Hurricane Preparedness Starts at Home Before a Storm Strikes
Photo Credit: Angela Kershner
FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii ( May 31, 2013) -- Honolulu Dsitrict's Containerized Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) team leader Tyler Miyamoto prepares to cradle the antenna mast as Endre Gayer lowers it during quarterly maintenance of the VSAT and training of the Containerized Tactical Operations Center team in June 2012. CTOC maintenance and testing is done as part of the District's annual participation in the State of Hawaii and Joint Task Force-Homeland Defense Makani Pahili Exercise held each year during the first week of June. District-wide support of the exercise includes internal drills and table-top exercises to assess the command's capability to execute mission essential functions and provide external support to the State of Hawaii / JTF-HD in the event of a Category 4 hurricane impact to the Hawaiian Islands.
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