Photo Credit: Image Courtesy U.S. Army Public Health Command
The new USAPHC distinctive unit insignia was approved by the Institute of Heraldry on March 11. The design includes a shield representing protection of the health of Soldiers and retirees, their families, and Army civilians. The green in the shield reflects the color associated with the Medical Corps during the last of the 19th century, and the maroon represents the current color associated with Army medicine. Within the shield is a triangle, indicating strength and stability and representing the "One Health" triad concept"the interrelated health of people, animals and environment. The spear tip within the triangle represents the organization's mission in peace and war, often preceding the first combat Soldier in a combat zone. The serpents entwined around the spear represent the Rod of Asclepius, Greek god of medicine and healing. The rod is symbolic of the medical arts and humanitarianism. The cog wheel and torch are elements honoring the legacy of the predecessor organizations of the USAPHC. The torch also signifies the light of learning and education. Learning is the foundation of science, and education encompasses the USAPHC's responsibility to promote health and well-being. The motto, Una Sanitas, translates to "One Health."
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