Bataan Capas:
Photo Credit: Photo by Rachael Tolliver
The names and units of those U.S. military personal who died at, or in route to the Capas Concentration Camp during the Bataan Death March, are etched on marble?"and titled ?"Battling Bastards of Bataan." The memorial is located at the Capas National Shrine, in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines. ?"Battling Bastards of Bataan" was a limerick poem penned by Frank Hewlett?"Manila bureau chief for UP and the last reporter to leave Corregidor before it fell to the Japanese. "We're the battling bastards of Bataan No mama, no papa, no Uncle Sam No aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no nieces No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces And nobody gives a damn."
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