ARL, NSRDEC jointly executed Army ManTech program for helmets
Photo Credit: Doug LaFon, ARL Photographer
ARL and NSRDEC jointly executed an Army ManTech program to overcome the technology barriers associated with performing and rapid thermoforming of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials into complex shapes such as helmets. PM Soldier's ballistic fiber industry investments resulted in a new generation of fiber (Dyneema HB80 ® and Spectra 3136 ®), and by integrating these two key investments the Army was able to deliver a helmet at the same weight of currently field Army Combat Helmets" but with over 37 percent increase in ballistic protection. The Army ManTech program provided both the support and means to effectively transfer technology to the U.S. industrial helmet manufacturing base, and the impetus to shift to the type of new and advanced process technologies needed to fully utilize the fiber materials developed by PM Soldier. Here, ARL's Dr. Shawn Walsh shows AMC Commander Gen. Dennis Via the pre-form helmet.
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