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  • DFAS representative visits Europe in October

    Sep 10, 2010

    Installation Management Command-Europe officials announced that a representative from DFAS-Cleveland will travel to Europe in October to help retirees and annuitants with pay issues and provide one-on-one audits of their pay records.

  • Combined Endeavor brings forces from 40 nations together to streamline communications

    Sep 9, 2010

    About 1,400 participants of more than 40 countries and organizations gathered at the Joint Multinational Simulations Center at the Grafenwoehr (Germany) Training Area for the U.S. European Command exercise Combined Endeavor 2010, the world's largest military communications and information systems exercise.

  • U.S. Army Europe Band and Chorus rocks Red Square

    Sep 9, 2010

    The U.S. Army Europe Band and Chorus traveled to Moscow for their first-ever performance in Red Square, during the Moscow Military Tattoo. The Sept. 4-9 event brought more than 1,000 performers from nine countries together in a celebration of military and popular music.

  • Preparing tomorrow's leaders today

    Sep 9, 2010

    On Sept. 7 the Camp Darby Child Youth and School Services recognized the 2009/2010 school year "Power Hour" Points winners: William Quesenberry, Layton Barney and Natsuki Wittmer. "Power hour" is a highly successful homework assistance program, implemented by Camp Darby in conjunction with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help young people come to view homework as an opportunity to learn to work independently, complete projects on time and feel positive about their accomplishments.

  • 18th CSSB, Grafenwoehr community bid farewell to Warhammer hero

    Sep 9, 2010

    With heavy hearts and quiet sorrow Soldiers and civilians packed the Grafenwoehr Chapel Aug. 26 to remember Staff Sgt. Derek Farley of the 702nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company who was killed while dismantling an Improvised Explosive Device in the Farah Province of Afghanistan Aug 17.

  • Europe's civil affairs senior leaders trained, ready

    Sep 9, 2010

    Europe's first Civil Affairs Qualification Course-Leader Transition graduated 15 senior leaders of the 361st Civil Affairs Brigade at the Kaiserslautern Community Activities Center on Daenner Kaserne here Aug. 27.

  • Construction team conducts exercise, prepares for deployment

    Sep 9, 2010

    Soldiers from the 21st Theater Sustainment Command's 243rd Construction Management Team prepared for their upcoming deployment by conducting their Mission Readiness Exercise Aug. 2-19 at the Hohenfels Training Area.

  • 21st TSC team goes to Croatia, plans for Immediate Response '11 exercise

    Sep 9, 2010

    Working closely with our European allies is a critical part of U.S. Army Europe's mission. To support this mission, the 21st Theater Sustainment Command sent several Soldiers and civilians to Croatia Aug. 23-27 to conduct a joint site survey for the upcoming exercise there, Immediate Response '11.

  • Warrior Zone coming to Schweinfurt

    Sep 8, 2010

    SCHWEINFURT, Germany - Renovation of a state of the art multipurpose facility geared toward single Soldiers is scheduled to be completed by November 26, 2010 here on Ledward Barracks. The new center, known as the Warrior Zone, will include a bar, kitchen, a lounge, flat screen TVs, pool tables and several gaming stations among other amenities aimed at taking the edge off of the rigors of life in the Army.

  • Stuttgart bodybuilding, figure team muscles out competition

    Sep 7, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- This year, bodybuilders and figure competitors in U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart wanted to get an edge on their competition with more than lifting weights and practicing poses: they needed a support system.

  • Home again: service members and reintegration

    Sep 7, 2010

    When a deployment ends, service members and families may feel like their troubles are finally over. However, it takes time to recuperate from spending months to a year in a combat zone. And, the adjustment isn't always easy.

  • If an emergency or disaster strikes, are you prepared'

    Sep 7, 2010

    Floods in Pakistan, earthquakes in Haiti, wildfires in Russia - natural disasters can happen anywhere, to anyone. That's why Americans are encouraged to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and communities during September, National Preparedness Month.

  • Kelley CDC opens, increases child care options for Stuttgart community

    Sep 7, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- Options for child care in U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart have expanded, thanks to the new Kelley Child Development Center on Kelley Barracks.

  • IMCOM-E CYSS hosts two workshops focused on anti-bullying education, parenting wit and wisdom

    Sep 3, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - Installation Management Command-Europe's Child, Youth & School Services is sponsoring two workshops Sept. 23 focused on anti-bullying education and parenting wit and wisdom open to all Army Europe members focused on the health and welfare of youth.

  • Family Advocacy Program offers range of services for Soldiers, families

    Sep 2, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - Staff Sgt. Eney Dough is stuck in a tough assignment where he's worked 65 hours a week since he arrived six months ago. His unit is preparing for a deployment that will separate him from his family once again for a year after returning from a previous deployment only 14 months earlier. Coupled with the stresses of the job, he also has to make provisions for a pregnant wife of five years, two toddlers and a troubled teenager from his wife's first marriage. Turmoil at home and work has Dough on the edge, as he has been holding in much of his frustrations.

  • Program promotes hiring of disabled employees

    Sep 2, 2010

    WIESBADEN - As Elizabeth Deitch stepped out of the terminal at the Frankfurt International Airport, reality hit. She was 3,000 miles away from her home in Texas. She was in a foreign country. And as a new college graduate, she was entering the workforce for the first time. The myths and stereotypes that employers carry about people with disabilities tugged at her nerves.

  • Wiesbaden community reaches out to families during open house

    Sep 2, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - Wiesbaden military community members got an inside look at the many resources, organizations and assistance available at an Army Community Service Open House Aug. 24.

  • 7th CSC reacts to disasters during GS'10

    Sep 2, 2010

    A chemical plant in a foreign country accidently releases a plume of toxic fumes causing panic, sickness and numerous deaths within the city where the plant is located. Adding to all the chaos, the weather makes the situation worse for the citizens who live in the area of direct impact. A call comes from the foreign country for U.S. assistance. Who will go'

  • TASM-E nears completion of Dutch FMS reset mission

    Sep 2, 2010

    The Theater Aviation Sustainment Manager - Europe is nearing completion of a Foreign Military Sales reset mission for the Dutch military. TASM-E has already completed reset for two AH64D Apache helicopters owned by the Dutch military and is nearing completion of the third. The aircraft had been purchased by the Dutch military through the FMS program.

  • 21st TSC COIC trains to conduct business as usual in unusual circumstances

    Sep 2, 2010

    It was business as usual in terms of function but not location for the 21st Theater Sustainment Command's Current Operations Integration Cell during exercise Agile Challenge August 23-27, at Rhine Ordnance Barracks, here.

  • USAREUR Commander visits with Heidelberg youth

    Sep 1, 2010

    Gen. Carter Ham, U.S. Army Europe commanding general paid a visit to several facilities in U.S. Army Garrison Baden-WAfA1/4rttemberg recently. The general spent a large part of his day talking with local youth and receiving feedback from them on curent programs and facilities.

  • Trip to ancient Egypt builds spiritual growth

    Sep 1, 2010

    During the last week of summer vacation, 30 Camp Darby children were in school and loving every minute of it. At vacation bible school there were no tests or homework, just fun in the sun and creative activities based on an ancient Egyptian theme that keep everyone involved in the excitement.

  • Schweinfurt's combat experts talk about realities of war with German soldiers

    Sep 1, 2010

    HAMMELBURG, Germany - A band of five U.S. Army noncommissioned officers with more than 25 years of deployed combat experience convened at the German infantry school here Thursday, Aug. 26 to provide their insights on Iraq and Afghanistan to 27 German NCO recruits-all of whom have not been deployed to those areas.

  • MyCAA educational program resumes for spouses, but with limits

    Aug 30, 2010

    SCHINNEN, Netherlands - The decision to resume the popular Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA), announced this summer by the DoD, brought cheers from participants who may continue in the program, but jeers from others now ineligible under new rules.

  • 18th MP NCO strives for excellence

    Aug 26, 2010

    Sgt. Nicole Jenkins, a corrections officer with U.S. Army Confinement Facility- Europe, took the Army commercial that said Soldiers do more before breakfast than most people do all day to heart. She has lived it the last four years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

  • USAG Brussels welcomes new Command Sergeant Major

    Aug 24, 2010

    BRUSSELS, Belgium - Command Sgt. Maj. Robert G. Lehtonen II has never served in a garrison but he sees it as just another challenge in a 25-year Army career that has seen him grow from an 18-year old Field Artilleryman to a senior noncommissioned officer and combat veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Lehtonen is the new command sergeant major at U.S. Army Garrison Brussels. He comes to the assignment after serving as the battalion command sergeant major of 4th Battalion 25th Field Artillery Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y.

  • Stuttgart CYSS offers skateboarders a gnarly time

    Aug 24, 2010

    Instead of sleeping in on one of the last Saturdays of the summer, 16 boys got up early to do what they love to do: ride skateboards. They turned out for the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Child, Youth and School Services' German-American skateboard competition, held Aug. 21 in BAfAPblingen.

  • SOCEUR enables Poland Special Ops intelligence effort

    Aug 24, 2010

    Human intelligence is critical and key to Special Operations Forces missions. Knowing how to collect, analyze and debrief information is particularly important for intelligence Soldiers when providing integral data to commanders and operators on the ground. In an effort to increase the intelligence gathering capability of the Poland Special Operations Forces Command, experts from U.S. Special Operations Command Europe conducted a two-week symposium held Aug. 3-12 at Panzer Kaserne.

  • Stuttgart FMWR helps MPs dive into adventure

    Aug 24, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- It wasn't a typical day at the office.

  • 'Sailing, Sailing:' USAG Stuttgart VBS takes children on Bible voyage

    Aug 24, 2010

    School wasn't in session, but 340 children flooded the halls of two Stuttgart military community schools this summer to learn - about the Bible. The U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Vacation Bible School, sponsored by the USAG Stuttgart Religious Support Office, was held July 26-30 at Patch Elementary School and Aug. 2-6 at Robinson Barracks Elementary/Middle School.

  • Finance course teaches mind over money

    Aug 24, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- Shay Edwards was broke and at the end of his rope.

  • Civil Air Patrol cadet flight takes off in Stuttgart

    Aug 24, 2010

    This fall, the Stuttgart military community will have its own Civil Air Patrol cadet flight.

  • The road to becoming a financial counselor

    Aug 24, 2010

    Bethy Vallejo, a Camp Darby spouse, is awarded a Military Spouse Fellowship which results in a new career path for her.

  • DPW employees trade cars for bikes for daily business on Grafenwoehr

    Aug 20, 2010

    The feeling of self-propelled freedom you get from riding a bike is unlike anything else, but for U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Department of Public Works employees, it's more than the thrill of the ride; it's a necessary form of transportation.

  • BOSS Soldiers join forces with BOS students in 'Little Berlin'

    Aug 20, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- There were shy smiles, nervous laughs and cautious handshakes as the Soldiers from U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program joined German college students from the Berufliche Oberschule in Hof on a tour to bridge the language and cultural gap and learn about the town of Moedlareuth, July 23.

  • Antiterrorism knowledge, techniques essential

    Aug 18, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- In an effort to increase awareness of how terrorists operate, August has been designated as Antiterrorism Awareness Month by the Department of the Army.

  • Obstacles help Livorno build resiliency as a team

    Aug 18, 2010

    CAMP DARBY, Italy - A thick covering of pine needles hid the mud puddle under concertina wire surprising Soldiers and civilian U.S. Army Health Clinic Livorno employees that were going through the obstacle course at the Italian military training compound in Livorno, Italy, Aug. 12.

  • 'Sex Signals' addresses culture, language of consent

    Aug 17, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - Recognizing and understanding consent before engaging in sex can significantly lower sexual assault and rape statistics in the Army. Catharsis Production players Ben Murrie and Amber Kelly presented "Sex Signals" to audiences in Baumholder and Wiesbaden in late July to heighten awareness of sexual assault and rape and to inspire a culture of respectful dialogue and intervention.

  • Construction changing the face of Wiesbaden military community

    Aug 17, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany -- Towering yellow cranes and backhoes are holding the places of future trees and buildings and changing the overall quality of life as the Wiesbaden landscape transforms. Multiple construction projects including demolition, neighborhood revitalization, renovation, regular maintenance, infrastructure upgrades and repairs abound in both the residential and operational areas of the military community.

  • Europe-based food service personnel gather in Heidelberg for trade show

    Aug 12, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany -- For Sgt. 1st Class Howard Shakespear it was a toss-up between the lemon-pepper fish and the mandarin chicken.

  • USAG Brussels Soldier completes second-consecutive Nijmegen March

    Aug 10, 2010

    BRUSSELS, Belgium - Capt. Brian Sansom took a few days off in late July but instead of lying on a beach or visiting one of Europe's scenic sites he spent four days with 40,000 friends in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

  • 21st TSC assists in recovering Soldier's remains in France

    Aug 5, 2010

    More than six decades after giving his life for freedom, an American Soldier is on his way home. A four-person team with the 21st Theater Sustainment Command's U.S. Army Memorial Affairs Activity, Europe, recently recovered the Soldier's remains at the Rhone American Cemetery and Memorial here.

  • Garrison active-shooter exercise ensures responders are prepared

    Aug 4, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany -- In just a few brief seconds, an ordinary military community transformed from a place of relative calm, peace and security to one marred by violence and chaos - but not for long.

  • Vilseck community honors fallen comrade

    Aug 4, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany - Quiet sobs echoed through Vilseck Chapel July 27, as the community, both German and American, joined to honor 1st Lt. Robert Bennedsen, who was killed in action when he was struck by an improvised explosive device while conducting a vehicle recovery mission outside of Qalat, Afghanistan, July 18.

  • USAG Benelux employees convert from NSPS to GS, Aug. 15

    Aug 3, 2010

    CHIEVRES, Belgium - IMCOM employees throughout U.S. Army Garrison Benelux currently hired under the National Security Personnel System convert to the General Schedule system Aug. 15 as part of the last local wave of the transition schedule.

  • USAG Brussels MPs conduct Active Shooter Training

    Aug 2, 2010

    BRUSSELS, Belgium - U.S. Army Garrison Brussels Military Police Soldiers conducted Active Shooter training on July 26 at Sterrebeek Annex near here.

  • Army promotes anti-terrorism awareness in August

    Aug 2, 2010

    Soldiers, family members and civilians Army-wide have felt the effects of the acts of terror committed at Fort Hood in November 2009 and those attempted at Fort Dix in 2007. Though the results might not seem obvious to all community members, Army security groups have responded to these and other terrorist attacks by promoting individual awareness and vigilance across posts worldwide. Whether it is a poster in the commissary, or required training for Soldiers, law enforcement officials are making it evident that the safety of any community is dependent on its members, as they are at the forefront in providing authorities with tips and information.

  • Army works towards implementing standard child care fees in accordance with new DoD policy

    Jul 30, 2010

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Beginning Oct. 1, most Army Families will see an increase in their child care fees, while others will see a reduction and some will see no change in fees for School Year 2010-2011.

  • Soldier perseveres, succeeds despite difficult childhood

    Jul 28, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - While saying Spc. Ekaterina Volsky's childhood was difficult is accurate, it doesn't even begin to describe the poverty, abuse and neglect she has overcome in her short lifetime.

  • Stuttgart Stallions stampede over competition in Graf

    Jul 26, 2010

    Marty Smith, manager and coach of the Stuttgart Stallion running team, had one goal in mind for the U.S. Forces Europe Army 10-Miler. "We really wanted to defend the women's championship trophy," said Smith, who also runs on the men's team. They did that and more.

  • USAG Stuttgart community members 'Run to Remember'

    Jul 26, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- More than 400 community members hit the trail running July 17 to honor fallen American heroes.

  • Sex Signals show provides laughs, sexual assault prevention education to Soldiers

    Jul 26, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany - Nearly 300 Soldiers gathered in the Patch Community Club July 21 for a briefing on sexual assault - and laughed through the whole thing.

  • Col. Bird takes command of U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart

    Jul 26, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- Col. Carl D. Bird received the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart guidon - and command of the garrison - from Col. Richard M. Pastore during a ceremony held July 19 on the Panzer Kaserne parade field.

  • Heidelberg parents go green with modern cloth diapers

    Jul 26, 2010

    Several mothers from the Heidelberg community joined together to educate the community about cloth diapers -- an alternative to disposables that saves money and is better for babies and the environment.

  • Wiesbaden earns top honors at Military Child Education Coalition Conference

    Jul 26, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - A Wiesbaden school and community partnership, led by U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden school liaison officer Peter Witmer, earned top honors at the 12th annual Military Child Education Coalition Conference. Wiesbaden's ongoing partnership project was recognized with the 2010 Outstanding Pete Taylor Partnership of Excellence Award during a ceremony led by Texas U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards at National Harbor, Md., July 22.

  • OPC helps children build coping skills

    Jul 26, 2010

    ANSBACH, Germany - Campers learned to build skills needed to deal with difficult situations in positive ways during during Operation Purple Camp July 11-17. Nestled at Franken Kaserne in the Ansbach military garrison between Illesheim and Ansbach, Operation Purple Camp housed 101 children with parents in the military from throughout the European theatre.

  • Daenner Cyclone 10 puts 7th CSC to the test

    Jul 23, 2010

    On an unusually sunny Monday morning in June, members of the 7th Civil Support Command Headquarters gathered on the parade field at Daenner Kaserne, here, to begin a four-day exercise known as Daenner Cyclone '10.

  • 'Sex Signals' helps to raise awareness, prevention of sexual assault

    Jul 23, 2010

    The Galaxy Theater on Vogelweh was filled to capacity as the audience came to better grasp the seriousness of sexual assault in a whole different perspective in a comedy show called 'Sex Signals', July 20.

  • 457th Civil Affairs Battalion trains with Romanian Soldiers

    Jul 22, 2010

    In remote villages of Afghanistan, it is difficult for the population to obtain food, water, medical supplies, and other items essential for survival. One of the roles of Civil Affairs is to move into these areas, assess the needs, and restore the infrastructure necessary to deliver these items. On the training grounds of the Joint Multinational Readiness Center here, Civil Affairs Soldiers gain the advantage of going through realistic scenarios to prepare them for these missions.

  • Town halls: Residents, leaders discuss Wiesbaden transformation issues

    Jul 21, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - With transformation projects knocking on everyone's front door, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden leaders want to clear the air about ongoing construction. In July the garrison hosted three housing construction town halls. A fourth one is set for July 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Flyers Theater on Wiesbaden Army Airfield for WAAF, Mainz-Kastel and Mainz-Finthen housing area residents.

  • Summer Slam 2010 draws players from all over Europe

    Jul 21, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - Athletes and spectators alike traveled from as far away as Lakenheath, England and Naples, Italy to participate in Summer Slam 2010 held in Heidelberg.

  • 21st TSC Soldier on German TV

    Jul 21, 2010

    Chances are, no other 21st Theater Sustainment Command Soldier had his nose powdered by a make-up artist before participating in a live broadcast at the German television station SWR Fernsehen, here. Sgt. Juan Carlos Mogollon, the PLL non-commissioned officer in charge at the 21st TSC motor pool did - twice.

  • AER conference focuses on Soldiers, families

    Jul 21, 2010

    SCHWETZINGEN, Germany - Money for plane tickets home, utility bills, car payments and even an $18,000 dollar cell phone bill - these were just a few of the cases Army Emergency Relief officers and assistants say they've encountered while on the job.

  • IMCOM mentoring program develops leaders

    Jul 20, 2010

    ARLINGTON, Va. - The U.S. Army Installation Management Command solicited applications this month for its annual mentorship program, with the intent to groom 30 promising mid-level employees for leadership.

  • Memorial in Belgium honors American troops for 60 years

    Jul 20, 2010

    CHIEVRES, Belgium -- A multinational ceremony part solemn remembrance of World War II and part celebration of decades-old alliances marked the 60th anniversary of the Mardasson Memorial July 16 near Bastogne, Belgium.

  • Grand-openings at 409th CSB equals improved service

    Jul 20, 2010

    Two ceremonies, one goal. The 409th Contracting Support Brigade, Expeditionary Contracting Command Europe, recently celebrated two ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremonies to offer more effecting contracting support.

  • Europe region military police named IMCOM top warriors

    Jul 19, 2010

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas (July 19, 2010) - A pair of military policemen based in Europe became U.S. Army Installation Management Command Soldier and Noncommissioned Officer of the Year at the National Capitol Region Best Warrior Competition, July 12-16 at Fort Belvoir, Va.

  • Grafenwoehr community extends 'Willkommen' to new commander

    Jul 16, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Although rain trickled down for most of the morning, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just before the beginning of the change of command ceremony, July 15, which welcomed the U.S Army Garrison Grafenwoehr's incoming commander, Col. Vann Smiley, and bid "Auf Wiedersehen" to outgoing commander Col. Chris Sorenson.

  • IMCOM-Europe welcomes new senior enlisted leader

    Jul 15, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - Installation Management Command-Europe welcomed a new senior enlisted leader during a change of responsibility ceremony July 13 at Campbell Barracks' Casablanca Room here. Installation Management Command-Europe Regional Director Diane M. Devens transferred the ceremonial sword of responsibility to Command Sgt. Maj. Barry Maieritsch, the newly-appointed Region command sergeant major.

  • Wiesbaden consolidated Training Support Center dedicated to 1st AD Soldier killed in action in Iraq

    Jul 15, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - The consolidation of several Wiesbaden facilities offers Soldiers better training opportunities and stands as a memorial to one Soldier mortally wounded in combat.

  • FMWR employees earn Army-level awards

    Jul 15, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - What do a 12-day event for the holidays and more than 3,750 hours of community service have in common' In the U.S. Army, both are award-winning feats. In June Maj. Gen. Reuben Jones, commander of the Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command, stopped in Wiesbaden to recognize two FMWR employees with Department of the Army-level awards.

  • Yellow Ribbon Room opens in Baumholder for families

    Jul 12, 2010

    BAUMHOLDER, Germany -- The new Family Readiness Center Yellow Ribbon Room opened its doors at 3 p.m. June 17 when Col. Patrick Matlock, 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team commander, and Lt. Col. Paul Pfahler, U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder commander, cut the yellow ribbon spanning the doorway to the facility and welcomed several family readiness liaisons, Family Readiness Group leaders and other garrison members. "This facility will be 'task force home front,' said Pfahler.

  • Youths gain job skills in Summer Hire Program

    Jul 12, 2010

    Ninety-one Baumholder and Wiesbaden youths headed off to work June 21 at the start of this week's Summer Hire Program.

  • USAG Benelux maintenance team named Army's best

    Jul 12, 2010

    CHIAfE+VRES, Belgium - The Chief of Staff of the Army recognized the USAG Benelux Consolidated Maintenance Center as the Army's best during the Combined Logistics Excellence Awards in Richmond, Va., June 24.

  • Lance Armstrong, Tour de France race by Army garrison

    Jul 12, 2010

    CHIAfE+VRES, Belgium - Lance Armstrong zipped past ChiAfA..vres Air Base July 6, hoping to claim his eighth Tour de France title down the road.

  • USAG Schinnen leadership changes command

    Jul 8, 2010

    SCHINNEN, Netherlands - Lt. Col. Chad Arcand assumed command of U.S. Army Garrison Schinnen from Lt. Col. Fern Sumpter in a July 8 outdoor ceremony presided over by Col. Rick Tillotson, commander of USAG Benelux.

  • Local logistician captures history

    Jul 8, 2010

    At first glance Andrew Washington appears to be a quiet and reserved type of man. At times he stands as an unassuming figure amid the hustle and bustle of the U.S. Army Garrison Baden-WAfA1/4rttemberg staff. Washington works as a logistician for the Directorate of Logistics, but what most people do not know about him is that he's also an extraordinarily gifted artist.

  • Baumholder spouses earn their spurs

    Jul 8, 2010

    BAUMHOLDER, Germany - In an open field overrun by tall grass a "Soldier" thrusts a bayonet through a cut out target. As the blade finds its mark the bayonet wielder cries out "kill." She then draws the rifle mounted bayonet back and positions herself to punish the target again, this time with a butt stroke to the head.

  • BOSS teams up with German students

    Jul 8, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program teamed up with local German elementary school students and sparked a kickball match Friday that was more intense than the heat from the afternoon sun.

  • 'Mannheim Military Moms' connect

    Jul 8, 2010

    MANNHEIM, Germany -- From calming shrieking cries, teaching children the rules of the potty, and learning how to deal with deployments, the New Parent Support Program assists mothers and fathers in sleeping like babies themselves after long days of tending to their little ones.Even more soothing is the fact that Mannheim NPSP Home Visitor Andrea Manus created a Facebook page called "Mannheim Military Moms."

  • Force protection exercise puts Army, host nation teams to the test

    Jul 8, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - Hostages being held at the Wiesbaden Army Airfield credit union, a car explosion and bus accident at the Mainz-Kastel Transportation Motor Pool and a chemical spill were all situations facing garrison and host nation responders during a Force Protection Exercise in Wiesbaden June 25-26.

  • JROTC cadets rise to the occasion

    Jul 6, 2010

    Six Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) cadets stood in silence on a 15-foot tall platform. One by one they glanced to the next platform, measuring approximately the same distance across. Their eyebrows raised as various scenarios danced in their heads. Their goal was to get their whole team across, safely.

  • Team searches for energy alternatives off post

    Jul 6, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- The U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr has been searching high and low for ways to conserve energy and make the transition to using more renewable sources of energy in accordance with the Installation Management Command Campaign Plan.

  • Grafenwoehr's fitness center gets an energy boost

    Jul 6, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- After months of gray skies and less than desirable weather, residents have recently been blessed with long summer days filled with sunshine.

  • Museum celebrates 100th Anniversary of Grafenwoehr Training Area

    Jul 6, 2010

    "Grafenwoehr and the training area only make up 17 percent of the town's history, but for the generation that lives here, it amounts to 100 percent," said Olaf Meiler, historian and curator of the Grafenwoehr Cultural and Military Museum as he spoke to more than 75 attendees at the opening of the 100th Anniversary of the Grafenwoehr Training Area exhibit at the museum, June 27.

  • IMCOM-Europe conducts Youth Leadership Forum

    Jul 6, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - The Installation Management Command-Europe Youth Leadership Forum was conducted in Karlsruhe, Germany, June 21-25.

  • McQuade Softball Tournament wraps up in Kosovo

    Jul 2, 2010

    After 39 games and 14 days of sun and rain, a champion was crowned June 27 in the Kosovo division of the McQuade Softball Tournament. "The Unit," a team composed of players primarily from Multinational Battle Group East's Bravo Company, a North Dakota Army National Guard unit based in Valley City, N.D., won the tournament. "Sons of Pitches," with players from MNBG E's Liaison Monitoring Team (LMT) of Bismarck, N.D., took second. "Team NATO," with a mixed team of players from MNBG E's headquarters, took third.

  • KFOR Soldiers demonstrate quick reaction skills

    Jul 2, 2010

    Multinational Battle Group East (MNBG E) Soldiers tested their capacity to react quickly during exercises near the border with the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia and outside Viti/Vitina on June 22. Soldiers from MNBG E's Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon, recently took over Quick Reaction Force (QRF) duties from MNBG E's Turkish Soldiers. The exercises were designed to validate their ability to respond to emergencies across MNBG E area of operations, said Maj. Shayne Simon, the exercise planner for MNBG E.

  • Ancient military ceremony marks 100 years of the Grafenwoehr Training Area

    Jul 2, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany - The German Army honored the 100th birthday of the Grafenwoehr Training Area with a Grand Tatoo ceremony on the Grafenwoehr parade field, June 30.

  • IMCOM-E revamps Safety Webpage to 'Fight the Risk' this summer

    Jul 2, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany - Entering the busiest safety seasons of the year, Installation Management Command-Europe safety officials have expanded the content of online safety resources to ensure Soldiers, Families and civilian employees have information they need to plan for a safe summer.

  • Finance officer takes helm of USAG Benelux

    Jul 1, 2010

    CHIEVRES, Belgium - A career finance officer took the reins of U.S. Army Garrison Benelux Wednesday on ChiAfA..vres Air Base amid nearly 500 guests, including U.S and international military partners, local dignitaries and garrison employees.

  • Environmental team manages successful combination of military training and conservation

    Jul 1, 2010

    HOHENFELS, Germany -- Tank trails and roads cut across the 40,000 acres of the Hohenfels training area, dusty brown ribbons that vehicles use to carry Soldiers, munitions and equipment through a simulated war zone for multinational military training.

  • Contest inspires youths to step out of comfort zone

    Jul 1, 2010

    STUTTGART, Germany -- Move over, Simon Cowell, and make room for the next big thing: U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart's Teen Idol.

  • Retreat ceremony honors 100 years of the Grafenwoehr Training Area

    Jul 1, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany - The Joint Multinational Training Command (JMTC) hosted a retreat ceremony and traditional German Army Tattoo, June 30, at the Grafenwoehr parade field on main post, marking the end of the Grafenwoehr Training Area's 100-year commemoration events.

  • iWatch anti-terror, anti-crime program kicks off in Heidelberg

    Jul 1, 2010

    HEIDELBERG, Germany -- When most of us hear the words neighborhood watch, the first images that may come to mind could be that of a nosy neighbor peeking through tangled window blinds with an extra large pair of binoculars strapped to his face, or a crew of residents staked out on their front porch with flashlights, road guard vests and whistles.

  • Grafenwoehr gets back to nature with new environmental trail

    Jun 29, 2010

    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany - As Grafenwoehr begins a new era, post 100-year birthday, plans take shape for a new recreation center. The new Grafenwoehr nature trail at Dickhaeuter Lake officially opened, June 28, during a morning ribbon-cutting ceremony. Col. Chris Sorenson addressed a crowd of about 25 onlookers from the local German and American communities.

  • Exceptional Family Member Program: Fulfilling the promise to all Family members

    Jun 28, 2010

    ARLINGTON, Va. - Army Families deal with unique challenges associated with military life, especially when it comes to relocation.

  • Space-A makes travel affordable, but flexibility determines success

    Jun 28, 2010

    If your need for fast food and a Walmart shopping spree means it's time for a trip home, but the price of airfares makes it impossible, don't despair! There is another option: Space-A.

  • Eagle Scouts leave their marks on Germany

    Jun 25, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - Three U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Eagle Scouts have already left their marks on Germany. A,A

  • Running for fitness, fun: Garrison athletes join more than 72,000 in Frankfurt

    Jun 25, 2010

    WIESBADEN, Germany - Twenty-four athletes from the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden were among 72,741 runners in this year's J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt June 9.