesswork out of traffic investigations

    Jun 18, 2015

    A 17-day Traffic Management and Collision Investigation course on Fort Leonard Wood takes the guesswork out of traffic investigations.

  • Latest in Army training

    Jun 16, 2015

  • USASMA celebrates, bids farewell to Class 65

    Jun 16, 2015

    It was a week to beat all weeks as the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy celebrated the accomplishments of the 454 students of Sergeants Major Course Class 65 -- a class that had within its ranks 37 international students from 30 different countries as well as members of the Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

  • USASMA recognizes international students, inducts four into Hall of Fame

    Jun 16, 2015

    The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy ceremoniously recognized the academic accomplishments of the 37 international students of Sergeants Major Course Class 65 June 11, by awarding them the International Military Student Badge. The Academy also recognized the service of four of its Military Professional Exchange Program instructors and inducted four former international military students into the International Military Student Hall of Fame.

  • Army moves to electronic publishing

    Jun 15, 2015

    The Army is pushing knowledge to the point of need by making e-Publications, or EPUB, available for download to Soldiers' mobile devices.

  • New York Army National Guard aviators, Army Reserve civil affairs Soldiers train together

    Jun 15, 2015

    Soldiers, from the New York Army National Guard's Company A, 3rd Battalion, 142nd Aviation Regiment, recently participated in a training exercise with Soldiers from two Army Reserve civil affairs units.

  • Summit seeks solutions to military's recruiting challenges

    Jun 12, 2015

    Military leaders receive briefing on recruiting challenges

  • U.S. Army Command and General Staff College graduates 1100

    Jun 12, 2015

    More than 1100 officers graduated from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer Course here today. The graduating class includes mid-career officers from all American armed forces as well as 69 international officers and 16 federal government civilian employees from other agencies. The graduation ceremony is at the post's Lewis and Clark Center.

  • Fort Leonard Wood BOLC conducts inaugural joint training exercise

    Jun 11, 2015

    More than 100 newly commissioned Army lieutenants at Fort Leonard Wood tested their leadership skills during a joint regimental training exercise Friday.

  • Fort Carson Soldiers provide training to future Army officers

    Jun 8, 2015

    Reserve Soldiers are contributing across the entire spectrum of operations required to execute Cadet Summer Training successfully.

  • Army Reserve to support Cadet Summer Training

    Jun 5, 2015

    Reserve Soldiers play crucial role in ensuring mission success

  • Army Reserve supports Cadet Summer Training

    Jun 5, 2015

    Almost 1600 of the nearly 5000 instructors for CST are Army Reservists.

  • CSA honors Army War College Class of 2015: intellectual, strategic, necessary

    Jun 5, 2015

    Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno honored the graduating Army War College Class of 2015 with formal remarks at a cool and colorful ceremony today on the historic parade ground of 258- year old Carlisle Barracks, Pa.

  • NCOA instructors earn coveted senior instructor badges

    Jun 4, 2015

    A Fort Leonard Wood noncommissioned officer became the first of three instructors on post to be awarded the Senior Army Instructor Badge.

  • Cadet Summer Training Prepares "Leaders for Life"

    Jun 4, 2015

    Cadet Summer Training opens as the first wave of nearly 9,000 Army ROTC cadets, and more than 4,500 instructors, settle into Fort Knox.

  • Command establishes enlisted pathways to become a cyber operations specialist

    Jun 3, 2015

    U.S. Army Human Resources Command, or HRC, has announced the personnel transition strategy and procedures for reclassification to Military Occupational Specialty 17C, or MOS 17C, cyber operations specialist, for active-duty Army enlisted personnel.

  • 80th Training Command's carpentry, masonry course builds solid foundation for soldiers

    Jun 3, 2015

    It's a rainy May day in New Jersey and Master Sgt. Darrell McAllister, course manager of the 80th Training Command's carpentry and masonry course at Fort Dix, is quizzing his class of more than a dozen soldiers on the specifics of pouring concrete as he leads them in impromptu push-ups. As his students will soon discover, succeeding in the field of carpentry and masonry will require both mental acuity and physical toughness, something for which McAllister is now cleverly preparing them. By the end of the two-week course, soldiers will have learned the basics of construction, from how to properly utilize shop tools and the raw tools around them to accomplish the mission to mixing mortar into concrete and laying a concrete slab.

  • Army hosts Cyberspace Industry and Innovation Day

    Jun 3, 2015

    The Cyberspace Industry and Innovation Day, held on May 28 at the MITRE facility in McLean, Va., emphasized this collective tactic by bringing in industry and academia to meet with representatives from the Army cyber community to discuss requirements, expected funding profiles, the creation of a Cyber Innovation Challenge, and the possible establishment of a cyber consortium. Presenters also laid out the current cyber environment and emerging cyber gaps.

  • Soldiers make 'better, faster decisions' due to Army modernization

    Jun 3, 2015

    The mission at hand for System of Systems Engineering and Integration, Capability Package Directorate, is to create the architecture and design integration of capability sets, provide support to program managers and field the sets to brigade combat teams.

  • Scenes from Fort Leonard Wood's FOX Sports Midwest telecast 'This One's For You'

    Jun 3, 2015

    According to Fox Sports Midwest, the May 29th pregame and game were among the most-watched this season on FOX Sports Midwest, with a peak of 90,000 viewers who watched the pregame show from Fort Leonard Wood and 518,000 viewers who watched the game. According to data courtesy of Nielsen Media, it was the highest-rated program of the night on TV in St. Louis, said Geoff Goldman, Fox Sports Midwest media relations.

  • Army to introduce new command post wireless capability

    Jun 2, 2015

    By going wireless, command posts not only shed cumbersome cabling, but network set up and tear down times are cut from hours to minutes, making jumps easier and faster.

  • Michigan guardsmen hone combat skills in depot shops

    May 29, 2015

    TOBYHANNA ARMY DEPOT, Pa. -- Dozens of National Guardsmen from the 1073rd Support Maintenance Company, Greenville, Michigan, spent two weeks here honing their skills through a wide range of training opportunities.

  • 58th Trans. hosts truck rodeo

    May 28, 2015

    Fort Leonard Wood's Training Area 228 parking lot was transformed into a rodeo Friday.

  • Construction underway for AIT training complex at Fort Leonard Wood

    May 28, 2015

    Construction has begun on the 84th Chemical Battalion's Advanced Individual Training Complex that will enhance the teaching of future Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Soldiers.

  • Missing Fort Sill Soldier's body found

    May 28, 2015

    The somber search for Staff Sgt. David Lee Hawkins ended at 2:48 p.m. May 21 after Soldiers manning an observation post spotted his body in Medicine Creek.

  • Six Fort Sill Soldiers prove mastery of infantry skills

    May 28, 2015

    After a week of mental and physical tests, only six of 41 Soldiers earned the Expert Infantryman Badge.

  • 214th Fires Brigade, support battalion deactivate at Fort Sill

    May 28, 2015

    Soldiers, families, veterans and friends of the 214th Fires Brigade gathered May 21 at Rinehart Fitness Center to pay one final tribute to the "Leaders Brigade" and the 168th "Make it Happen" Brigade Support Battalion, and see the historic colors cased.

  • Soldier becomes first to gain gunsmith certification at small arms course graduation

    May 27, 2015

    FORT LEE, Va. (May 27, 2015) -- A Virginia National Guardsman has become the first advanced individual training Soldier to earn gunsmith certification upon graduation from the Ordnance School's 91F10 Small Arms/Artillery Repairer Course.

  • Lethality battalion meets MCoE mission

    May 26, 2015

    1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment, is becoming the Lethality Battalion to meet the Maneuver Center of Excellence's mission of producing maneuver leader, Soldiers and formations that are smart, fast, lethal and precise.

  • USASMA to host grand opening for new NCO Heritage and Education Center

    May 25, 2015

    The NCO Heritage and Education Center has been revitalized and will be used as an extension of the classroom for students attending the Sergeants Major Course, as well as the other courses executed at the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy.

  • Accreditation: TRADOC team ensures training on course

    May 22, 2015

    In years past, the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence was named an Institution of Excellence by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, and now Fort Rucker is hoping to continue that trend.

  • Maj. Gen. Grigsby congratulates graduates of the Army's leadership factory

    May 22, 2015

    "I called you SAMS leaders for a reason" Maj. Gen. Wayne Grigsby told the graduates of The U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies. The school graduated 126 officers, including 15 international officers from 11 countries, and six federal civilian employees representing four federal agencies at the Lewis and Clark Center at Fort Leavenworth, May 21.

  • Army's mid-tier radio advances battlefield network

    May 21, 2015

    With vehicles that are equipped with a new high-bandwidth networking radio, Soldiers can move across the battlefield, rapidly exchanging mission-critical voice messages, images and video with their commanders.

  • Ordnance School recognizes 2015 hall of fame inductees

    May 21, 2015

    FORT LEE, Va. (May 21, 2015) -- The U.S. Army Ordnance School paid tribute to its 2015 Hall of Fame inductees during a retreat ceremony May 14 at Whittington Field.

  • Commentary: Envisioning the Future of Computing

    May 21, 2015

    With advanced computers, the U.S. Army continues to see improvements and efficiencies. But where will we be in 10 years?

  • Ordnance Corps welcomes new regimental chief warrant officer

    May 21, 2015

    FORT LEE, Va. (May 21, 2015) -- Chief Warrant Officer 5 Richard C. Myers Jr., became the 9th Regimental CWO of the Ordnance Corps during a May 14 change of responsibility ceremony here in Ball Auditorium on the Ordnance Campus.

  • Former CENTCOM commander provides energy security leader professional development

    May 21, 2015

    FORT LEE, Va. (May 21, 2015) -- Members of the Fort Lee community attended a leader professional development session focused on the importance of energy security May 14 at the Lee Theater.

  • Instructors receive resiliency schooling

    May 21, 2015

    A group of Air Defense Artillery instructors were removed from their schoolhouse environment and were schooled themselves on how to be more resilient.

  • Soldiers pin on instructor badges

    May 21, 2015

    A group of noncommissioned officers pinned on a badge May 12 not worn by many in the Army. The Noncommissioned Officers Academy staff held their first Army Instructor Badge Recognition ceremony.

  • Army outfits first vehicles with electronic stability control

    May 20, 2015

    Electronic stability control, or ESC, is a computerized technology designed to improve vehicle stability and has been common in commercial automobiles for more than a decade. Thanks to a development effort initiated in 2010 by the U.S. Army's Program Office for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, or APO MRAP, the entire MaxxPro Family of MRAPs will soon sport ESC. This integration makes MRAPs the first U.S. Army vehicle platform to incorporate this important safety technology.

  • Cadet Command's 1st Brigade changes leadership

    May 20, 2015

    Col. Daniel Kelley and Command Sgt. Maj. Kenny Clayborn take over the brigade whose 11 proggrams commission nearly 650 new lieutenants every year.

  • Top Army ROTC programs win MacArthur Awards

    May 20, 2015

    The top programs in each of the Command's eight brigades are honored for their performances during the 2013-14 school year.

  • MCoE command sergeant major commended with farewell ceremony

    May 20, 2015

    The Fort Benning community held a farewell ceremony for Maneuver Center of Excellence Command Sgt. Maj. Tim Guden May 18 in the Regimental Room at the Benning Club.

  • Computer simulations improve lethality

    May 19, 2015

    With the steady increase in computing power, engineers are able to improve lethality with sophisticated computer models by eliminating unworkable designs.

  • Cadet Command presents 2015 Awards of Excellence

    May 19, 2015

    U.S. Army Cadet Command recognized 12 individuals for their contribution to preparing the next generation of Army leaders.

  • Chief of staff retires after 31 years of service

    May 18, 2015

    Fort Huachuca, Arizona - The chief of staff for the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence, or USAICoE, formally retired from the Army after 31 years of military service and said his goodbyes during a May 8 ceremony at Fitch Auditorium, Alvarado Hall.

  • Hon. Shyu on NIE: the Army has benefited tremendously

    May 18, 2015

    The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics & Technology, Hon. Heidi Shyu, touched down at Fort Bliss, Texas, this past week to obtain Soldier feedback on the systems being evaluated during Network Integration Evaluation 15.2 or NIE.

  • TRADOC Reserve Instructor of the Year credits mentorship for his success

    May 18, 2015

    FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. --- Maj. Gen. A.C. Roper, commander 80th Training Command, cited Sgt. 1st Class Raymundo Soto's dedication, professionalism, and selfless service as he presented the Intelligence Analyst senior instructor with the 2014 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Reserve Instructor of the Year award during a ceremony here, May 12, 2015. Impressed with Soto's accomplishment, Sgt. Maj. Jose Schneegans, operations sergeant major 321st Civil Affairs Brigade, San Antonio, Texas, remembers a time when then Spc. Soto was a different Soldier. He was sometimes late to Battle Assemblies, his uniform was less than 100 percent and he barely passed the Army Physical Fitness Test. Schneegans, who at the time was a staff sergeant, decided to have what he refers to as a pep talk with the young Soldier. Soto said it was a butt chewing.

  • Computers harness language translation

    May 13, 2015

    While leading a medical training team in Kabul, Afghanistan, a U.S. Navy commander became frustrated as he faced the challenge of interpreting complex medical information.

  • Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center celebrates Language Day 2015

    May 12, 2015

    The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center held Language Day 2015 at the Presidio of Monterey, California, May 8 to promote and encourage cultural understanding and customs found around the world.

  • Defense Health Board conducts quarterly meeting at CAC

    May 12, 2015

    The Defense Health Board conducted its quarterly meeting at Fort Leavenworth's Arnold Conference Room in the Lewis and Clark Center May 12-13. Each quarter the board conducts an open forum to publicly deliberate current taskings and receive information briefings.

  • 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment wins 2015 Gainey Cup

    May 12, 2015

    The six-man scout squad, from 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, out of Vilseck, Germany, took the title of the 2015 William J. (Joe) Gainey Cup Best Scout Squad.

  • Army to focus on cyber strategy in tactical environments

    May 11, 2015

    The Army is analyzing cyberspace requirements and outlining potential technical investments based on its Cyber Materiel Development Strategy, released in February 2015.

  • PEO workers receive Army acquisition awards

    May 11, 2015

    The Program Executive Offices for Aviation and Missiles and Space took the opportunity to recognize some of their workforce superstars during the 25th Army Acquisition and Contracting Awards April 28 in Huntsville.

  • Civilian takes reins of fixed wing aircraft product office

    May 11, 2015

    The Program Executive Office for Aviation held its first change of charter in which a Department of the Army civilian assumed responsibility as a centralized selection board civilian product director.

  • Army activates new aviation cargo product directorate

    May 11, 2015

    The Program Executive Office for Aviation marked a milestone with the activation of the Cargo International product directorate during a ceremony May 7.

  • Armed reconnaissance helicopter ends journey

    May 11, 2015

    The Army has closed an important chapter in Army aviation. Joined by colleagues, Army aviators and friends, the product office for Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter cased its colors during a ceremony May 7.

  • Warrior Leader Course successful in the Czech Republic

    May 8, 2015

    For the first time, 44 Czech soldiers participated in the United States Army Warrior Leader Course from April 13 to May 5, 2015 in Praslavice, Czech Republic.

  • CSM Salinas is NTC's Interim Command Sergeant Major as CSM Travers is reassigned to ARCIC

    May 8, 2015

    In a ceremony on Fort Irwin on April 30, Command Sgt. Maj. Stephen J. Travers relinquished responsibility of serving as the National Training Center's senior enlisted advisor to its commanding general, Brig. Gen. Joseph M. Martin. Assuming the duties of overseeing the policies, standards, and conduct of all Soldiers serving on Fort Irwin is former NTC Operations Group Command Sergeant Major Noe R. Salinas. Salinas will serve as NTC's Interim Command Sergeant Major, until the Department of the Army assigns a permanent replacement for Travers.

  • Recruiting challenges among discussions at annual CASA conference

    May 8, 2015

    The state of Army recruiting was a major topic during the annual Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army Conference in Huntsville, Alabama, May 5.

  • Miniaturization: Where good ideas, technology meet

    May 7, 2015

    Miniaturization and advances in computing have had an enormous impact on all aspects of life - especially in the realm of digital image and signal processing.

  • Quartermasters honor fallen Soldier at site dedicated to his memory

    May 7, 2015

    Five Gold Star Family members - including the parents of fallen warrior Spc. Trevor Win'E - were among the guests of honor at a May 1 Quartermaster School Petroleum and Water Department Moment of Remembrance Ceremony here.

  • Conference looks at Fires future

    May 7, 2015

    FORT SILL, Okla. -- Guests from around the world swarmed Snow Hall May 4-6 for the Fires Conference to sample the latest industry technology and discover how the Fires force is evolving.

  • Fort Leonard Wood Soldier helps repatriate remains

    May 7, 2015

    A Fort Leonard Wood captain helped repatriate the remains of a Vietnam-era Soldier whose only connection to him is they are Soldiers from the same Missouri town.

  • Fort Leonard Wood SHARP summit calls leaders to action against sexual assault

    May 7, 2015

    Army leaders at every level are working to establish command climates of trust and accountability and are joining with Soldiers across the Army in a commitment to free the Army of sexual assault and harassment.

  • Fort Sill NCOs vie for Drill Sergeant of Year

    May 7, 2015

    Five Fort Sill drill sergeants competed to be the post's Drill Sergeant of the Year.

  • 'Big Deuce' holds leader challenge at LETRA

    May 7, 2015

    FORT SILL, Okla. -- Soldiers in 2nd Battalion, 2nd Field Artillery changed up their physical training conditions with a competition pitting senior leaders versus less senior leaders.

  • Army, campuses continue to tackle challenges of harassment, assault

    May 7, 2015

    The locations are different, but the goal is the same, and for the second year in a row, the Army and academia partnered to find ways to put an end to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

  • Empowered to make a change: Workshop helps Soldiers deter sexual assault

    May 7, 2015

    Empowering Soldiers with the skills to take on the task of defending the nation is what the Army does best, but empowering them with the knowledge to combat drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence is another invaluable skill that today's Soldier is learning.

  • SHARP: Social worker talks response process

    May 7, 2015

    Few things are more essential than time when it comes to responding to and resolving cases of sexual assault and harassment.

  • Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium & Advance Planning Briefing for Industry

    May 6, 2015

    The 2015 Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium & Advance Planning Briefing for Industry will be held Aug. 4-6, 2015, in Novi, MI.

  • Researchers create virtual humans

    May 5, 2015

    New research aims to get robots and humans to speak the same language to improve communication in fast-moving and unpredictable situations.

  • CGSC Historians contribute to Eisenhower Documentary

    May 5, 2015

    The Commandant of the Command and General Staff College and four members of the college's faculty were interviewed for portions of an upcoming documentary on President Dwight D. Eisenhower May 3.

  • Soldier-led Army modernization efforts kick off as NIE 15.2 begins

    May 5, 2015

    As the Army continues to focus on readiness and modernization, Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, just kicked off their assessment of various capabilities. They are doing so through Network Integration Evaluation 15.2 or NIE, which is an initiative that will provide capabilities to the network in 2020.

  • Transitioning from manual to automated machining

    May 4, 2015

    The Army is transitioning from training Soldiers on outdated machining techniques to training on current industry standard machining technology and equipment.

  • Autonomous aerial resupply systems needed in BCTs

    May 4, 2015

    Unmanned aerial systems could provide significant aerial resupply capabilities for the BCTs of the Army of 2025.

  • A strategic solution to bridging the gap in operational movement control

    May 4, 2015

    The theater movement control element can enable more precise movement control and bridge the gap between doctrine and the ability to integrate that doctrine with other nations' systems.

  • New alignment enhances training, planning, and resourcing

    May 4, 2015

    Sustainment brigades will soon be aligned with divisions to meet the needs of today's Army.

  • Army scientists aim to revolutionize Soldier communication

    May 4, 2015

    Scientists at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory are investigating communication with a computer or phone without making a sound or moving a single muscle, and it may revolutionize both medical applications and battlefield communications.

  • 80th Training Command familiarizes new leaders with The Army School System

    May 3, 2015

    After spending a week attending The Army School System Leader Course hosted by the 80th Training Command, Sgt. 1st Class Howard Dennis, who has spent the majority of his Army career in the operational and functional environment, said the class has given him a better understanding of TASS. The course, conducted quarterly, familiarizes leaders who transfer from the operational and functional environment with TASS policies and procedures in accordance with U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Regulation 350-18.

  • Army researchers explore the future of computing

    May 1, 2015

    Supercomputers and new kinds of algorithms are making a big difference as Army scientists explore what is possible with future computing, a senior computer researcher said.

  • Army Training Network now accessible without a CAC card

    May 1, 2015

    Soldiers can now use smart phones and computer tablets to access the Army's primary website for training information.