Photo Credit: 103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, Capt. Angel R. Wallace
Mr. Bill Kreider (right), 82, is traveling with the MVPA from its start in Washington, D.C., to its completion in San Francisco, and has had his bike, a 1942 Harley, about five years. He served in the U.S. Constabulary in Germany for the majority of his time of service in the Army (Feb. 1946 - Dec. 1948). The star on his bike is an emblem the Army started placing on its vehicles from 1942-1943 both on the sides and on the bonnets of "soft skinned" vehicles, and on the glacis plates of tanks during World War II. Mr. Wallace Winkie (left) was born on a farm in Burt, Iowa. He is 92 years old and after returning home to Belle Plaine in 1945, he attended the Iowa State Teacher\'s College, and then taught at the school from 1949 until 1982. During WWII he served in Africa, Sicily and Italy in the 34th Infantry Division in which he frequently rode military Harley Davidson motorcycles like the one in the picture.
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