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  • Operation Magnon al-Wombet: 1-5 Cav secures the outskirts of northern Baghdad

    Apr 20, 2009

    BAGHDAD - In a neighborhood in northern Adhamiyah here, a 3-foot wide pipe juts out of murky water connecting two steep banks. The north side of the canal has lush, green fields of varying crops. On the south side, there are disheveled residences with children peeking out from behind doorways. From the fields to their homes, children work with their parents transporting crops on their backs across the pipe that intersects the canal. But crops aren't the only things that can be transported across these slippery pipes.

  • 277th Engineers tutor Iraqi Army in heavy equipment project

    Apr 20, 2009

    BAGHDAD - While clearing rubble at the northern end of the Baghdad International Airport runway, Soldiers of the 277th Engineer Company level the ground to expand the safety distance zone. In addition to the project itself, Soldiers also impart skills and knowledge as heavy equipment operators to their 6th Iraqi Army engineer counterparts.

  • Army welders use skills to counter IEDs in Iraq

    Apr 20, 2009

    BAGHDAD - On a dark night, two terrorists discovered tunnels underneath a heavily traveled road in western Baghdad and used an improvised explosive device to blow a huge hole in the street to disrupt traffic.

  • 'Iron' Brigade and IA Commando Battalion secures Owesat in Operation Al-Sakar

    Apr 20, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers and Iraqi Soldiers of the Commando Battalion, 17th Iraqi Army Brigade, conducted Operation Al-Sakar, a combined counter insurgency operation in support of the Security Agreement, in the Owesat area southwest of Baghdad April 12.

  • Iraqi Army trains to detect deadly improvised explosive devices

    Apr 20, 2009

    Soldiers with the 225 Engineer Brigade, Multi-National Division - Baghdad help train Iraqi Army Engineer Regiment Soldiers.

  • I Corps deputy commander tasked with overseeing drawdown in Iraq

    Apr 17, 2009

    Having been on the job in Iraq for a little more than a week, the I Corps deputy commanding general for sustainment faces a daunting task as she looks to the August 2010 date set by the president for the drawdown of forces in Iraq.

  • 154th Transportation Company repositioned to Afghanistan

    Apr 16, 2009

    CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - A transportation company here was moved from Iraq to Afghanistan on April 14, marking the second time in three weeks a 3rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) unit has moved directly from one combat theater to another.

  • Iraqi Army, U.S. Soldiers work to end smuggling

    Apr 15, 2009

    Iraqi and American forces are working together to make Iraq a safer place.

  • Day of the Sniper: 'Million dollar' shot clears road in Iraq

    Apr 15, 2009

    The four man sniper team hardly dared to breathe. For two days and nights they had waited for the right situation, and it was finally here. To Sgt. 1st Class Brandon McGuire it seemed that all his prior experience had prepared him for this moment.

  • Ceremony recognizes military working dog's contributions, achievements

    Apr 15, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Military working dog teams from throughout Victory Base Complex came out April 13 for a ceremony at the division chapel to honor one of their own.

  • U.S., French, Afghan forces team up to bring aid to Afghan villages

    Apr 15, 2009

    KAPISA PROVINCE, Afghanistan - U.S. forces participated with French and Afghan forces recently in three days of humanitarian missions to bring medical treatment and necessary supplies to residents of isolated villages here.

  • Medal of Honor recipients visit Soldiers in Iraq

    Apr 15, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Presented by the President of the United States, the Medal of Honor is the highest and most distinguished award given to U.S. servicemembers for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty."

  • Man's best friend wags tail to security in Mosul

    Apr 14, 2009

    Soldiers from the 351st Military Police Company hosted a military working dog demonstration for their Iraqi counterparts recently to prepare the Iraqi troops to potentially handle military working dogs in the future.

  • Kandahar Airfield personnel unite for sunrise service

    Apr 13, 2009

    Soldiers of the 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command participated in an Easter sunrise service at Kanahar Airfield, Afghanistan, April 12.

  • Soldiers bring laughter, education to local Iraqi schools

    Apr 12, 2009

    Soldiers from the 287th Sustainment Brigade Civil Military Operations team visited Al Soonobar School in Dhi Qar Province recently, as part of an ongoing effort to read to school children, foster good will and hand out school supplies.

  • Obama praises troops during surprise visit to Iraq

    Apr 8, 2009

    In a surprise visit to Iraq today, President Barack Obama declared to troops in Baghdad that now is the time for Iraqis "to take responsibility for their country."

  • Unsung heroes keep Soldiers moving in Iraq

    Apr 8, 2009

    There's an Army standard, then there's the Highlander standard. For the mechanics of the 1st Battalion, 161st Infantry Regiment, an Army National Guard unit from Spokane, Wash., keeping vehicles on roads for their perspective companies is their only purpose and they fulfill it with near perfection

  • Fort Lewis-based Soldiers take reigns of Multinational Corps Iraq

    Apr 7, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Lt. Gen. Charles H. Jacoby Jr. took the reins from Lt. Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III as the Multinational Corps Iraq commanding general in a transfer of authority ceremony April 4 at Camp Victory's Al Faw Palace.

  • Combat outpost serves as front line in Afghanistan fight

    Apr 1, 2009

    Next to a small village in Afghanistan's fertile Jalrez Valley, a platoon of U.S. soldiers busy themselves fortifying a fighting position, stringing concertina wire, aiming mortars, and filling lots and lots of sand bags.

  • Military police start first district-level SWAT team in Afghanistan

    Apr 1, 2009

    BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - Being one of the only three military police officers tasked with mentoring Afghan national police in an area larger than the state of Delaware means being creative. For the three Grafenwoehr, Germany, based Soldiers from the 527th MP Company, the idea of establishing the first SWAT-like team made up of Afghan police in Regional Command-East, was too appealing to pass up.

  • Paratroopers, Iraqi army soldiers protect main city highway

    Mar 31, 2009

    BAGHDAD- Traffic is common in a city of seven million people. With the lingering threat of roadside bombs at any turn, Paratroopers work daily with their Iraqi counterparts to ensure the people of Baghdad are safe on the highway.

  • Trainers 'critical' to Obama's new Afghan-Pakistan plan, Mullen says

    Mar 30, 2009

    WASHINGTON - The pending deployment of thousands of U.S. military trainers to Afghanistan to instruct Afghan soldiers and police is a key component of President Barack Obama's new Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy, the U.S. military's top uniformed officer said here today.

  • Army repositions Soldiers from Iraq to Afghanistan

    Mar 29, 2009

    JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - The 100th Brigade Support Battalion here was repositioned to southern Afghanistan on March 28, where they will provide sustainment and distribution support to Coalition forces.

  • U.S. training efforts build self-sufficiency in Iraq

    Mar 17, 2009

    U.S. forces in Iraq are equipping Iraqis with the skills they need to assume a greater role in their nation's security. An integral part of that process is training, and U.S. forces are arming themselves with knowledge so they, in turn, can help outfit Iraqis with the tools required to move toward self-sufficiency.

  • Iron Shield mission forges Army, Navy bond

    Mar 16, 2009

    VICTORY BASE COMPLEX, Iraq - It's late at night, and while some coalition forces and civilian personnel continue to work, most of the Victory Base Complex (VBC) population is relaxing in their housing units getting ready for the next day's activities.

  • Replacement uniform program sustains deployed Soldiers

    Mar 14, 2009

    BAGHDAD- In a combat zone, Soldier's uniforms are subject to more than the normal wear and tear. Due to the nature of Soldier's missions, uniforms may become torn, the soles of boots worn down and protective eyewear can break. To help Soldiers replace unserviceable uniforms, the Army has implemented a web-based program within the last four years specifically for Soldiers deployed to combat zones.

  • Soldiers' efforts see success in former insurgent stronghold

    Mar 14, 2009

    MOSUL, Iraq - Mosul has often been referred to as the last haven of insurgent activity in Iraq, but lately the city has had fewer doors bashed in and more tender loving care.

  • Medicine rewired at detainee combat hospital

    Mar 12, 2009

    Checkpoints, concertina wire and guard towers canvas the horizon at the largest internment facility in Iraq, but some spirits have been lifted by three miles of newly entrenched fiber-optic cable.

  • Special Ops medical troops help sick Afghan baby

    Mar 11, 2009

    Afghan baby boy Ramazan was hanging on by a thread when he was brought by his father to a Special Operations Forces clinic in the Shindand district, Herat province.

  • Reconciliation with Taliban worth trying, Biden says

    Mar 11, 2009

    WASHINGTON - Though reconciliation with the Taliban is worth exploring, decisions in that regard should be left to Afghanistan's people and government, Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Teaching the art of war

    Mar 10, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Not long after the announcement that American forces would end their combat mission in Iraq in August of 2010, Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers returned to training the troops who will remain on the streets of Baghdad long after the departure of Coalition Soldiers.

  • Largest school in Mahmudiyah re-opens

    Mar 10, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers from 1st Combined Arms Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment, joined their Iraqi Army partners from the 2nd Battalion, 25th Brigade, 17th Iraqi Army Division, for the re-opening ceremony of the Althaira school in the village of Althaira, Mahmudiyah Qada, March 8.

  • Army Reserve Iraq role to continue despite Afghanistan mission, General says

    Mar 10, 2009

    WASHINGTON - As the Army Reserve prepares to deploy more troops to Afghanistan, its top officer said he anticipates no decrease, at least in the near term, in the need for Army reservists in Iraq.

  • Clearing the Tangi: Task Force in Afghanistan takes troubled valley

    Mar 10, 2009

    Flexing for the first time the massive military muscle now deployed to this area, coalition forces cleared one of its most troubled insurgent hotspots, sending a forceful message to insurgent fighters here that the coalition will go wherever, whenever it wants.

  • Army's top medic visits 'Lifeline' crew in Iraq

    Mar 9, 2009

    With top leaders in the U.S. Army naming 2009 as the "Year of the Noncommissioned Officer," the Army's senior medic flew from Fort Sam Houston, Texas, to Camp Liberty to meet with Multi-National Division-Baghdad's Army Medical Corps enlisted leaders and Soldiers.

  • Prepare for troop reduction: Iraqis discuss training, equipment

    Mar 8, 2009

    BAGHDAD - As security stabilizes, the Iraqi Army engineers are asking questions that only a year ago seemed far from anyone's thoughts.

  • Iraqis invest in future at Balad economic seminar

    Mar 7, 2009

    Coalition forces and members of the Balad Provincial Reconstruction Team hosted the first Iraqi banking and finance conference here for Iraqi business investors, future entrepreneurs and local government leaders Tuesday.

  • Valley view

    Feb 27, 2009

    1st Lt. Jared Tomberlin (left) from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, gets a first hand view of his new area of responsibility from his predecessor, 1st Lt. Larry Baca from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, on top of a ridge near Forward Operation Base Lane in the Zabul Province of Afghanistan on Feb. 21, 2009.

  • Sons of Iraq Transfer Held in Kirkuk

    Feb 27, 2009

    A ceremony held to officially sign over the authority over the Sons of Iraq in Kirkuk province, a responsibility previously held by the U.S. forces, from the U.S. military to the government of Iraq at the Iraqi Army 12th Infantry Division Headquarters, Jan. 25. Key speakers at the ceremony included Maj. Gen. Abdul Ameer, commander, IA 12th Inf. Div., and Maj. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., commanding general, Multi-National Division - North. The Sons of Iraq have proven themselves to be an incredible asset in the fight against insurgency, according to Caslen. The Sons of Iraq have assisted Iraqi Security and Coalition Forces while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and providing a lasting peace to their country.

  • Bonding in Baghdad: Two Soldiers share promotion, experiences

    Feb 26, 2009

    CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - Roxanne Johnson and Tamara Smith put off military careers earlier in their lives to start families. Both married former Soldiers, raised children and longed for a chance to serve. Now, it's their turn.

  • Baghdad for Mardi Gras' No problem of life

    Feb 25, 2009

    BAGHDAD - For deployed Soldiers of the Louisiana's 225th Engineer Brigade, you can take the Soldier out of the state, but you can't take Mardi Gras out of the Soldier.

  • U.S. turns over joint security station in Baghdad to Iraqi Army

    Feb 25, 2009

    BAGHDAD -Soldiers serving with the 4th Battalion, 42nd Field Artillery Regiment, attached to the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, gave the reins of Joint Security Station Sheikh Marouf to Iraqi Army soldiers with the 1st Battalion, 22nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division in a transfer ceremony Feb. 23.

  • Combat mechanic recovery classes open at Liberty

    Feb 25, 2009

    CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - Combat mechanics and support troops from the 890th Engineer Battalion, 225th Engineer Brigade, took the opportunity Feb. 5 to take part in a new vehicle recovery course given at the 890th Eng. Bn. motor pool here.

  • Night at the Apollo, Soldier-style

    Feb 24, 2009

    BAGHDAD - As Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers celebrate Black History Month, "Dagger" brigade troops planned and participated in a "Night at the Apollo," on Camp Liberty Feb. 20.

  • Wheelchairs for Adwaniyah children

    Feb 24, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Soldiers from Multi-National Division-Baghdad and their Iraqi Army partners provided a life changing experience to Iraqi children with the delivery of over a dozen new wheelchairs in Adwaniyah Feb. 18.

  • Gates to take comprehensive approach to end 'Stop-Loss'

    Feb 24, 2009

    WASHINGTON - Ending the military's so-called "stop-loss" program is a priority for Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, a senior official said here Monday.

  • 90-day program gives former military doctors chance to serve again

    Feb 24, 2009

    Col. Lionel M. Nelson is a man of many hats. A former Air Force Reservist, and a retired Army Reservist, Nelson came out of a five-year retirement and shut down his private practice in San Jose, Calif., to participate in the "90 Days Boots on the Ground" program, a program that gives former military doctors the opportunity to deploy to Iraq for 90 days.

  • 10,000th MRAP fielded in Iraq

    Feb 22, 2009

    A team of Soldiers, civilians and contractors gathered Feb. 20 at the Victory Base Complex to celebrate fielding the 10,000th Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle.

  • Strykers gear up for new mission in Afghanistan

    Feb 20, 2009

    WASHINGTON - The Army's Stryker armored vehicle will get its first crack at the resurgent Taliban and terrorist strongholds in Afghanistan this summer when the 2nd Infantry Division's, 5th Stryker Brigade Combat Team hits the ground there.

  • Sustainers establish partnership with Kirkush military

    Feb 12, 2009

    Col. Mohammed Saleh Mahdy, Kirkush Regional Maintenance Company commander met at Kirkush Military Training Base with Lt. Col. Norman B. Green, the 304th Sustainment Brigade commander out of Riverside, Calif., and Lt. Col. Brent D. Bush, 100th Brigade Support Battalion commander out of Houston, Texas, to discuss the proposed authorized stockage list for the M1114 humvee Jan. 27.

  • Iraqi Railroad rolls back into Taji

    Feb 12, 2009

    Iraqi national distribution capability took a big step forward Tuesday as the Iraqi Railroad successfully picked up cargo from Iraqi Transportation Network trucks at Camp Taji and moved it to the Port of Umm Qasr.

  • MP units change places

    Feb 11, 2009

  • Dagger commander meets tribal, religious leaders

    Feb 11, 2009

  • Mississippi engineers clean up Baghdad's streets

    Feb 11, 2009

    BAGHDAD - For the 890th Engineer Battalion, 225th Eng. Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad, supporting the counterinsurgency efforts with route clearance is not the only skill that they brought with them to Iraq.

  • Off and running: Louisiana engineers meet 6th Iraqi Army Engineer

    Feb 11, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Col. Owen Monconduit, commander of the 225th Engineer Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad met with the commander of the 6th Iraqi Army engineers, Col. Ahmed-Alswedy for the first time in the Karkh district of central Baghdad only Jan. 9.

  • Power outage turns on awards

    Feb 11, 2009

    CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - Spc. Shane Simmons (left) and Spc. Jason Clark (right), both from Headquarter Company, 890th Engineer Battalion, 225th Engineer Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad, proudly display the Army Achievement Medals they received for demonstrating great leadership qualities beyond the scope of duty.

  • 45th Sustainment Brigade assumes Joint Logistics Command mission in Afghanistan

    Feb 10, 2009

    The 45th Sustainment Brigade assumed responsibility of the Joint Logistics Command from 101st Sustainment Brigade, during a transfer-of-authority ceremony at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, Feb. 7.

  • Iraqi Security Forces key to a peaceful historical election day

    Feb 10, 2009

    MOSUL, Iraq- I remember the first time I heard the call to prayer in the morning. I was living in Jerusalem, and just as if a symphony director had raised his baton and signaled the downbeat to his musicians, voices rang out of the various Mosques inside the "Old City" calling its citizens to pray. Though we are in the North of Iraq, the experience never changes. Ominous voices echo across an ancient landscape signaling the beginning of a new day.

  • Swing away with new "Dagger" driving range'

    Feb 10, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers serving with the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, can now work on their golf swing and tee-off the strains and stresses of deployment.

  • Iraqi police release 24 detainees

    Feb 10, 2009

  • IP, Wolfhounds air assault into Hussaniyah

    Feb 10, 2009

  • "Dagger" mechanic makes mid-tour switch

    Feb 10, 2009

    BAGHDAD - Since the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad, assumed control of their operational area in November 2008, Soldiers of the "Dagger" brigade have performed a multitude of missions to secure the citizens of Baghdad and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

  • Potential closure of Manas Air Base won't disrupt Afghanistan ops

    Feb 5, 2009

    WASHINGTON - The United States hopes to continue operations at Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan, but would use other means to support troops in Afghanistan if the Kyrgyz government goes through with plans to close it, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said today.

  • Officials congratulate Iraqis for successful provincial elections

    Feb 3, 2009

    WASHINGTON Aca,!" Senior military officials congratulated the Iraqi people for holding provincial elections Jan. 31, praising the Iraqi and U.S. forces that helped make the elections safe.

  • New bridge brings hope, safety to Afghanistan's Panjshir valley

    Feb 3, 2009

    WASHINGTON Aca,!" More than 100 Afghans and Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team members attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new $180,000 Bakshi Khiel Bridge in the Rokha district of AfghanistanAca,!a,,cs Panjshir province Jan. 26.

  • Iraqis vote while Soldiers show support

    Feb 2, 2009

    U.S. Soldiers assisted the Iraqi forces with security, while Iraqis in Baghdad exercised their democratic right to vote Jan 31.

  • AAFES honors its civilians for support of servicemembers in Global War on Terror

    Feb 2, 2009

    WIESBADEN, GERMANY Aca,!" Aca,!A"It was an experience you donAca,!a,,ct forget,Aca,!A? said Ernest Ingram about volunteering to deploy to Iraq to open a Post Exchange there for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

  • Iraqi legal system continues to strengthen

    Jan 31, 2009

    CAMP VICTORY, Iraq Aca,!" In an embattled country, long scorched and scared by war, hope rises. A better, brighter tomorrow slowly unfolds with hope for her children, and their children, shining on. One part of a new strength and foundation for IraqAca,!a,,cs future is the authority, recognition and enforcement of hew laws. As the Iraqi Security Forces continue to improve their ability to protect IraqAca,!a,,cs people, the importance of a strong judicial branch that can help bring criminals to justice radiates.

  • Purple Hearts awarded to Soldiers injured in Afghanistan

    Jan 30, 2009

    Two Soldiers injured in Afghanistan in the Global War on Terrorism, received Purple Hearts during a ceremony Jan. 30 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC).

  • Village culvert connects Sunni Arabs, Turkomen

    Jan 29, 2009

  • Iraqi Transportation Network welcomes new partnership

    Jan 29, 2009

    The 699th Maintenance Company, 100th Brigade Support Battalion, assumed responsibility to provide command and control and escort element of the Iraqi Transportation Network on Joint Base Balad, Iraq on Jan. 6, 2009.

  • Space shuttle Endeavour's STS-126 crew lands in Middle East to show troop support

    Jan 28, 2009

    Returning to Earth from their November 2008 mission, the crew from the Space Shuttle EndeavourAca,!a,,cs STS-126 mission will pay a special visit to the troops in Germany and the Middle East Jan. 26-Feb. 5. Crew members visiting the troops include Commander Chris Ferguson (Capt., USN), Pilot Eric Boe (Col., USAF) and Mission Specialists Donald Pettit, Steve Bowen (Capt., USN), Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper (Capt., USN) and Shane Kimbrough (Lt. Col., USA).

  • Iraqi Army partners with Sustainers for ammunition operations

    Jan 28, 2009

    Iraqi Army leaders met with Sustainers from the 3rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) at the Bayji National Ammunition Depot, Iraq on Jan. 26.

  • 10th Mountain Division leads new Afghanistan deployments

    Jan 28, 2009

    BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - As part of the shift in the U.S. focus in the war on terror, Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division's, 3rd Brigade Combat Team are taking up positions in eastern Afghanistan that until now have had little coalition presence.

  • Iraqis, Sustainers, PRT, Cavalry Troopers join forces to build economic momentum near Balad

    Jan 28, 2009

    Iraqi business owners hosted Coalition forces and members of the Balad Provincial Reconstruction Team Saturday to discuss expansion of local businesses using Iraqi trucking initiatives in a combined effort to boost the local economy here.

  • Stryker Brigade, Military Police Soldiers return from Iraq

    Jan 28, 2009

    More than 180 Soldiers from two Hawaii-based units, the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT), 25th Infantry Division, and the 728th Military Police Battalion, returned from 15-month deployments to Iraq early Tuesday morning to a joyous reception at the Wheeler Army Airfield Multiple Deployment Facility, Hawaii.

  • Senior enlisted mechanic teaches new troops tools for success

    Jan 27, 2009

    CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq Aca,!" Maintaining tactical vehicles and ensuring they are (combat ready) can be considered a challenging task, but for Soldiers assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division who work in the Aca,!EoeThunder HorseAca,!a,,c motor pool on base here itAca,!a,,cs a routine operation.

  • Operation Goodwill aids Iraqis in Maysan

    Jan 27, 2009

    FORWARD OPERATING BASE GARRY OWEN, Iraq Aca,!" Iraqi Police from the Al Hussein Station assisted by Soldiers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, joined forces during Operation Goodwill to send a positive message to the citizens in Amarah Jan. 23.

  • A different perspective: Deployment through an artist's eyes

    Jan 27, 2009

    CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait -- When a Soldier deploys for the first time, it can be an overwhelming experience which will draw on all the life lessons, personal accountability and integrity they have gained over the course of their life.

  • Brothers in life, brothers in arms

    Jan 27, 2009

    CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait Aca,!" ItAca,!a,,cs not uncommon to meet two brothers who both serve in the Army, but itAca,!a,,cs a little more unusual to meet a pair who serves in the same division.

  • Mannequins help Soldiers learn to save lives

    Jan 27, 2009

    CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait -- The firefight echoed through the tent.

  • U.S., British troops hone joint skills for Afghanistan

    Jan 26, 2009

    The U.S. ArmyAca,!a,,cs 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division's mission rehearsal exercise at Fort Polk, La., includes preparation for British air support.

  • Agriculture teams call for equal parts citizen, Soldier

    Jan 23, 2009

    Troops on the ground in Afghanistan are reaching back 372 years to the roots of the National Guard to help the Afghan people to improve agriculture.

  • Obama directs military to plan 'responsible' Iraq drawdown

    Jan 23, 2009

    WASHINGTON Aca,!" President Barack Obama directed key defense and military officials he met with Jan. 21 to come up with plans for Aca,!A"a responsible military drawdown in Iraq.Aca,!A?

  • Troops should discard peanut butter items

    Jan 23, 2009

    In light of the growing salmonella outbreak linked to products containing peanut butter, servicemembers are being urged to use caution should they receive these types of snacks.

  • Biden, Graham meet local Kirkuk Province political officials

    Jan 14, 2009

    Democratic Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, U.S vice president-elect, met and spoke with local Kirkuk Provincial officials in his role as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a visit to Kirkuk, Iraq, Jan. 13. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined him along with military commanders from Multi-National Corps-Iraq. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Karla P. Elliott, 11th Public Affairs Detachment.)

  • First Team troops head back to Iraq as deployment flights continue

    Jan 13, 2009

    FORT HOOD, Texas Aca,!" As more main body flights departed Fort Hood this past week, the 1st Cavalry Division continued moving closer to its goal of having all of its brigadesAca,!a,,c boots on the ground in Iraq.

  • Scope of logistics mission extends from NEPA mountains to warzone

    Jan 13, 2009

    TobyhannaAca,!a,,cs ability to make on-site repairs to communications-electronics equipment extends the scope of its maintenance and logistics mission from the mountains of Pennsylvania to the deserts of Southwest Asia.

  • Firefinder processor tests successful - Verification exercise preps radar for rollout of new equipme

    Jan 13, 2009

    Verification exercise preps radar for rollout of new equipment. Testing conducted here last month may soon give warfighters even more reliable Firefinder radar systems.

  • Shulla shop

    Jan 13, 2009

    1st Lt. Matthew Valkovic, front, along with an interpreter, meet with a local shop owner in the Shulla neighborhood of northwest Baghdad, Jan. 8, 2009. Valkovic is assigned to the 1st Infantry Division's 1st Combined Arms Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

  • New combat outpost sees quick progress in southern Afghanistan

    Jan 13, 2009

    Soldiers are seeing positive results from their increased presence at the newly built Combat Outpost Terminator in the Maywand district of AfghanistanAca,!a,,cs Kandahar province.

  • Vice President elect visits U.S., Afghan leaders in Afghanistan

    Jan 12, 2009

    Vice President-elect Joe Biden arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday to meet with Afghan and U.S. military leaders and thank deployed U.S. troops serving there for their service.

  • "Sustainers" honor fallen New York heroes in transfer

    Jan 9, 2009

    Guests of the outgoing 962nd Ordnance Company and incoming 24th Ordnance DetachmentAca,!a,,cs Transfer of Authority (TOA) Ceremony witnessed special transfer of authority on Jan. 6. The 962nd Ord. Co. transferred two flags, the U.S. Flag and the New York Fire Department flag flown at the World Trade CenterAca,!a,,cs Aca,!A"Ground Zero,Aca,!A? to the 157th Combat Service Support Battalion, the 24th Ord. Det.Aca,!a,,cs parent unit.

  • Aviation units transfer authority in northeastern Afghanistan

    Jan 9, 2009

    Task Force Outfront relinquished command to Task Force Palehorse during a transfer-of-authority ceremony, at Forward Operating Base Fenty, Afghanistan, Jan. 06.

  • Afghan Security Guards receive specialized training

    Jan 9, 2009

    Members of the Afghan Security Guard recently underwent specialized training from U.S. Army Soldiers at Forward Operating Base Fenty in northeastern Afghanistan.

  • Afghan security training

    Jan 8, 2009

    BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan Aca,!" Sgt. Aaron Duncan, Alpha Company, 201st Brigade Support Battalion, explains a traffic control point to the Afghan Security Guards.

  • 'Caveman' teaches robotics to troops in Iraq

    Jan 7, 2009

    Soldiers in Iraq are now better trained to use the ArmyAca,!a,,cs latest robotic systems thanks to the work of Redstone ArsenalAca,!a,,cs Aca,!A"Caveman.Aca,!A? Although his moniker dates to prehistoric times, Norm Root is very much up to date with the high-tech use of robots like the Marcbot IV-N and Packbot 510 with Fastac Kit in explosive hazard identification, surveillance and reconnaissance, and route clearance. He recently returned from a two-month training mission in Iraq where he taught Soldiers and Marines the techniques and tricks of using the robots for bomb identification and other life threatening situations in theater. Aca,!A"They asked me at first to train Soldiers and Marines on the new equipment, the Marcbot IV-N. But those are just now getting in the field and it turned out training was really needed with the Fastac. So they asked me if I would train them on how to use the Fastac, which is in very big demand,Aca,!A? said Root, who is a Redstone contractor with Qualis Corp. working in support of PEO-Ground Combat Systems, Robotic Systems Joint Project Office.

  • Medics test hearing for Iraqi children

    Jan 7, 2009

    CONTINGENCYOPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq Aca,!" Approximately 15 Samawa schoolchildren received their first hearing exams at Contingency Operating Base Adder Dec 28.

  • Soldiers field-test MRAPs, X-Bots, Boomerangs in Iraq

    Jan 7, 2009

    Operation Iraqi Freedom is helping create a whole new way of fielding force protection products beginning with the mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle which has saved lives and greatly reduced combat injuries to Soldiers on patrol.

  • Sustainment Soldiers deploy to Iraq, Afghanistan

    Jan 7, 2009

    FORT HOOD, Texas Aca,!" About 450 Soldiers from the 15th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), started the New Year off in a new place Aca,!" the combat zone.