Army dress hat
Photo Credit: Courtesy
This hat was worn by Chaplain Kapaun during his period of service, between 1944-1946 during WWII. Following his service in WWII, Chaplain Kapaun earned a Master's Degree at Catholic University in Washington, DC. Kapaun wrote his Bishop in Wichita, Kan., during the course of his studies, and requested permission to return to military duty as a chaplain. At the end of his studies, The Bishop instead assigned Kapaun to a parish in Timken, Kan. After six months as pastor at Timken, Kapaun again wrote to the bishop that while he loved his work in Timken, his conscience told him that his priestly duty was in the Service. The bishop granted his request and Chaplain Kapaun reenlisted in the United States Army in late 1948.
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