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  • Year In Review - Alternate Therapy

    Jan 3, 2008

    Army doctors use alternate therapy to help wounded Soldiers get back on their feet. Jini Ryan reports.

  • Innovative science helps tankers work 'smarter not harder'

    Jan 1, 2008

    Construction was completed Nov. 20 on an Operational Preservation System for the tanks and Bradleys of the 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, the system is the first system of its kind on the peninsula and the second one for the regular Army.

  • Servicemembers learn 'synergistic fight'

    Jan 1, 2008

    Sixty-two Soldiers and Airmen learned the meaning of a synergistic fight during the Joint Firepower Course taught at Camp Hovey Dec. 3-8. Six instructors from the 57th Fighter Wing's Air Ground Operations School taught an intensive six-day version of the course, which is normally filled with students from the Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Coalition forces and taught at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.

  • Intelligence Cell Defends the Digital Battlefield

    Dec 28, 2007

    U.S. military forces in Europe now have a better way to defend against cyber attacks aimed at destroying networks and infiltrating sensitive data.

  • Another Bird Keeps Soldiers on Ground Safe

    Dec 28, 2007

    When people think of aircraft in Iraq, many imagine fighter jets and helicopters, but many donAca,!a,,ct know about a smaller and equally important aircraft in use today. Shadow 200 RQ-7B unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs are flown over the skies of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division area of operations to provide safety for Soldiers on the ground.

  • SDDC's 841st loads, ships first large MRAP deployment via high seas

    Dec 27, 2007

  • Deploying Soldiers Take Test to Help ID Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Dec 21, 2007

    The Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metric (ANAM), administered before, during and after deployments, helps identify Soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury. More than 12,000 Soldiers at Fort Campbell, Ky., recently completed the computer program that measures reaction times to simple math equations, pattern identification and matching exercises.

  • Unit Must Deal with Deadly Germs

    Dec 20, 2007

    Although they may not be carrying a rifle in combat, Soldiers of the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases' Aeromedical Isolation Team serve a vital role in protecting the nation and world.

  • Nanotech: Big Potential in Little Particles

    Dec 20, 2007

    Researchers in the new field of medical nanotechnology are already rushing to build these new weapons in the war against disease.

  • Army to Get More Stryker NBC Recon Vehicles

    Dec 20, 2007

    The Army now has authorization to purchase 95 more Stryker nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance vehicles, in addition to 10 already in Iraq and several others used for testing and training.

  • Sling Bag offers convenience, portability

    Dec 20, 2007

    Finding a way for Soldiers to accomplish their missions more easily is what lies behind the design of many products created by the Individual Equipment Lab at the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center here.

  • First DoD organization to win Baldrige Award

    Dec 20, 2007

    ARDEC, located at Picatinny Arsenal, a 6,500-acre military installation located in the northwest corner of New Jersey, is the first Department of Defense organization to win the Baldrige Award, known globally for setting the standard in performance excellence. The award is managed by the Commerce DepartmentAca,!a,,cs National Institute of Standards and Technology in collaboration with the private sector.

  • 'Gunfighters' Keep Apache Helicopters Flying in Iraq

    Dec 20, 2007

    In todayAca,!a,,cs world of technologically advanced aviation, Army pilots alone cannot keep AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters operational without ground crews.

  • USACE French Quarter

    Dec 19, 2007

    USACE begins history making flood protection project in New Orleans. Mary Cochran reports.

  • 101st Airborne Units Receive MRAP Vehicles

    Dec 18, 2007

    Christmas came a little early this year when the Rakkasans received 18 shiny, new Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles Dec. 7.

  • Where aircraft meet sea craft

    Dec 18, 2007

  • M-4 Carbine Has High Soldier Confidence Despite Test

    Dec 18, 2007

    In a test conducted last month under extreme dust conditions, the M-4 carbine had just over 1 of every 100 rounds jam. A recent survey, though, showed high confidence in the weapon among Soldiers who used it in combat.

  • Double Dip

    Dec 17, 2007

    Tobyhanna employee uses an overhead crane to dunk 16 sandblasted rims in zinc phosphate.


    Dec 17, 2007

    Jeffrey Pruzinsky (left) and Thomas Kelly, repair the rubber roof on the administration building.

  • Depot cleans house-saves money, frees storage space

    Dec 17, 2007

    The depot work force cleared more than 60,000 square-feet of storage space during a month-long event that focused on collecting and disposing of excess material.

  • Employees create computer programs with far-reaching impact

    Dec 17, 2007

    Four military installations have requested copies of three computer applications created by depot employees.

  • Around the Depot-Excellence in Electronics

    Dec 17, 2007

    Vince Sabatini lays out material for a tarp.

  • Around the Depot-Excellence in Electronics

    Dec 17, 2007

    Gerard Mirro works on a counter top in an electronics shop van.

  • Video system helps employee see things clearly

    Dec 17, 2007

    An employeeAca,!a,,cs visual impairment doesnAca,!a,,ct prevent her from enjoying life. Linda Kresge, a liquid dispensing equipment operator in the Component Paint Branch, has lived with poor eyesight her entire life.

  • Ft. Jackson Timber Sales

    Dec 10, 2007

    Fort Jackson profits about $400,000 a year from its timber sales.

  • Contaminated Timber

    Dec 7, 2007

    Fort Jackson foresters search for trees with bullets inside them. James Williams has the story.

  • High-tech communications aid warfighter

    Dec 6, 2007

    For three years, Tobyhanna Army Depot field technicians have helped improve battlefield communications by transforming Army helicopters into high-tech command and control platforms.

  • Information Assurance Team Keeps U.S. Army Europe Computer Systems Safe and Up-to-Date

    Dec 6, 2007

    SCHWEINFURT, Germany (Dec. 5, 2007)-- Over the past several years the U.S. Army has invested billions of dollars in computer software, hardware and equipment to keep up with the worldAca,!a,,cs ever-changing technology. With the military's growing need for internet access comes an equal need to keep military networks, servers and systems safe from viruses, hackers and other underlying dangers that could hinder the safety and well-being of U.S. Soldiers and civilian employees.

  • NTC Opening New Urban Training Site

    Dec 5, 2007

    Soldiers will soon begin training on what Fort Irwin officials say will one day be the largest Military Operations Urban Training site in the Army inventory.

  • America's Army Goes Xbox, Now PC

    Dec 4, 2007

    When the Aca,!A"AmericaAca,!a,,cs Army: True SoldiersAca,!A? game hit the streets in mid November, recruiters across the country held launch events at local stores to capitalize on the excitement of AmericaAca,!a,,cs Army coming to the Xbox 360. Now the gameAca,!a,,cs creators are hoping to stir up excitement in the PC gaming world.

  • Gator Survey

    Dec 4, 2007

    Fort Benning officials monitor alligators population along section of Chattahoochee River to ensure it remains stable. James Williams reports.

  • New FRA sets up shop at Fort Carson

    Dec 3, 2007

    A team of Tobyhanna Army Depot technicians is supporting the warfighter from a new location in the Rocky Mountains.

  • USACE Fallujah Sewage

    Dec 3, 2007

    USACE overseas construction of Fallujah's first sewage treatment plant. No more sewage in the streets, always a good thing.

  • Top Army Acquisition Chief to Step Down

    Nov 30, 2007

    Secretary of the Army Pete Geren today received and accepted the resignation of Claude M. Bolton, assistant secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology.

  • U.S. Army Element Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives formally activated

    Nov 30, 2007

    The U.S. Army Element Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives was officially activated in a Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., ceremony Nov. 28.

  • Contaminated Water in New Jersey

    Nov 30, 2007

    USACE helps clean up contaminated ground water in New Jersey.

  • Force Protection

    Nov 30, 2007

    USACE Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) technology protects soldiers and assets on the front lines. The technology is also used for homeland security. Mary Cochran reports.

  • Soldiers Train While Supporting Simulation Conference

    Nov 29, 2007

    Army Reserve Soldiers gained experience on simulators this week as several commands showcased their technoligies at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in the Orlando Convention Center..

  • U.S. Army bids farewell to modern chemical weapons capability; NSCMP completes final step in destroy

    Nov 29, 2007

    On Nov. 27, 2007, the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency officially bid Aca,!A"bye-byeAca,!A? to binary chemical weapons, after completing the final step in destroying the binary precursor chemicals known as DF and QL. The chemicals were neutralized last year at Pine Bluff Arsenal, Ark., and shipped to a facility in Texas for final treatment and disposal using wet air oxidation technology. The milestone was safely achieved one month ahead of schedule.

  • Unit Receives Task Force Marne's First MRAPs

    Nov 28, 2007

    Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, recently became the first in Task Force Marne to receive the ArmyAca,!a,,cs new mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles, known as MRAPs.

  • Combat Support Hospital

    Nov 28, 2007

    Medical personnel saving lives at the Baghdad Combat Support Hospital. Air Force Staff Sgt. Nicholas Kurtz has the story.

  • Electric Power and Roadways in Iraq

    Nov 27, 2007

    USACE provides 13 hours of power per day to Iraqis; USACE improves roadways in Iraq.

  • RDECOM showcases technologies at I/ITSEC 2007

    Nov 27, 2007

    The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command is showcasing its various technologies at the 2007 the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando, Fla., this week, Nov. 27 to 29. Attending RDECOM Elements include the Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center, the Simulation and Training Technology Center, and the Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center.

  • NASA Building Test Pad at White Sands for New Spacecraft

    Nov 26, 2007

    NASA took a step toward sending a new generation of explorers to the moon with the groundbreaking for a new test launch pad at White Sands Missile Range Nov. 14.

  • Combat Firefighters Train to Battle Blazes

    Nov 26, 2007

    When the Bravo Company Aca,!EoeMad BullsAca,!a,,c of the 526th Brigade Support Battalion arrived in theater, the recovery-section and gun-truck platoon gained a new piece of equipment, a combat fire truck, and a firefighting mission to go with it.

  • Army Fields HIMARS to Fourth Battalion

    Nov 26, 2007

    The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System is now being fielded to the 5th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery at Fort Lewis' Yakima Training Center -- the fourth unit Armywide to receive the rocket system mounted on a five-ton truck chasis.

  • Soldiers volunteer at the "Miracle Kitchen" in Framingham

    Nov 23, 2007

    Nineteen Soldiers from the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center and the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine recently volunteered their time and talent at the Salvation Army Miracle Kitchen in Framingham, Mass.

  • AMRDEC teams with local universities under Educational Partnership Agreements

    Nov 23, 2007

    Athens State University located in Alabama, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville recently signed agreements with the AMRDEC that will lead to the marketing of AMRDEC intellectual property while providing the universities with case studies to be used in their business and technology marketing programs. Both agreements are for five years.

  • Proud and humbling day for NSRDEC new leader

    Nov 23, 2007

    Dr. Marilyn M. Freeman was promoted to the ranks of the Senior Executive Service and assumed responsibility as Director for the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center during a recent ceremony in Hunter Auditorium.

  • New PT uniform jackets make light shine

    Nov 23, 2007

    Latest PT uniform jackets, with enhanced reflective material. Prototype jackets for the Improved Physical Fitness Uniform with new reflective technologies will be evaluated at Fort Hood and Fort Bliss, Texas and Fort Lewis, Wash., between November 2007 and March 2008.

  • New Research Facility Opens at WSMR

    Nov 23, 2007

    The U.S. Army Research Laboratory opened a new Electromagnetic Vulnerability Assessment Facility at White Sands Missile Range Oct. 24, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by Maj. Gen. Fred D. Robinson Jr., commander, U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, and ARL Director John Miller.

  • ARDEC S&Es awarded top Army research and development prize

    Nov 23, 2007

    Eighteen U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center scientists and engineers recently were presented the 2007 Army research and development achievement award during brief ceremonies held at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J. and Watervliet Arsenal, N.Y. The award is presented annually to a select group of individuals whose outstanding achievements have significantly advanced Army capabilities and contributed to the national defense.

  • ARDEC selected as first DoD Baldrige Award Winner

    Nov 23, 2007

    The U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center became the first Department of Defense organization in history selected to receive the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. President George W. Bush and Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez announced ARDECAca,!a,,cs selection Nov. 20, in a joint news release.

  • Celebrating 55 years of federal service

    Nov 23, 2007

    Robert Reams Jr., a photographic technologist at the U.S. Army Research Lab, was commended and thanked by U.S. Army Materiel CommandAca,!a,,cs Commanding General, Gen. Benjamin S. Griffin, for 55 years of federal service.

  • Mine Detection System

    Nov 21, 2007

    The Army Materiel Command highlights how the AN PSS 14 mine detection system is helping Soldiers find mines much easier on the battlefield.

  • Power Sources for Soldiers

    Nov 21, 2007

    The Army Materiel Command highlights improvements to power sources for Soldiers.

  • Army boss calls Natick Soldier Center "a national treasure"

    Nov 20, 2007

    This is a summary of Gen Casey's visit to the Soldier Systems Center at Natick, MA

  • CSM Marin honors Veterans at VFW

    Nov 19, 2007

    CSM Marin, command sergeant major of the U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command, celebrated VeteranAca,!a,,cs Day with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5337 in Abingdon, Md., at a POW/MIA re-dedication ceremony Nov. 12.

  • Spouse Program / Ft. Belvoir Hospital

    Nov 19, 2007

    New program to help spouses; Ground-breaking ceremony for new hospital on Fort Belvoir, Va.

  • ECBC named Laboratory of the Year

    Nov 16, 2007

    ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - The Edgewood Chemical Biological Center was recently named the ArmyAca,!a,,cs Laboratory of the Year for 2007 for significant advances made in biological standoff detection. Aca,!A"The enormous technical ability of ECBCAca,!a,,cs scientists, engineers and other specialists was the most significant factor in ECBC winning this award this year,Aca,!A? said Dr. Joe Corriveau, ECBC acting director for Research and Technology.

  • New Black Hawk Unveils Latest Helo Technology

    Nov 16, 2007

    The ArmyAca,!a,,cs latest version of the Black Hawk helicopter, the UH-60M, paid a call on the Pentagon Wednesday to show off its various upgraded technical capabilities. While this was the Aca,!A"MAca,!A? modelAca,!a,,cs maiden flight into the Washington area, the newest version was introduced to the Army in late October when a single bird flew from the Sikorsky factory in Connecticut directly to Fort Campbell, Ky., for a preview to the 30 Black Hawks which begin delivery to the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division next month.

  • HMMWV jack plate program ahead of schedule at Anniston depot

    Nov 15, 2007

    Anniston Army Depot is on its second jack plate program for the U.S. Army, this time producing quantities above the monthly schedule, and supervisors here say this work is supplementary to the depotAca,!a,,cs significantly increasing workload for the maintenance and overhaul of combat vehicles coming back from the war.

  • UH-60 Unveiled / Exercise Bright Star

    Nov 15, 2007

    Army Aviation unveils the UH-60 M at the Pentagon; Exercise Bright Star drops international troops in Egypt.

  • Camp Humphreys Groundbreaking

    Nov 15, 2007

    Camp Humphreys groundbreaking ceremony signifies US troops starting to move South from to establish new USFK headquarters in Korea. A1C Jamie Cicora reports.

  • Army Aviation: A Retrospective

    Nov 15, 2007

    Army aircraft from World War I through the Vietnam War were flown at an air show at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., Nov. 10. During World War I, the ArmyAca,!a,,cs aircraft were part of the Army Air Service branch. During World II it became the Army Air Forces. Today, the Army has an extensive number of helicopters as well as some fixed-wing aircraft.

  • Recycling Day 2007

    Nov 15, 2007

    November 15th is America Recycles Day. Tad Davis, Deputy Asst. SecArmy for ESOH, talks about the Army accomplishments when it comes to recycling. James Williams reports.

  • Health Care Centers Completed in Iraq

    Nov 14, 2007

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed work on three new Health Care Centers in Basrah, Iraq.

  • Ft. Stewart Prescribed Burn

    Nov 14, 2007

    Fort Stewart's prescribed burn team protects nature while enhancing military training. James Williams reports.

  • Italian Training with EST

    Nov 13, 2007

    Italian troops train using Engagement Skills Training simulator at at virtual facility in Vicenza, Italy. SPC Joe Tolliver reports.

  • Whitelight

    Nov 9, 2007

    JFIIT tests new night time identification system at NTC during Bold Quest 2007 demonstration.

  • A Voyage of Discovery

    Nov 9, 2007

    Army Col. Doug Wheelock was among the astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery. STS-120 was the 23rd shuttle mission to the International Space Station and was a resounding success.

  • California Levees

    Nov 8, 2007

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is at work repairing California state owned levees that threaten people, property and the environment. Mary Cochran reports.

  • War Survivor Boosts Continued Service of Disabled Vets

    Nov 8, 2007

    HEIDELBERG, Germany Aca,!" Aca,!A"I should have died. Having almost died, I am far more fearless.Aca,!A?

  • Tanker school training

    Nov 7, 2007

  • Tankers draw a bead on excellence

    Nov 7, 2007

    The Master Gunner Course held at Fort KnoxAca,!a,,cs Armor School is a two phased course that prepares mid-grade NCOs to serve as the gunnery and technical advisors for commanders at the company level and above. The course is taught for both the M1A2 and the M1A1 Abrams tanks. The two are usually separate courses. But the Master Gunner course has combined the two tanks this cycle into the Multi-Track Master Gunner Program.

  • H.E.A.T. Comes to Kaiserslautern

    Nov 7, 2007

    KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany Aca,!" Soldiers here can now prepare for when their world turns upside down thanks to the Training Support Center-KaiserslauternAca,!a,,cs new teaching tool: the HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) Egress Assistance Trainer.

  • Joint effort clears space, increases recycling fund

    Nov 6, 2007

    Profits from recycling scrap steel increased nearly $10,000 after depot and Defense Distribution Depot-Tobyhanna employees joined forces to clear space in and around eight buildings.

  • Soldiers to Evaluate PT-Jacket Prototypes

    Nov 6, 2007

    Soldiers this month will begin testing two new PT-jacket prototypes made from fabrics designed to provide more reflection in dark early-morning or evening hours.

  • Army Fields MRAP in Iraq

    Nov 6, 2007

    Towering overhead and aligned one after the other in a seemingly endless row, the ArmyAca,!a,,cs next generation of combat vehicles have rolled into Iraq. The new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle is currently being fielded here for the first time anywhere, and Soldiers are getting their first hands-on look at the latest development in troop protection.

  • Centurions clear streets of IEDs for their fellow Ironhorse troopers

    Nov 5, 2007

    HOR AL BOSH, Iraq -- Everyday a select group of Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Special Troops Aca,!A"CenturionAca,!A? Battalion head out in their mine resistant vehicles, hitting the streets near Camp Taji, Iraq to clear routes of improvised explosive devices within the 1st Aca,!A"IronhorseAca,!A? Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry DivisionAca,!a,,cs area of operations.

  • CG visits Air Cavalry troopers

    Nov 5, 2007

  • Fixing multi-million dollar 'toys': 1st Air Cavalry troopers hit their 200th Phase

    Nov 5, 2007

    CAMP TAJI, Iraq Aca,!" When most kids get a new electronic toy, they play with it until it no longer interests them. But a small portion of those kids, when they get bored with the toy, simply grab some screw drivers and take it apart to see what makes it tick.

  • Depot produces 50k Blue Force Tracking kits

    Nov 5, 2007

    Tobyhanna has passed a milestone in producing kits for a key system that enhances situational awareness on the battlefield.

  • Astronauts Repair Panels During Spacewalk

    Nov 5, 2007

    Army astronaut Col. Doug Wheelock and Mission Specialist Doug Parazynski successfully repaired a torn solar array panel during SaturdayAca,!a,,cs seven-hour, 19-minute spacewalk.

  • Self-Promotion System

    Nov 1, 2007

    New Soldier self-service promotion system for E-5 and E-6.

  • Spacewalk Connects Truss to International Space Station

    Oct 30, 2007

    Army astronaut Col. Doug Wheelock and mission specialist Scott Parazynski began a spacewalk at 4:45 a.m. EDT today to help fasten the Port 6 truss to its new home on the International Space Station.

  • Army Astronaut Walks in Space

    Oct 29, 2007

    Army astronaut Col. Doug Wheelock and mission specialist Scott Parazynski are scheduled to camp out tonight in the airlock of Space Shuttle Discovery in preparation their spacewalk Tuesday morning.

  • USACE Builds Truck Stop and Water Treatment Center

    Oct 29, 2007

    The USACE builds an Iraq truck stop and water treatment center.

  • Army NG and USACE Fight Fires in California

    Oct 26, 2007

    Update on the Army National Guard and Corps of Engineers involvement in fighting the fires in California.

  • Airlift Mission

    Oct 26, 2007

    Soldiers airlift a downed Chinook helicopter in Guatemala. Sgt. William Nash has the story.

  • 1st Cav Hostage Rescue / Army Astronaut Blasts Off

    Oct 24, 2007

    1st Cavalry Division Soldiers rescue hostages and confiscate weapons in Iraq; Army Col. Douglas Wheelock heads to International Space-station on the Shuttle Discovery.

  • AMC Participates in AUSA

    Oct 23, 2007

    The Army Materiel Command highlights its participation in the Association of the U.S. Army's annual meeting and exposition held in Washington, D.C.

  • Red River Army Depot

    Oct 23, 2007

    The Army Materiel Command highlights the Red River Army Depot and its improvements to the HMMWV repair line, which was a gold recipient of the 2007 Shingo Prize Public Sector Award for excellence in manufacturing.

  • Tobyhanna Army Depot and Firefinder Radar

    Oct 23, 2007

    The Army Materiel Command highlights the Tobyhanna Army Depot and the Firefinder radar system, which was a gold recipient of the 2007 Shingo Prize Public Sector Award for excellence in manufacturing.

  • Purple Heart / Defense of Freedom Display

    Oct 23, 2007

    The Army Materiel Command highlights the Purple Heart/Defense of Freedom educational display in front of AMC headquarters.

  • Historic Launch Held at Camp Taji

    Oct 23, 2007

    The residents of this camp are exposed to an incessant buzzing -- a sound of safety for the troops on the ground in Multinational Division Baghdad area of operations.

  • HENNAC Conference

    Oct 22, 2007

    The U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command served as an ambassador-level sponsor and participant in the 19th Annual HENAAC Conference, a national Hispanic engineering awards conference and competition.

  • Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner Receives Award from College of American Pathologists

    Oct 22, 2007

    The College of American Pathologists (CAP) recognized the dedicated men and women of the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner (OAFME), for the dignity, honor, respect, and professionalism, which they deliver each day in exercising their duties, at a special ceremony held on Sept. 30, 2007, at the College's annual meeting.

  • Air Cavalry Trooper To Ride Into Space

    Oct 22, 2007

    Col. Douglas H. Wheelock, a former commander with the 9th Cavalry Regiment, is saddling up for a trot into space aboard the space shuttle Discovery from Oct. 23 to Nov. 6.

  • Army Astronaut to Deliver Node to Space Station

    Oct 22, 2007

    Army Astronaut Col. Douglas H. Wheelock is scheduled to blast into space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery Tuesday, weather permitting at Cape Canaveral, Fla., with a mission of delivering equipment to the International Space Station.


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