Whistles, Dreams, and Gleeful Screams
Photo Credit: 1LT Luis Nieves
When it comes to having his defenses up MSG Gerry Simard is a professional; and it's not just because he is the NCOIC of G-3 for the 311th Signal Command. MSG Simard is the creator of confidence, the enforcer of commitment, and the architect of laughter. He is a youth coach. When you suddenly hear hilarity those slightly rainy Saturday mornings while you are nestled on your couch enjoying a good book, or maybe a few thunderous cheers on those beautiful sunset nights, while you are seated in front of your television watching your favorite show; don't wonder whose disturbing your peace, know that it's MSG Simard, whistle around his neck, and dreams in his hands. He's doing one of the things he loves the most; taking time with the community's children. No matter the season, you will find him in the thick of things as the coach of the four to six year old children who play for the Pearl Harbor Community Sports League. From Baseball, to Basketball, and everything in between, MSG Simard has dedicated his time, and focused his energy on teaching these children the fundamentals of offense, defense, blocking and running; and while parents scream for their little one, and "high five" one another in the stands, it is not just that their child has scored that fills their hearts with pride, it is the teamwork, the sportsmanship, and the discipline instilled by coach Simard that tugs at their heart strings. While it takes a great deal of patience and a good sense of humor to excel as the coach of adolescents, MSG Simard does so with a zest that is unrivaled. It is often said that in children's sports there are no winners or losers; but, in this situation I beg to differ. Those who sit on the side lines and wonder what all the noise is for, lose out on the opportunity to share in and shape another beings life; and those like MSG Simard win the respect, the gratitude, and simple adoration of children who are learning life lessons while running with a ball. There are always times, places and reasons to share your talents with others, volunteer, and see what you can learn!
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