Gathering information from the 'mayor'
Photo Credit: Capt. A. Sean Taylor, 203rd Public Affairs Detachment
Members of a SWEAT MSO team gather information from a village mayor (red hat) during a training exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., during Warrior Exercise 91 13-01, March 22, 2013. A SWEAT MSO mission, which stands for sewer, water, electricity, academics, trash, medical, security and other, is an assessment of a community's basic needs. Once the team gathers the info, a list of possible projects is presented to village leaders. The missions help build relations between U.S. forces and the local population in U.S. military areas of operation. Warrior Exercise 91 13-01 is designed to prepare soldiers for the rigors of deployment associated with ongoing overseas contingency operations. Thousands of soldiers from around the country are participating in this training mission provided by the 91st Training Division.
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