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  • VA to begin recovery of Post-9/11 GI Bill advance payments

    Jan 25, 2010

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is beginning the process of recovering advance payments made available during the fall 2009 semester to servicemembers who applied for education benefits.

  • 2010 census: especially important to military families

    Jan 25, 2010

    With about $400 billion a year in federal funds at stake, the 2010 census may prove especially important for the thousands of Army families who have relocated since 2000 as a result of Base Realignment and Closure, said a 2010 census media specialist.

  • Army Secretary directs Fort Hood accountability review

    Jan 25, 2010

    The Army will conduct a review to determine if leaders were negligent in their supervision of accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, Defense Department officials announced last week.

  • Standardized rifle marksmanship program could go Armywide

    Jan 22, 2010

    An advanced rifle marksmanship concept developed at Fort Benning, Ga., based on "lessons learned" in Iraq and Afghanistan might be instituted across all Army training centers later this year.

  • Army Initial Military Training to undergo basic overhaul

    Jan 22, 2010

    Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, the Training and DoctrineAca,!a,,cs deputy commanding general for Initial Military Training, spent some time at Fort Knox last week to talk about bringing more consistency to Army standards, especially as they are applied to training at the earliest encounters with new Soldiers and officers.

  • Army invites 14,000 IRR Soldiers to readiness musters in 2010

    Jan 21, 2010

    The Army kicks off another year of readiness musters, Jan. 23, for some 14,000 Soldiers in the Individual Ready Reserve.

  • President nominates LEED expert as Army I&E assistant secretary

    Jan 21, 2010

    President Obama Wednesday announced his intentions to nominate Katherine G. Hammack as assistant secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment.

  • Evaluations matter, Fort Hood panel says

    Jan 21, 2010

    Leaders must take action when servicemembers display indicators of committing violence against their comrades, the co-chairs of a review panel appointed to assess the causes of the Fort Hood shootings said Wednesday.

  • 3rd ID Soldier tapped to deploy to Haiti because of language skills

    Jan 20, 2010

    Spc. Jean-Denis Simprevil was elated when asked to serve with the 82nd Airborne Division as a translator in its military relief efforts in Haiti within the next few weeks.

  • CSA: 2011 budget should enable transformation completion

    Jan 15, 2010

    The Army's six-year reorganization should be complete by the end of next fiscal year with the planned 2011 budget, said Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr.

  • First woman becomes Army provost marshal general

    Jan 15, 2010

    Brig. Gen. Colleen L. McGuire assumed responsibility as the first woman provost marshal general of the Army and also took command of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command in a ceremony Thursday at Fort Belvoir.

  • Army transportation, logistics experts reach Haiti

    Jan 14, 2010

    The Army's Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command has a team deployed to Haiti to prepare for follow-on forces that will deliver and distribute humanitarian supplies in the wake of Tuesday's devastating earthquake.

  • NCO Academy transformation improves training, education

    Jan 14, 2010

    Recent Army-wide course transformations are helping NCO academy students prepare now for future ranks and responsibilities.

  • Army Secretary, Chief of Staff lay out 2010 goals for senior NCOs

    Jan 14, 2010

    Army Secretary John McHugh and Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. delivered their 2010 plan for the Army to the most senior NCOs Tuesday during the annual Sergeant Major of the Army Nominative conference.

  • Fort Bragg units to deploy in support of humanitarian efforts in Haiti

    Jan 14, 2010

    The 18th Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg will deploy a battalion with a Command and Control Element in response to the earthquake in Haiti.

  • New law means spouse can claim same home state as servicemember

    Jan 13, 2010

    New legislation, signed by the president in November, allows military spouses to establish a permanent residence and carry it with them though each change of station.

  • IMCOM: Delivering Army Family Covenant

    Jan 13, 2010

    On Oct. 8, 2007, the Army unveiled the Army Family Covenant, institutionalizing the Army's commitment to providing Soldiers and families - active, Guard, and Reserve - a quality of life commensurate with their quality of service.

  • Army Family Action Plan conference begins

    Jan 12, 2010

    ARLINGTON, Va. - Looking to tackle problems that impact communities throughout the service, some 350 delegates are gathering this week for the Army Family Action Plan conference.

  • U.S. Forces Korea Transformation Update

    Jan 12, 2010

    SEOUL, Republic of Korea - For nearly 60 years, U.S. military forces have been serving, living and working in the Republic of Korea.

  • Connelly evaluators award 'best of best' in Army food service

    Jan 11, 2010

    The Department of the Army G-4 and the chairman of the board, International Food Service Executives Association, announced the winners of the 2010 Philip A. Connelly Awards Program for Excellence in Army Food Service.

  • Tax Season Overseas: New tax law grants servicemembers' spouses residency protections

    Jan 11, 2010

    President Obama extended certain legal protections to military spouses late last year that may make a difference when it comes time to file your taxes.

  • Two Fort Bragg DFACs named best in Army

    Jan 8, 2010

    In December 2009, the 82nd DSTB DFAC and the Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Special Operations Command DFAC were both named 2010 Department of the Army Philip A. Connelly Award winners.

  • Schloesser: Brigade commander's job more challenging than ever

    Jan 7, 2010

    "In a relatively short period of time ... the role of the brigade commander, whether it's a BCT (brigade combat team) commander or an aviation brigade commander or other, has become incredibly more complex," said the Army's director of aviation.

  • Army Secretary prioritizes support, acquisition reform, outreach

    Jan 7, 2010

    Secretary of the Army John McHugh gave Pentagon staffers a "preliminary report" Wednesday after his first three months in office, asking them to continue supporting Soldier and family programs, continue acquisition reform, and focus more on congressional outreach.

  • Survivor Outreach Services provides long-term support for survivors

    Jan 7, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - Survivor Outreach Services provides long-term support to family members who lost a Soldier in combat, by illness or an accident. The program assists with continued access of services, benefits and other resources for spouses, children, parents, legal guardians and siblings.

  • New 'Maneuver' school to employ simulation-based training

    Jan 6, 2010

    The Army Maneuver Center for Excellence opened in October at Fort Benning, Ga., with new simulation facilities expected to train about 111,000 Soldiers this year, and about 144,000 by 2011.

  • Army seeks additional CAB to reach dwell goal

    Jan 6, 2010

    In order to meet the Army's dwell-time goal, the service will add a new combat aviation brigade.

  • Stop-loss payments continue, but some no longer eligible

    Jan 6, 2010

    The fiscal 2010 defense budget extends payments to servicemembers involuntarily extended on active duty under the so-called "Stop Loss" program, but those who received a bonus for voluntarily re-enlisting or extending their service after being involuntarily extended no longer qualify for retroactive Stop Loss pay.

  • Servicemember voting laws reflect changes

    Jan 4, 2010

    Laws have changed and servicemembers who want to vote need to be aware of these changes, the director of the Federal Voting Assistance Program said.

  • Advanced IED defeat course, battle drills help save lives

    Dec 28, 2009

    All Soldiers are trained on various convoy operations before they deploy, even if they never step into an armored vehicle during their deployment.

  • General cites reasons for pregnancy provision in Iraq

    Dec 23, 2009

    An Army general in Iraq is going beyond the typical protocol to ensure every able-bodied soldier in his unit stays fit to fight, even if it means punishing troops for engaging in sexual activities while deployed.

  • President signs 2010 defense budget into law

    Dec 23, 2009

    Defense officials are hailing passage of the fiscal 2010 budget that funds military programs and wartime operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and provides a military pay raise.

  • Chief of Staff makes stop in Germany on round the world tour

    Dec 21, 2009

    Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. braved snow and bone-chilling wind Dec. 21, to speak to the Soldiers of 1st Armored Division in Germany about their role in their upcoming deployment to Iraq and how the Afghanistan troop surge will affect it.

  • Blind officer graduates Maneuver Captain's Career Course

    Dec 18, 2009

    The first blind student to attend the Maneuver Captain's Career Course graduated with his class Tuesday in a ceremony attended by family and friends.

  • Chaplain Corps celebrates centennial of chaplain assistants

    Dec 17, 2009

    Three days after Christmas in 1909, the Army authorized an assistant whose sole purpose would be to allow chaplains to focus on ministering to the spiritual needs of Soldiers and their families throughout the world.

  • Military housing allowance rates set for 2010

    Dec 17, 2009

    Military members will see an average raise of 2.5 percent in housing allowance rates in 2010, a BAH program analyst for the Defense Department said Wednesday.

  • Army Chief of Staff visits Fort Richardson

    Dec 16, 2009

    Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. paid a visit to Soldiers and family members at Fort Richardson Monday, to thank them for their service, wish them happy holidays and hear their concerns.

  • SMA awards NCOs, Soldiers for Best Warrior support

    Dec 15, 2009

    During the 2009 Best Warrior Competition, the spotlight focused on the 24 noncommissioned officers and Soldiers vying for the prestigious Department of the Army title of NCO and Soldier of the Year. But on Dec. 11, nearly 100 Fort Lee NCOs and Soldiers, and a dozen Department of the Army Civilians, were awarded for their behind-the-scenes efforts during the annual competition.

  • Engineer Battalion commemorates bravery in flag burning ceremony

    Dec 15, 2009

    Soldiers from the 2nd Engineer Battalion held a ceremonial Burning of the Colors Nov. 30 at the Frontier Club to commemorate a historical event of bravery.

  • U.S. Army officials meet to discuss 8th Army transformation

    Dec 15, 2009

    U.S. Army officials met Dec. 15 to discuss the 8th U.S. Army's role in the most significant transformation in the 60-year history of the Republic of Korea-United States Alliance.

  • Reserve seeks to 'balance the force' with seasoned Soldiers

    Dec 14, 2009

    The Army Reserve has increased its ranks by 20,000 and continues to meet its recruiting goals, but there are some gaps that remain unfilled in mid-level ranks and different specialties.

  • 'Stop Loss' payments on way

    Dec 14, 2009

    After an initial delay caused by software and manpower issues, the first retroactive payments will be disbursed this week to Soldiers who were retained on active duty involuntarily under the so-called "Stop Loss" program.

  • Beating Navy is without question top priority

    Dec 9, 2009

    As 2009 comes to a close, the stage has been set for the 110th annual Army-Navy Game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia at 2:30 p.m., Saturday.

  • Officials announce first Afghanistan surge units

    Dec 8, 2009

    About 3,400 Soldiers from the Army's 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum have been notified they will be among the first to deploy to Afghanistan as part of President Barack Obama's new strategy.

  • Deployment length, dwell time, and end of stop loss not affected by Afghanistan troop increase

    Dec 7, 2009

    In a joint message to senior Army leaders on Dec. 2, Secretary of the Army John McHugh and Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, Jr. stated that the Afghanistan troop increase will not affect plans underway to restore balance.

  • Chief of Staff makes first visit to Fort Huachuca

    Dec 3, 2009

    Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr. made his first visit to Fort Huachuca Tuesday and Wednesday to receive briefings from the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence and U.S. Enterprise Technology Command/9th Signal Command.

  • Army Training Network one-stop for answers

    Nov 30, 2009

    The Army Training Network continues to grow and change since it went online in April with the mission of becoming the one-stop shop and information source for Army training.

  • Army celebrates 100 years of chaplain assistants

    Nov 27, 2009

    On Dec. 28, 1909, General Order No. 253 was published, establishing the official military occupational specialty of the chaplain assistant, stating that one enlisted man will serve to assist the chaplain in the performance of his official duties.

  • Pentagon convenes Fort Hood shooting task force

    Nov 24, 2009

    The leaders of the Pentagon's review board on the Fort Hood, Texas, rampage reported for duty Monday to begin their 45-day investigation to what led to the mass shooting.

  • 2nd Infantry Division debuts Warfighters' Simulation system during exercise

    Nov 23, 2009

    CAMP CASEY, South Korea - The 2nd Infantry Division recently became the first U.S. Army division to use the Warfighters' Simulation system during a command post exercise held recently in South Korea.

  • Army to separate Soldiers who don't extend to deploy

    Nov 23, 2009

    Soldiers who don't agree to extend their enlistments in units slated to deploy on or after Jan. 1 may be involuntarily separated up to three months early.

  • HooahMail means speedy delivery of letters to Afghanistan

    Nov 23, 2009

    The Army's HooahMail program makes it possible for friends and family members to rapidly put a paper letter and photograph into the hands of their loved ones in Afghanistan, in some cases, the same day the letter is written.

  • Mullen: Guard should not return to how things were before 2001

    Nov 23, 2009

    As operations in Iraq and Afghanistan change over the next few years, the Guard should not be allowed to revert to being simply a strategic reserve, said Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  • Army Force Generation focus of Army Secretary

    Nov 20, 2009

    Secretary of the Army John McHugh visited Fort Carson Nov. 18 as the second of three stops on his first official tour of Army installations. "The intent of this trip is to provide me with the opportunity to look at the Army's process of resetting, training, equipping and preparing to deploy the fighting force of our United States Army through processes called ARFORGEN (Army Force Generation)," said McHugh.

  • Army combatives program changes lesson plan

    Nov 20, 2009

    The U.S. Army Combatives School has adopted a new teaching plan to take lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and build more effective close-quarters fighters.

  • Pentagon launches review of Fort Hood shooting

    Nov 20, 2009

    Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates Thursday announced the Defense Department will conduct a broad review of the Nov. 5 Fort Hood, Texas, shooting that left 13 dead and dozens injured.

  • Civilian Education System registration process changes

    Nov 19, 2009

    The Civilian Education System 3rd and 4th quarter classes are now open for registration, and those enrolling will see a major change in the application process.

  • ARFORGEN: Army's deployment cycle aims for predictability

    Nov 19, 2009

    There is a plan for deploying troops and it's called ARFORGEN. Short for Army Force Generation, ARFORGEN is the Army's core process of building trained and ready forces.

  • Soldiers learn skills critical to sustaining Army health in coming years

    Nov 19, 2009

    About 30 Fort Jackson Soldiers and civilians were part of the first group of people in the Army family to learn about building resilience and enhancing performance, both of which are viewed as fundamentally necessary to sustain the force over the coming years.

  • Tech symposium brings together current Army researchers and future Army leaders

    Nov 17, 2009

    Future Army leaders and current Army scientists came together during the 17th annual Army Research Laboratory-U.S. Military Academy Technical Symposium in Atlantic City, N.J., Nov. 9-10.

  • Army to continue NHRA, NASCAR sponsorships

    Nov 17, 2009

    The U.S. Army Accessions Command announced Friday that the U.S. Army will continue its sponsorship of Tony Schumacher's Top Fuel dragster in the National Hot Rod Association and will return as a primary sponsor of Ryan Newman and the No. 39 Chevrolet Impala SS for 15 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races in 2010.

  • Army's longest serving female command sergeant major retires

    Nov 17, 2009

    Although she won't formally retire until March 2010, a retirement ceremony was held for the longest serving female command sergeant major in the service.

  • Pentagon, VA expand disability claims test

    Nov 17, 2009

    Defense and Veterans Affairs officials Monday, announced another step in their efforts to streamline the process of determining veterans' disability ratings.

  • Soldiers learning to 'bounce back' in Philly

    Nov 16, 2009

    In Philadelphia, the Army is equipping Soldiers with a new tool designed to help them better deal with the psychological effects of combat that can lead to post traumatic stress disorder.

  • Soldiers in Europe prep for Afghanistan using advanced simulation

    Nov 16, 2009

    About 1,500 U.S., Romanian and Bulgarian soldiers enhanced their combat skills with the Deployable Instrumentation Systems Europe at the Babadag Training Area in eastern Romania and the Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria from the beginning of August to the end of October as part of Joint Task Force-East's 2009 exercise.

  • Grieving has no time limit; help available for all affected by tragedy

    Nov 13, 2009

    In the aftermath of the Nov. 5 shootings, Soldiers, family members and civilians are looking for answers, but they're also looking for help. That help is available to anyone in need, no matter what the time.

  • CSA unveils Medal of Honor plaque at Harvard

    Nov 12, 2009

    Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. helped unveil a plaque of Harvard Medal of Honor recipients during a Veterans Day observance at the university, then visited the gravesite of recent Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti.

  • Vice President grieves with Fort Lewis for fallen Stryker Soldiers

    Nov 10, 2009

    Vice President Joe Biden joined the Fort Lewis, Wash., community Tuesday to grieve the loss and honor the sacrifice of seven Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment.

  • New commander takes helm at U.S. Army South

    Nov 10, 2009

    The Army component of U.S. Southern Command marked a new chapter in its storied history as the former special assistant to the commanding general; U.S. Army Special Operations Command in Fort Bragg, N.C., took command of U.S. Army South during a ceremony at the Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Nov. 9.

  • Army testing XM-25 'smart' high-explosive weapon for Soldiers

    Nov 10, 2009

    A Soldier successfully shoulder-fired a 'smart' High Explosive Airburst, or HEAB, round for the first time Aug. 11, from the XM-25 weapon system at Aberdeen Test Center, Md.

  • Chief of Staff Views Lake City Ammo Plant Modernization

    Nov 10, 2009

    LAKE CITY ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT, Mo. (Nov. 4, 2009) - The men and women who work in the Army's manufacturing plants and depots are dedicated Americans who contribute to warfighters' success, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. said today during a press conference here.

  • Casey pledges progress on mental health resources

    Nov 10, 2009

    The Army has worked hard on developing programs to maintain the psychological health of the service, but much more needs to be done, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. said Sunday.

  • Postal service announces holiday mailing guidelines

    Nov 4, 2009

    Postal Service officials have announced recommended mailing dates for delivery by Christmas to U.S. servicemembers serving in Afghanistan and other overseas locations.

  • Brigade prepares for 'advise, assist' mission

    Nov 4, 2009

    As the 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade prepares for its fourth deployment to Iraq, its Soldiers are getting lessons in the art of leading from behind as they help to set the stage for the eventual drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq.

  • IMCOM changes command

    Nov 3, 2009

    Installation Management Command said farewell to its first commanding general Monday and welcomed Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch as its new commander.

  • Gates, Casey welcome new Army Secretary

    Nov 3, 2009

    The new Army secretary received an official welcome from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and the Army's top uniformed officer Monday at a ceremony held in Conmy Hall on Fort Myer, Va.

  • Army reduces 'Stop Loss' numbers as Pentagon begins payments

    Nov 3, 2009

    As the Defense Department begins to compensate military members forced to serve beyond the expiration of their contracts, the number of those still serving under "Stop Loss" has been greatly reduced.

  • Westphal: leader among public servants

    Nov 2, 2009

    The new under secretary of the Army is above the fray of Washington politics, and is a true civil servant, said the Secretary of the Army.

  • New system allows vehicle GPS to track location while in flight

    Nov 2, 2009

    Soldiers with 3rd Battalion, 27th Field Artillery, drove their High Mobility Artillery Rocket System out the rear of an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III at Pope Air Force Base, N.C., Oct. 22, with a new advancement that will get them into the fight faster.javascript:;

  • Military will have enough H1N1 vaccine, officials say

    Nov 2, 2009

    As shipments of some 3.7 million doses of H1N1 vaccine ordered by the Defense Department continue to arrive from the manufacturer, more than enough will be available for all military personnel and their beneficiaries.

  • Executive order bans texting while driving

    Oct 30, 2009

    Texting took a back seat to safety this month with an executive order prohibiting text messaging while driving on military installations or driving anywhere in government vehicles.

  • Soldiers saving taxpayers millions in Iraq

    Oct 30, 2009

    The 15th Sustainment Brigade "Wagonmasters" began Operation Clean Sweep here in mid-October by finding $2.9 million in excess equipment to place back into the military supply system for reuse.

  • Kandahar troops, civilians honor man's best friend

    Oct 30, 2009

    U.S. and coalition servicemembers, civilians, military working dog handlers and their dogs came together in a ceremony Oct. 16, to unveil the war dog memorial built at the KAF boardwalk in honor of military working dogs killed here in the line of duty.

  • Ranger veterans gather on Fort Benning after 51 years

    Oct 30, 2009

    "It certainly brings us back," said retired Maj. Roger Messick, who coordinated the first reunion for Ranger veterans who graduated 51 years ago from the Ranger Training Brigade.

  • New all-terrain vehicles arrive in Afghanistan

    Oct 26, 2009

    The first mine-resistant, ambush-protected all-terrain vehicles designated for southern Afghanistan arrived there Oct. 22 by air transport.

  • Special Ops Soldiers earn coveted title of 'Jumpmaster'

    Oct 26, 2009

    Ten minutes before arriving to the drop zone, every parachutist on the 'bird' knows what's coming next when the jumpmaster stands and hooks up to the anchor line cable, signaling the beginning of actions on the aircraft.

  • Year of the NCO: Junior NCOs train, learn at Warrior Leader Course

    Oct 23, 2009

    Yellow and green smoke covered the back of the field amid the sound of mortar shells going off behind the wood line. Shortly after the smoke began covering an arch bearing the motto "Lead by Example," Soldiers wearing tan, black and maroon berets marched onto the field for the graduation of Warrior Leader Course, Class 01-10.

  • Obama signs veterans health care legislation

    Oct 23, 2009

    President Barack Obama signed new legislation Thursday that creates predictable funding for veterans' health care.

  • Activation ceremony formally links Infantry, Armor under new command at Fort Benning

    Oct 22, 2009

    The Maneuver Center of Excellence made it official Thursday afternoon, when during a largely symbolic event the command's flag was unfurled and its leaders' new roles highlighted during an activation ceremony on Fort Benning, Ga.

  • Army librarian honored as best in federal government

    Oct 22, 2009

    An Army librarian was named Federal Librarian of the Year for 2008 during a ceremony Oct. 22, at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

  • Army researching new energy-efficient technologies

    Oct 22, 2009

    As the nation observes National Energy Awareness Month in October, the Army continues research on energy security, fuel efficiency and alternate power capabilities for its fleet of ground vehicles.

  • Defense Department to begin compensation of 'Stop Loss' troops

    Oct 22, 2009

    The Defense Department will implement a new program this week to compensate former and current servicemembers for each month they involuntarily served from Sept. 11, 2001 to Sept. 30, 2009.

  • H1N1 vaccine to arrive in November

    Oct 21, 2009

    H1N1 vaccinations are expected to be available in November for active-duty servicemembers and their families, according to the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command.

  • Fort Riley family named '2009 Army Family of the Year'

    Oct 21, 2009

    The National Military Family Association named the Nolan Family of Fort Riley as the Army's representative for the 2009 Military Families of the Year program.

  • Pentagon ceremony awards unit for heroism in Vietnam

    Oct 21, 2009

    Vietnam veterans of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Tuesday received the Presidential Unit Citation in a Pentagon ceremony hosted by Under Secretary of the Army Dr. Joseph Westphal.

  • Army's largest dining facility opens at Fort Lee

    Oct 21, 2009

    The largest Army-owned dining facility is officially open for business. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Oct. 14 to celebrate the completion and opening of the 75,000-square-foot facility located on the new Ordnance Campus. It was the first ribbon-cutting ceremony held on the $700 million campus comprised of more than 30 new buildings, many still under construction.

  • U.S. Army uncovers successful results for AIDS vaccine

    Oct 21, 2009

    The fight against one of the deadliest virus known may have met its match against the United States Army as researchers have uncovered successful results for an AIDS vaccination.

  • Casey: Infantry-Armor merger boosts Army's 'full-spectrum' operations

    Oct 21, 2009

    Gen. George W. Casey Jr. got an aerial peek at the massive expansion effort under way for the Maneuver Center of Excellence on Fort Benning, Ga., and observed urban combat training on Sand Hill. Along the way, he toured the National Infantry Museum for the first time and re-enlisted five Soldiers - including two Purple Heart recipients - at the Follow Me Statue in front of the museum.

  • Pentagon officials announce 2010 Afghanistan deployments

    Oct 21, 2009

    Pentagon officials Tuesday announced additional replacement units scheduled to deploy next year to Afghanistan as part of the requirement to maintain the current level of security efforts there.

  • McHugh puts Soldiers, families at center of agenda

    Oct 21, 2009

    Getting the Army's personnel aspects right is the most important job for its leaders, Army Secretary John M. McHugh said Tuesday.