Casualty notifications
Photo Credit: David Vergun
Don Mason, a Korean War veteran, prays in the Pentagon chapel, March 7, 2014, for those he served with. Mason said his mother received a telegram from the Defense Department in 1952, while he and his brother were serving in Korea -- he in the Navy as a corpsman for Marines and his brother as a Soldier. Mason's mother, he said, was too afraid to open the telegram since a fellow down the street in their hometown of Indianapolis was killed and their family found out by way of telegram. So she waited until her husband got home from work to let him open it, he said. The telegram informed them that Don had been wounded. But the telegram failed to mention how bad the wounds were, he said, so his parents didn't find out until much later when the Red Cross sent a telegram saying he would survive his wounds. Mason said he's thankful now that the Army doesn't deliver telegrams and instead sends a Soldier and chaplain when notification is required.
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