Creative home station training ups the ante on mitigating thru SubTO
Photo Credit: Lt. Col. Sonise Lumbaca
A Member of the U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group traverses a rope bridge utilizing a "zip-line" technique during training used to simulate operating within a subterranean environment on Oct. 17. The overall concept of the training, hosted by the AWG's Able Squadron, was to simulate the complex environment, and train and or refresh unit members on negotiating multiple obstacles that a Soldier might face in a subterranean environment. Each week, the operational squadron conducts a complex training event that creatively utilizes home station facilities and equipment to get at the subterranean problem set. These training events assess, develop and validate various tactics, techniques and procedures regarding subterranean operations, while building adaptability and resiliency within Soldiers. (U.S. Army Photo by Lt. Col. Sonise Lumbaca)
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