Navy Elevated Causeway (ELCAS) at JLOTS
Photo Credit: Sgt. Stephen Proctor
080722-A-4704P-037 - The Navy Elevated Causeway System is one of many pieces of equipment that will serve as part of the improvised port during Joint Logistics Over The Shore 2008. The crane on the ELCAS lifts the vehicles and containers from the lighterage and smaller ships and provides a conduit to the shore. JLOTS is an annual exercise that increases the Army's and Navy's ability to build improvised ports for transporting equipment from ship to shore when a harbor or pier has been damaged or is nonexistent. Nearly 1,500 pieces of rolling equipment and shipping containers will be moved from ships with a series of lighterage systems (floating roadways) and smaller boats to improvised piers on the shore. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Stephen Proctor, JLOTS Public Affairs)
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