Building Interagency Partnerships in the National Capital Region
Photo Credit: Mr. George Markfelder (JFHQNCR/MDW)
U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge, Washington Field Office, Dave Beach, receives a command coin and handshake from Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst, commanding general of the Joint Forces Headquarters National Capital Region & U.S. Army Military District of Washington. Beach also received a briefing on the capabilities of the command and toured its Joint Operations Center and Mobile Communication platforms at Fort McNair, 24 Jan. The Secret Service Agent's visit is part of the JFHQ NCR engagement program that fosters close working relationships with NCR organizations in order to better support them during a crisis if requested to do so. The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and more than 150 offices throughout the United States and abroad. The Secret Service was established in 1865, solely to suppress the counterfeiting of U.S. currency. Today, the agency is mandated by Congress to carry out dual missions: protection of national and visiting foreign leaders, and criminal investigations.
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