National Infantry Museum
Photo Credit: Vince Little, The Bayonet
Along the dimly lit incline, visitors can hear recordings of gunfire and shouts playing over battle video. Lifelike mannequins dressed in period uniforms bring a dose of eerie authenticity, making it feel as if you're on the battlefield. The remaining scenes on The Last 100 Yards include a Korean War skirmish, a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter landing and a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, which got hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq about six years ago. Salvaged from an Army depot in Texas, it was airlifted into place as the museum's first display prior to opening. The Bradley is a symbol of Infantry operations in the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan. I was drawn to a prototype called the Belly Flopper, a two-man automatic weapons carrier developed here in 1937. The vehicle resembles the lunar rover used by astronauts during the Apollo moon landings. It never went into production but inspired the manufacture of the famous World War II jeep. In a glass-enclosed space on the museum's lower level sits the Hall of Valor, which pays homage to 1,500 Medal of Honor recipients.
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