Excelsior College
The College of the American Soldier Enlisted Education Program is designed to enable junior enlisted Soldiers in combat arms MOSs to earn an associate's degree during their first term of enlistment. Excelsior College is one of the institutions participating in the program and has conducted a faculty credit evaluation of SSD 1 and combat arms MOSs at skill levels 10 and 20 to maximize the credit Soldiers can earn for their military training. As part of the Enlisted Education Program, Excelsior also awards college credits for Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training and the Warrior Leader Course. *According to the Excelsior College Center for Military Education, the school would award the same credits to those with a 14G MOS as a 14J, since the 14G MOS has yet to be evaluated by the American Council on Education. (Image provided by Excelsior College Center for Military Education)
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