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  • Army invites public to review range modernization planning documents

    Dec 11, 2012

    The Army announces the availability of the Programmatic Environmental Assessment and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact for Modernizing and Operating Training Ranges on Previous or Existing Range Sites on Army Training Areas and invites the public to provide comments until Jan. 11, 2013.

  • Reports of Poo Pond's demise premature

    Dec 11, 2012

    In September, NATO Support Agency officials said Poo Pond - KAF's iconic black water retention pond for the majority of the past decade - would be drained throughout autumn and eventually be retired because it was no longer needed in conjunction with the opening of the state-of-the-art Deep South Waste Water Treatment Plant in the southwest corner of the airfield. However, because the commercial cooking grease and oil separator unit is not yet on line at the Deep South plant and can't process the commercial cooking grease and oil waste generated on KAF, Poo Pond's life has been extended.

  • Boy Scouts help with Drains to Streams Project

    Dec 10, 2012

    Many people never think about what goes down the drain down the street. Just water, right? Not necessarily. Anything that can be washed away with that water such as oil, fertilizers and other chemicals, litter and more can be a bad thing for local waterways. In an attempt to help make the Fort Polk community more aware about what flows down its storm water drains, Fort Polk Boy Scout Troop 124 partnered with Fort's Polk's Directorate of Public Works Environment and Natural Resources Management Division's storm water team for a community service project Dec. 1.

  • ADT4 teaches watershed management class

    Dec 10, 2012

    Watershed management was the topic of the day at the Directorate of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock compound in Qalat, Afghanistan, as Dr. Charles Ruffner, a forestry professor at Southern Illinois University, began teaching class, Nov. 19, 2012.

  • Water Program wins coveted award

    Dec 7, 2012

    You may remember Erin Brockovich -- a character that Julia Roberts played in a biographical film made in 2000 about a young, single mother who fought against a west coast energy corporation to make them pay for damages that resulted when the corporation released a dangerous carcinogen, chromium 6, into the water supply. The real-life heroine eventually won $330 million in a lawsuit and her box office hit informed millions of Americans about the real-life dangers of drinking or using contaminated water.

  • Sun harvested for warrior wattage

    Dec 6, 2012

    SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- It takes a lot of energy and fuel to wage war, as computers and other equipment need electricity. In the remote areas in which Soldiers often find themselves, the generators that produce that electricity need fuel. But the Army is finding that energy can be harvested in many different ways.

  • Watervliet's largest electrical upgrade in 30 years is now complete

    Dec 5, 2012

    When the Arsenal leadership agreed to invest $1.7 million for a new electrical substation that would feed power to one of the most critical manufacturing processes called the rotary forge, little did they know that the Arsenal may be venturing into uncharted waters.

  • Corps of Engineers demolishes house in Washington, D.C.

    Dec 5, 2012

    The Army Corps of Engineers has been actively investigating and cleaning up the Spring Valley FUDS for almost 20 years. This work includes the identification and removal of arsenic‚Äźcontaminated soil, a groundwater investigation, and the search for additional munitions, both in burial pits and isolated items on residential properties including 4825 Glenbrook Road. The Army Corps of Engineers demolished the house last week to begin the clean-up process of the site.

  • Gas guzzlers disappearing from Army's shrinking fleet

    Dec 5, 2012

    In the past few years, the number of Army non-tactical vehicles has been declining and the number of fuel-hungry vehicles has been declining as well.

  • Army scientists improve garbage-to-energy prototype device

    Dec 5, 2012

    The year was 2008 and the on-going war in Iraq was a dangerous landscape for Soldiers on the ground, especially convoys traveling to and from base camps.

  • 479th FA Soldiers restore historic Dulaney Cemetery

    Dec 4, 2012

    BELTON, Texas --Soldiers of the 479th Field Artillery Brigade's 3-395th Armored Battalion recently executed another chapter of their restoration efforts on the Dulaney Cemetery located on the A.C. Ray Ranch here.

  • Army under secretary optimistic about Army's future role

    Dec 4, 2012

    Building a strong partnership between the Army's conventional and special operations forces is one of the service's key areas of focus as it transitions from operations in Afghanistan and looks toward the future, said Army Under Secretary Dr. Joseph W. Westphal, during his visit to Fort Bragg, Dec. 4.

  • One Hike to Rule Them All: Buraksan Hiking Trail

    Dec 4, 2012

    The Buraksan Hiking preserve in Songtan offers the ability to get exercise while enjoying nature.

  • Little Rock district rangers' put disabled hunters on the deer

    Dec 3, 2012

    Hunting the elusive whitetail deer is a challenge that many Arkansans prepare for year round. Sneaking in and out of the woods without being seen, heard or smelled is very difficult, even for the seasoned hunter. Imagine how hard it would be to take down the "big one" if you had a physical disability and were unable to move about without the use of mechanized aid.

  • Army Cemetery Director tours APG sites

    Dec 3, 2012

    ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Executive Director of the Army National Cemeteries Program Kathryn Condon visited the APG North and APG South military cemeteries and one of the post's 14 private cemeteries during Nov. 16 a tour.

  • Regulator Works on Cultural Resource Solution

    Dec 3, 2012

    As part of evaluating projects under the Clean Water Act, regulatory employees are charged with enforcing permit conditions related to requirements stipulated in the National Historic Preservation Act and other applicable federal laws pertaining to the protection of natural and cultural resources. Such was the case when a District regulator responded to a permit application in 2005 from Ute Lake Ranch, Inc.

  • Top Vicenza construction firms tour Del Din

    Nov 30, 2012

    Work nearing end, Del Din opened Nov. 16 to more than 50 local construction firms coming to learn more about the newest and greenest U.S. Army military construction site in Europe.

  • Fort Bragg encourages community to be evergreen when choosing Christmas tree

    Nov 30, 2012

    The Fort Bragg Environmental Office offers the pros and cons of artificial vs. live Christmas trees. They provide tips and insight how to be environmentally responsible when choosing the right tree for the holidays.

  • Something for the Joes: Recycling initiative expected to save troops money, reduce dumping

    Nov 29, 2012

    It's said that one man's trash is another's treasure and some South Carolina Army National Guard Soldiers have put that old expression to work with a convenience center.

  • Solar panels deliver new energy to West Point's Net Zero initiative

    Nov 29, 2012

    The installation of solar panels on the roof of the Lichtenberg Tennis Center--780 panels, to be exact--in recent weeks represents West Point's continuing efforts to achieve energy sustainability. Since becoming a Net Zero Energy pilot installation last April, West Point has been making strides toward the ultimate goal of producing as much energy as it uses by 2020.

  • Native American heritage comes alive at annual festival

    Nov 29, 2012

    WEST POINT, N.Y. (Nov. 29, 2012) -- November was designated as Native American Indian Heritage Month in 1990 and the West Point Community celebrated with the fourth annual Native American Heritage Festival Nov. 16 at the West Point Club. The event was hosted by the Cadet Native American Forum and sponsored by the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic.

  • Community turns in household waste

    Nov 29, 2012

    FORT CARSON, Colo. -- Truckloads worth of old, no longer needed household, lawn care, auto­motive products and electronics were brought to the old commissary parking lot during Fort Carson's America Recycles Day household hazardous waste collection event Nov. 15.

  • Pentagon ceremony recognizes sovereignty of Indian nations

    Nov 29, 2012

    Army leaders and Native Americans gathered at the Pentagon, Nov. 28, to commemorate the importance of a recently signed Army policy directive that recognizes the sovereignty of American Indian tribes.

  • Recycling center points Polk toward Net Zero Waste 2020

    Nov 29, 2012

    "Reduce, reuse, recycle" has become a household phrase; yet being a steward of the environment sometimes takes a backseat when life gets busy. Fortunately for Fort Polk, this mantra holds fast under the guidance of the Qualified Recycling and Net Zero Waste programs, both run by the Environmental Compliance Division of the Directorate of Public Works.

  • Corps spruces up Josh Park Memorial Trail for users

    Nov 28, 2012

    The Army Corps of Engineers, Greers Ferry Project Office, is in the midst of a project aimed to enhance a popular trail and improve the health of a dense pine forest.

  • Corps using noise-making device to discourage vultures at Bull Shoals Dam

    Nov 28, 2012

    The Army Corps of Engineers Mountain Home Project Office is using a propane-powered, noise-making cannon to disperse the hundreds of vultures that have recently invaded the area around Bull Shoals Dam.

  • Building eco dome brings villagers, service members together

    Nov 27, 2012

    Roughly three years ago, a group of Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa military members arrived at the small village of Karabti San several hours north of Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, in the Tadjourah region to build an eco dome.

  • Fort McCoy mitigation work helps create new habitat for Karner blue butterflies

    Nov 26, 2012

    FORT McCOY, Wis. -- A range mitigation project at Fort McCoy means Soldiers can train on a new, upgraded range, while an endangered species of butterfly still has sufficient habitat. Tim Wilder, installation Endangered Species biologist, said the mitigation project to create an alternate habitat for the Karner blue butterfly became necessary with the building of a 1,000 meter known-distance firing range. Karner blue butterflies, which are about the size of a quarter, are a federally endangered species found at Fort McCoy.

  • 10th Mountain Division Soldiers wrap up Hurricane Sandy relief effort

    Nov 21, 2012

    FORT DRUM, N.Y. -- Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division (LI) are no strangers to deployment. So when they were called upon to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New York and New Jersey, there was no hesitation.

  • Fort Jackson recycles

    Nov 21, 2012

    On Nov. 15, Fort Jackson celebrated America Recycles Day with an art contest, recycling drive and educational displays. Soldiers, families and post employees were invited to bring 'e-waste' such as old computers, telephones and other electronic equipment to be disposed in bins at the Officer's Club, while vendors display crafts made from recycled materials.

  • Post participates in America Recycles Day

    Nov 21, 2012

    As electronic systems age and people upgrade, the importance of properly disposing of old electronics is stepping into the limelight of recycling, and Fort Rucker participated in a national campaign, America Recycles Day, Nov. 15 to reduce electronic waste.

  • DPW, Picerne offer winter home tips

    Nov 21, 2012

    With the ups and downs of the winter weather experienced in the southeast, it can sometimes be hard to know what to do to keep homes warm, but Picerne Military Housing and Directorate of Public Work officials offer tips on how to efficiently heat homes and keep them safe during the cold months.

  • Hawaii government, military leaders target joint sustainability issues

    Nov 21, 2012

    HONOLULU -- Col. Daniel Whitney, commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, along with other installation leaders from military bases around Oahu, put pen to paper and signed a Memorandum of Understanding pledging closer collaboration between the City and County of Honolulu, here, Nov. 15.

  • New trees planted on JBM-HH

    Nov 20, 2012

    A large group of people braced the wind Nov. 16 in order to bring new life to Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. About 60 volunteers were on base --from graduate horticulture students to master gardeners, members of Tree Stewards of Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax and Casey Trees Citizen Foresters, Park Construction Company, Advisory Board Company and Calvert Company, all from D.C. -- to help plant 21 trees near the Old Post Chapel and Tri-services parking lot. Additional trees were planted along the walkway between Brucker Hall and the grounds near Headquarters Bldg. 59.

  • USACE Galveston District prepares for oyster reef construction project in Matagorda, Texas

    Nov 20, 2012

    GALVESTON, Texas (Nov. 20, 2012) -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, partnered with The Nature Conservancy in Texas to undertake an ecosystem restoration project that will create up to 12 acres of sub-tidal reef and habitat located within the northernmost extent of the Half Moon Reef in Matagorda Bay, Texas.

  • Planting a seed for STEM

    Nov 19, 2012

    Corps hosts science, technology, engineering and mathematics event for local high school.

  • USAG Red Cloud, Shinheung University pledge mutual aid on local environmental matters

    Nov 18, 2012

    CAMP CASEY, South Korea -- The Army in Warrior Country formed a partnership with a local university this week so both can help protect Korea's natural environment.

  • Teaching youngsters energy awareness in Vicenza, Italy

    Nov 16, 2012

    In the Halloween spirit, Vicenza Elementary School third-graders engaged in Energy Awareness Month Oct. 23 through a special hunt for "energy vampires."

  • Prescribed burns maintain training lands

    Nov 16, 2012

    A prescribed fire is a planned fire used as a management tool by many area landowners. Each year, Fort Benning's Land Management Branch burns approximately 30,000 acres of Fort Benning training lands using prescribed fire methods.

  • Middle School Youngsters Learn geographic technology

    Nov 16, 2012

    U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville provides workshop

  • Building green: Corps of Engineers explores overseas LEED alternative

    Nov 15, 2012

    Think global, act local. The phrase, popularized in the 1970s on the back bumpers of hippies' Volkswagens and on the front of their T-shirts, has evolved through the years and taken on a wider meaning. Today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District is considering the adoption of local green building standards to meet the Army's worldwide environmental and energy performance goals.

  • Fort Rucker facility goes Net Zero energy

    Nov 15, 2012

    Waste not. It is a common adage that many people have heard throughout life, but Fort Rucker, Ala., is taking the saying to heart as it implements its first Net Zero energy facility, slated for completion by the end of December.

  • Army strengthens ties with Native American tribes

    Nov 15, 2012

    As Soldiers and all Americans celebrate Native American Heritage Month, the Army has consulted with leaders of federally recognized tribes to provide new policy for Army-tribal relations.

  • Soldiers using sunlight to improve combat capability

    Nov 14, 2012

    Soldiers are enlisting the sun's power in Afghanistan. Ten solar generators are now providing Special Forces Soldiers in distant outposts the energy they need to accomplish their mission. And, these generators are allowing them precious more time to train Afghan forces and win the friendship of local Afghans.

  • Grease Collection Drive -- recycling event scheduled for Black Friday

    Nov 14, 2012

    Fort Huachuca, AZ. - Fort Huachuca will hold the second annual Day After Thanksgiving Grease Recycling event on Nov. 23, located in the Main Exchange parking lot.

  • U.S. Army Environmental Command celebrates 40-year anniversary

    Nov 14, 2012

    The song "American Pie" by Don Mclean was on every radio, Mark Spitz won seven gold medals, and President Richard Nixon won reelection. The first scientific hand-held calculator was introduced (price $395, and Atari kicked off the video-game age with the release of PONG. It was 1972, and in November, the Army established the Program Manager for Demilitarization of Chemical Materiel.

  • Fort Lee archaeologist among 'Lincoln' extras

    Nov 14, 2012

    Bryce Stanley at the Regional Archaeological Curation Facility digs history -- literally. So, it's not surprising he was willing to take a few days off from his job last December to be an extra in Steven Spielberg's film, "Lincoln." The movie is slated to open Nov. 16, 2012, in this area

  • USAEC assists San Antonio Community Parks and Recreation effort at Brackenridge Park

    Nov 13, 2012

    Volunteers from U.S. Army Environmental Command (USAEC) recently celebrated the command's 40th year of service to Soldiers, Families and the Army as they combined forces with the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department to clear and remove invasive plants such as Chinaberry, Ragweed and other non-native species in San Antonio's Brackenridge Park.

  • USACE set to begin electricity improvement project in Helmand province

    Nov 12, 2012

    Afghanistan's electric company will be able to deliver more reliable electricity with fewer interruptions at the end of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction project set to begin this week in Helmand province.

  • Awareness, prevention key to stopping spread of RSV

    Nov 9, 2012

    HONOLULU -- Even with Hawaii's moderate temperatures, the fall and winter seasons usher in an increase in colds and respiratory infections, to include respiratory syncytial virus, a common infection that can cause more serious illness in some patients.

  • USACE Galveston District to hold public hearing for Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer Project

    Nov 9, 2012

    GALVESTON, Texas (Nov. 9, 2012) -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District has published a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a Department for the Army permit from the Coastal Water Authority's Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer project, for which an Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared. The Corps will hold a public scoping meeting Nov. 28, 2012, from 6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. in the Dayton Community Center at 801 S. Cleveland St., Dayton, Liberty County, Texas.

  • Get smart about antibiotics

    Nov 8, 2012

    Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide public health problem. Resistance occurs when bacteria can no longer be killed by a previously effective antibiotic and the bacteria continue to grow. According to the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics, if resistance to treatment continues to spread, our globally connected world may find itself back in the dark ages of medicine--before today's miracle drugs existed.

  • Fort Jackson to host recycling event

    Nov 8, 2012

    On Nov. 15, Fort Jackson will celebrate America Recycles Day with an art contest, recycling drive, education displays, music vendors and more.

  • Fort Drum Cultural Resources team brings historic cemeteries 'back to life'

    Nov 8, 2012

    FORT DRUM, N.Y. -- For more than a year, Michael R. Sprowles, a research fellow and intern with Fort Drum's Cultural Resources Program, and the organization's staff members have been cataloging, photographing and caring for the more than 2,000 cemetery markers on the installation.

  • Save-A-Watt program shows usage, teaches energy conservation

    Nov 7, 2012

    The free Save-A-Watt program on Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., is helping people on post zero-in on energy waste.

  • Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center adds fun factor, earthworms to elementary science lessons

    Nov 7, 2012

    BEL AIR, Md. -- As one of its major science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educational outreach initiatives, the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) continues to help implement the 'Engineering is Elementary' (EiE) curriculum in Harford County Public Schools' elementary school classrooms.

  • Town looks to Corps for help

    Nov 7, 2012

    The Army Corps of Engineers' Little Rock District and the city of Augusta, Ark., have teamed up to ensure the White River doesn't wash away a piece of the town's history, swallow up an access road, or damage the community's main sewer line.

  • Recycling partnership between Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista continues strong

    Nov 7, 2012

    Fort Huachuca, AZ. - Mountain Vista Communities has completed its first year of the Fort Huachuca Solid Waste partnership with the City of Sierra Vista Department of Public Works, on July 18.

  • Army engineers helping restore power to Hurricane Sandy victims

    Nov 7, 2012

    Soldiers of the 249th Engineer Battalion, from Fort Bragg, N.C., are assessing facilities damaged by Hurricane Sandy and are coordinating generators to temporarily restore power.

  • Table Rock master plan revisions require temporary halt to shoreline management requests

    Nov 7, 2012

    The Army Corps of Engineers' Table Rock Project Office will suspend shoreline activity requests beginning Dec. 1 to establish a baseline of the lake for officials to use while revising its 36-year-old master plan.

  • Do more with less: NIE 13.1 explores smart energy use

    Nov 7, 2012

    NIE 13.1 tests systems in austere tactical environments to gain knowledge of soldier usage of energy efficient equipment that increases self-sustaining ability of the war-fighter.

  • Marina del Rey channel dredging provides multiple benefits

    Nov 1, 2012

    A navigational dredging projecgt enhances maritime safety and provides material for beach restoration.

  • Technology captures 'fingerprints' of unexploded ordnance

    Nov 1, 2012

    The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, is capturing and cataloging what may best be described as the fingerprints of munitions items such as bombs, mortars, artillery projectiles and fuzes in an effort to improve how work is done at Formerly Used Defense Sites.

  • 'Operation Turtle Eviction' at Albuquerque District's Conchas Dam

    Nov 1, 2012

    The Corps' Conchas project will be busy with activity during the next few months, as maintenance work is performed on the stilling basin. It has been 40 years since the basin has been cleaned and inspected. However, before the de-watering takes place, rangers and maintenance personnel wanted to make a concerted effort to trap and relocate any amphibious residents living in the basin.

  • Army Releases Sustainability Report 2012

    Oct 31, 2012

    The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment released the Army Sustainability Report 2012, which describes the Army's sustainability efforts and progress during years 2010 and 2011.

  • Deer Crossing

    Oct 31, 2012

    Living in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the deer population is abundant, I've had more than my fair share of run-ins with our four-legged friends while riding my motorcycle. Despite my previous encounters, it took a more serious accident before I truly learned to expect the unexpected.

  • More than 7,400 National Guard members respond to Hurricane Sandy

    Oct 30, 2012

    More than 7,400 citizen-Soldiers and citizen-Airmen were mobilized in 11 states to respond to Hurricane Sandy by 4:30 a.m., Oct. 30, 2012, and more were on the way.

  • National Guard responds to Hurricane Sandy, monitors tsunami

    Oct 28, 2012

    As more governors declared states of emergency in advance of Hurricane Sandy, the National Guard stood ready to respond to the aftermath of the storm.

  • Fort McCoy Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan sets groundwork for training support

    Oct 25, 2012

    FORT McCOY, Wis. -- Completion and publication of the Fort McCoy Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) sets the environmental groundwork to support the installation's training mission from 2012 forward. Jim Kerkman, the installation forester and main author of the INRMP, said the plan, which recently was completed, helps ensure the installation can maximize its potential to conduct military training by being a wise environmental steward. At the same time, the efforts help support recreational activities at Fort McCoy for both the installation community and neighboring communities. The INRMP undergoes a major revision when events warrant. Kerkman said the reason for major revisions include significant changes to the installation's mission requirements, its natural resources or goals and objectives of the existing INRMP.

  • Crews removing 500 dead trees across post

    Oct 25, 2012

  • Melting Arctic ice will present new challenges

    Oct 25, 2012

    With ice melting in the Arctic Ocean, which is bordered by countries including Canada, Russia and the United States, more sea-faring traffic will appear there and more nations with economic interest in the region will arrive to exploit the resources there, said a panel of security experts during a forum, Oct. 24, 2012.

  • Conservation of resources protects wildlife, ability to train

    Oct 25, 2012

    JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. -- There are several species of animals including the Taylor's checkerspot butterfly, Mazama pocket gopher and the streaked horned lark that could soon be put on the endangered species list. What they all have in common is that they call Joint Base Lewis-McChord home. With proper resource management, habitat protection and restoration, being put on the list doesn't have to be the case. Through the efforts of several programs, JBLM manages its natural resources and protects training grounds for current and future use.

  • Coyotes share APG with humans

    Oct 24, 2012

    ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - If you've caught a glimpse of an animal that made you think, "that's the biggest fox I've ever seen!", you've probably noticed one of the newer members of APG's wildlife population, the eastern coyote.

  • It's that time of year, watch out for deer on APG

    Oct 24, 2012

    ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Aberdeen Proving Ground has a huge deer population for its area. Because of this we average approximately 28 automobile/deer collisions a year. Most people do not pay much attention to the deer crossing warning signs on the side of the road, but statistics say they should. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, auto deer collisions are responsible for around 150 deaths each year. Not only that, they also cause over $1 billion in property damage. With adult deer averaging 250 pounds, the potential for disaster to drivers should come as no surprise. In 2011, there were 14,690 deer-vehicle collisions in Maryland, with 379 in Harford County. And with more than 30 million deer currently in the United States - 280,000 in Maryland -- those numbers are sure to rise. Despite efforts to minimize accidents, an ever increasing deer population means drivers and animals will remain at risk for the foreseeable future. With so many new personnel on the installation and more to come it's time to talk about the deer population once again.

  • APG hunters fill the woods in 2012

    Oct 24, 2012

    ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - For many at APG the transition from the summer to fall season is marked by brisk morning air, tree leaves that mimic brilliant sunsets, and the afternoon chatter of children making their way home from school.

  • SMA: Soldiers must help with energy conservation

    Oct 24, 2012

    Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III said he believes the Army has drifted away from educating Soldiers about energy conservation.

  • Environmental science: Students focus on ways to save energy, resources

    Oct 23, 2012

    WIESBADEN, Germany - With the world's resources dwindling at an ever faster rate and energy costs consistently rising, future planners are realizing that long-term sustainability demands creative solutions. That means including all aspects of energy use, waste disposal and alternative energy construction considerations when first approaching projects. But encouraging everyone to play a role in long-term sustainability also means changing the way many people live their daily lives.

  • Licensed to dumpster dive: Recycling changes coming to Wiesbaden

    Oct 23, 2012

    Big recycling changes are coming to U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden in Germany, and if the preliminary results of a Dumpster diving expedition are any indication, garrison residents are well on their way to being ready.

  • UAHuntsville and community engage local girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

    Oct 23, 2012

    HUNTSVILLE, ALA. -- "HOOAH!" the girls exclaimed as Lt. Gen. Patricia McQuistion concluded her remarks kicking off the fourth annual Girls' Science & Engineering Day held at UAHuntsville Oct. 20.

  • Recycling separates the good from the bad

    Oct 22, 2012

    Sure, you recycle. But are you doing it correctly? Local experts provide answers for distinguishing between recyclables and restmuell.

  • Army launches smart Operational Energy use campaign, identifies 10 initiatives

    Oct 22, 2012

    The Army launched "The Power is In Your Hands" campaign Oct. 23, 2012, to encourage Soldiers to use energy smarter on the battlefield.

  • Army team destroys old chemical munitions

    Oct 22, 2012

    DOVER, Del. -- On the outskirts of a busy runway at Dover Air Force Base, a quiet, nondescript mobile operating center is nestled into an open field, not at all disturbed by the whirring engines overhead. The only indicator of life inside the fenced-in camp is a row of cars parked outside the gates and concrete barricades. Then there it is -- a flash of brightness.

  • Port's dredged materials management method keeps economy afloat

    Oct 19, 2012

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District and partnering agencies closed the Newark Bay Confined Disposal Facility after fifteen successful years of use. The CDF's success showed that they can be an affordable and environmentally safe method for the marine support industry to dispose of contaminated dredged materials.

  • 8th TSC preserves equipment with corrosion prevention

    Oct 19, 2012

    FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii-- Hawaii is considered a level-four corrosive zone, which is the worst on Earth. For this reason, corrosion prevention training is a high priority for the Army and its units here in Oahu.

  • S.C. history is hiding in Fort Jackson's shadier areas

    Oct 18, 2012

    Bits of broken glass and ceramics lay among the leaves and underbrush. This is a part of Fort Jackson few ever see, thickly wooded and secluded from the many training areas scattered about the post.

  • Program helps increase population of endangered birds

    Oct 18, 2012

    Autumn means many things to many people -- football season, changing leaf color, the state fair and cooler temperatures. But to biologists in the Directorate of Public Works Wildlife Branch, autumn has a special meaning -- red-cockaded woodpecker translocation time has arrived.

  • Energy Action Month promotes strategies for environmental well-being

    Oct 18, 2012

    Fort Meade's Directorate of Public Works is using October's designation as Energy Action Month as an opportunity to educate the installation community about ways to conserve energy.

  • Expo educates children, adults

    Oct 18, 2012

    The future of energy use and fuel consumption is ever changing, and Fort Rucker aims to be at the forefront when it comes to implementing and educating people on the installation on going green.

  • Army engineers develop chargers for phones, laptops in combat

    Oct 18, 2012

    A team of U.S. Army engineers are developing new battery chargers for smartphones, tablet computers and laptops for deployed Soldiers without access to a traditional electrical grid. They have engineered and built prototypes for 8-port, 4-port, and 2-port USB chargers, as well as an AC/USB adaptor -- all of which use a military standard battery such as the BB-2590 as the main power source.

  • Fish kill results from 'perfect storm' at Corps lake

    Oct 18, 2012

    A fish kill was reported in Youghiogheny River Lake, Confluence, Pa., on Sept. 7, and continued to kill fish for about two weeks afterwards. Around the same time, unusual deposits of iron and a strong sulfur odor were reported in the Youghiogheny River, just downstream of the dam.

  • Projects boost energy efforts, save money

    Oct 18, 2012

    Energy conservation is being tackled one bulb at a time through lighting initiatives promoted by the Directorate of Public Works and the installation's operations and maintenance contractor, Fort Carson Support Services.

  • New ARL thermoelectric technology, approaches to reclaim wasted energy

    Oct 17, 2012

    U.S. Army Laboratory researchers are scavenging heat that pours from major weapon system engines or tailpipes and turning it into electrical power, and if their experiments prove applicable across multiple military platforms, ground and air vehicles could get built smaller, weigh less and potentially save billions in fuel costs.

  • Building an energy sustainable Corps

    Oct 12, 2012

    In the 80s "Reuse, Renew, Recycle" was the way ahead for conquering the earth's energy and pollution problems. Today, energy and environmental sustainability has become so much more vast and complicated, that those three verbs don't cut it anymore.

  • Texas Coastal Study: Corps to partner with state, federal agencies to protect, restore coast

    Oct 12, 2012

    From the natural beaches of Sabine Pass near Port Arthur to the rich diversity of bird and marine wildlife along the Laguna Madre near Port Isabel, the sweep of the Texas coast contains varied and fragile ecosystems juxtaposed with highly industrialized areas that host a national economic powerhouse. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division, through its Galveston District, is involved in virtually every mile of the 367-mile coastline, and plays an integral role in both the preservation of Nature's treasures that are a living part of the Texas coastal region as well as serving and preserving the industries that fuel commerce and power our nation.

  • Radiation threat training prepares chemical unit to support 32 countries

    Oct 11, 2012

    Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Ind. -- When the locals started complaining of nausea, vomiting and skin rashes, members of the 371st Chemical Company from Greenwood, S.C., immediately responded to what sounded like a possible radiation threat in the village. Radiation poisoning is extremely serious, so it was lucky for the villagers that the threat was only part of the 371st's mobilization training scenario.

  • Energy Expo seeks to help save people, post money

    Oct 9, 2012

    This year's Energy Expo at Fort Rucker, Ala., returns for a second time to educate people on ways to be more energy efficient, not only on post, but in their daily lives.

  • Secretary of Defense tours RDECOM contributions to energy security

    Oct 9, 2012

    Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta learned about the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command's contributions to national energy security during a tour of exhibits at the Pentagon, Oct. 4, 2012.

  • Signing event renews USAEC Adopt-A-School partnership

    Oct 9, 2012

    In an event presided over by FSHES Principal Tonya Hyde, Dr. Gail Siller, Superintendent of the Fort Sam Houston Independent School District joined USAEC Commander, Col. Mark A. Lee in signing a special poster-sized agreement featuring photos of past Adopt-a-School activities. With the signing, USAEC volunteers agreed to continue sharing knowledge of the environmental sciences, professional career paths and a genuine love of lifelong discovery with FSHES students and faculty.

  • Afghanistan Engineer District-South builds strong in 2012

    Oct 6, 2012

    Nearly $715 million has been paid by the Afghanistan Engineer District-South for work contractors have completed on projects aimed at helping Afghans develop the stability and security of their nation. Projects ran the gamut from design and construction of university buildings, a hospital, and new facilities for Afghan National Security Forces, to repairs on roads and bridges that promote freedom of movement.

  • Fort Lee archaeology facility to share history, artifacts with public

    Oct 4, 2012

    FORT LEE, Va. (Oct. 4, 2012) -- Borrow an archaeologist's eyes, and you'll see a different Fort Lee.