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    Complete List of Print Category Winners:

    Category A: Metro-Format Newspaper
    1st: The Bayonet, USAG Fort Benning (IMCOM)
    2nd: Fort Leonard Wood Guidon, USAG Fort Leonard Wood (IMCOM)
    3rd: 1st Infantry Division Post, USAG Fort Riley (IMCOM)

    Category B: Tabloid-Format Newspaper
    1st: Prairie Soldier, Nebraska National Guard (NGB)
    2nd: Indianhead, 2nd ID, Korea (USARPAC)
    3rd: Fort Jackson Leader, USAG Fort Jackson (IMCOM)

    Category C: Magazine-Format Newspaper
    1st: Army AL&T Magazine, U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC)
    2nd: The Bluegrass Guard, Kentucky National Guard
    3rd: NCO Journal, U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy (TRADOC)

    Category D: Newsletter/Field Newspaper
    1st: Khaan Quest and Keris Strike, 134th PAD, Alaska ARNG (NGB)
    2nd: Inside STRI, U.S. Army PEO STRI Public Affairs Office (USAASC)
    3rd: Headwaters Update, Pittsburgh District (USACE)

    Category E: Web-based Publication
    1st: @ease Express, Wisconsin National Guard (NGB)
    2nd: Eye on AMC, U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC)
    3rd: TRADOC This Week, HQ, TRADOC (TRADOC)

    Category F: Outstanding Initiative in New Media
    1st: "USAG Humphreys Social Media Network,” USAG Humphreys, Korea (IMCOM)
    2nd: Mobile MWR, HQ, Installation Management Command (IMCOM)
    3rd: Missouri National Guard (NGB)

    Category G: Command Blog
    1st: “USAG Schweinfurt Command Blog,” USAG Schweinfurt, Europe (IMCOM)
    2nd: "MoGuard Live," Missouri National Guard (NGB)
    3rd: "The Professional Guardsman," Georgia National Guard (NGB)

    Category H: Website
    1st: “,” U.S. Army Contracting Command (AMC)
    2nd: South Carolina National Guard (NGB)
    3rd: HQ, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

    Category I: News Article
    1st: "A hero is remembered," 1st Sgt. Vaughn Larson, Wisconsin National Guard (NGB)
    2nd: "10th Mountain Division Veterans Return to Italy," Sgt. 1st Class John Queen (DMA)
    3rd: "Sergeant Audie Murphy Club welcomes new member," Sgt. Edward Garibay (FORSCOM)

    1st: “Soldier’s letters returned after 43 years,” Mike Glasch, USAG Fort Jackson (IMCOM)
    2nd: "Ashes of combat dive pioneer, OSS veteran committed to the sea," David Chace (USASOC)
    3rd: “717th MI Battalion Course Develops Junior Leaders,” Gregory Ripps, 470th Military Intelligence Brigade (INSCOM)

    Category J: News Feature Article
    1st: “Paratroopers, Afghans build post in heart of Taliban Country,” Sgt. Michael MacLeod, 1st BCT, 82nd ABN, Fort Bragg (FORSCOM)
    2nd: “'Chute' for the Sea,” Spc. John Carkeet, 143rd ESC (USARC)
    3rd: “Baltimore Youth,” Sgt. Jeannette Twigg, 200th MP Command (USARC)

    1st: "Building a better rotorcraft," Margaret Roth (USAASC)
    2nd: "Climb and Conquer: Special Forces Soldiers master the science of gaining the high ground," David Chace (USASOC)
    3rd: “Riggers Ready for Operation Toy Drop,” Timothy Hale (USARC)

    Category K: Human Interest Feature Article
    1st: “Seeds of Hope,” Sgt. Christopher Gaylord, 5th MPAD, JBLM (FORSCOM)
    2nd: "Deep Strike Soldiers celebrate Dr. Seuss, reading," Staff Sgt. Kyle Richardson (USARPAC)
    3rd: “Fueled by Passion,” Sgt. Marc Loi, 319th MPAD (USARC)

    1st: “From Recruiting to the White House,” Vernetta Garcia (TRADOC)
    2nd: “Where this brotherhood began,” David Chace (USASOC)
    3rd: “The Drive to be a Leader,” Eric Bartelt (USMA)
    Honorable Mention: "JEFF Labs tackle Taliban, train Afghans," Colby Hauser (USACIDC)

    Category L: Personality Feature Article
    1st: “Globe Changer,” Sgt. 1st Class Amy Wieser Wilson, North Dakota National Guard (NGB)
    2nd: "Old Guard Soldier honored to escort fallen Soldiers remains," Sgt. Luisito Brooks (MDW)
    3rd: "Trooper Focus," Spc. Vanessa Davila (FORSCOM)
    Honorable Mention: "Soldier continues to break records," Maj. Brandon Bissell (USASOC)

    1st: "National Guard Officer Has a Comic Book Alter Ego," Eric Durr (NGB)
    2nd: "Where They Are Now: Wounded Warrior 'Full of Heart,'" Steven Galvan (MEDCOM)
    3rd: “Lifetime of Difference for the Army,” Kari Hawkins, USAG Redstone Arsenal (IMCOM)
    Honorable Mention: “Turner Wraps Up Tenure as Command's Top Enlisted Leader,” Steve Arel (TRADOC)

    Category M: Commentary
    1st: "I Shot 29 Bullets and 212 Images,” Sgt. Michael MacLeod, 1st BCT, 82nd ABN, Fort Bragg (FORSCOM)
    2nd: "One unit’s compassion inspires new faith in the system, honors the memory of those who are no longer with us," Sgt. 1st Class Matt Scotten (NGB)
    3rd: “Twenty-Three Seconds to Bad,” Staff Sgt. Richard Harris, 108th Training Command (USARC)

    1st: “Breast Cancer: A Demographic I Would Have Rather Avoided,” Lori Egan, USAG Fort Benning (IMCOM)
    2nd: “Asking Myself Why,” Robert Johnson, USAG Fort Leonard Wood (IMCOM)
    3rd: “Voting,” John L. Thompson III (TRADOC)

    Category N: Sports Article
    1st: “Journey of 100 Miles,” Sgt. 1st Class Amy Wieser Wilson, North Dakota National Guard (NGB)
    2nd: "Warrior in the ring," 1st Lt. Will Martin (NGB)
    3rd: "Climbers have 'Love on the Rocks' at the SFAC," Sgt. Ida Irby (FORSCOM)
    Honorable Mention: "Team Bliss Track Club kicks off season in Tucson," Staff Sgt. Jes Smith (FORSCOM)

    1st: “Hancock First Olympic Champion to Repeat in Men’s Skeet,” Tim Hipps, HQ, Installation Management Command (IMCOM)
    2nd: “Soldier Set to Make Paralympic History,” Michael Molinaro (TRADOC)
    3rd: "Carroll’s victory lifted a year’s worth of weight off shoulders," Eric Bartelt (USMA)

    Category O: Story Series
    1st: "Meet your Mentor" Series, Staff Sgt. Jes Smith (FORSCOM)
    2nd: "First Commander" Series, Sgt. 1st Class Amy Wieser Willson (NGB)
    3rd: "Documenting Kentuckians in the War of 1812" Series, Sgt. David Bolton and Sgt. Scott Raymond (NGB)
    Honorable Mention: "150th anniversary of the American Civil War" Series, Lt. William Carraway (NGB)

    1st: "Basic Combat Training Diaries" Series, Melissa Buckley, USAG Fort Leonard Wood (IMCOM)
    2nd: "Pair of First-Time Olympians Ready for the Spotlight" Series, Michael Molinaro (TRADOC)
    3rd: "TRICARE and Transformation" Series, Stefan Alford (MEDCOM)

    Category P: Photojournalism
    1st: "Night Drivers," Sgt. Ken Scar (FORSCOM)
    2nd: “Taking the Dive,” Staff Sgt. Peter Barardi, 316th ESC (USARC)
    3rd: "Guard’s Aerial Eyes & Ears," Spc. Heidi Krueger (NGB)

    1st: “2012 Best Sapper,” Melissa Buckley, USAG Fort Leonard Wood (IMCOM)
    2nd: “Fear Not the Flames,” T. Anthony Bell, USAG Fort Lee (IMCOM)
    3rd: “Best Warrior,” Tina Miles, 780th Military Intelligence Group (INSCOM)

    Category Q: Photograph
    1st: "25th CAB Soldier provides sky security," Staff Sgt. Brendan Mackie (NGB)
    2nd: "Paratroopers, Afghans engage enemy in Muqor," Sgt. Michael MacLeod (FORSCOM)
    3rd: "Winter Blast," Staff Sgt. Charles Crail (USAREUR)

    1st: “A Familiar Expression,” T. Anthony Bell, USAG Fort Lee (IMCOM)
    2nd: “All-American Bowl Leap,” Steve Arel, U.S. Army Cadet Command (TRADOC)
    3rd: “Fort Belvoir responds to storm damage,” Kyle L. Ford, USAG Fort Belvoir (IMCOM)

    Category R: Picture Page
    1st: “Cage Showcases Warrior Spirit,” The Cannoneer, USAG Fort Sill (IMCOM)
    2nd: "Deutsche Leistungsabzeichen," Sgt. Barry St. Clair (FORSCOM)
    3rd: “Operation Toy Drop 2012,” USARC Public Affairs Office (USARC)

    Category S: Deployed Photo
    1st: "Sgt. Tim Martin’s face shows grit of mission," Staff Sgt. Brendan Mackie (NGB)
    2nd: "Stopping," Sgt. Andrea Merritt (FORSCOM)
    3rd: "Aerial Weapons firing platform exercise," Spc. Cody Barber (FORSCOM)

    Category T: Contribution by Stringer (Writing)
    1st: “Rusty Spike,” Ltc. Robert Hefner, 75th Training Command (USARC)
    2nd: "Hitting a High Note," Spc. Michael Hagburg (NGB)
    3rd: "‘I am not an alcoholic’," Wayne Johnson (USMA)
    Honorable Mention: “Different Side of the Story,” Staff Sgt. Sharilyn Wells, USACAPOC(A) (USARC)

    Category U: Contribution by Stringer (Photojournalism)
    1st: “A Reflection on Bastogne,” Aryn Lockhart, USAG Grafenwoehr, Europe (IMCOM)
    2nd: “Where Fun is No Obstacle,” Joseph Mancy, USAG Stuttgart, Europe (IMCOM)
    3rd: “H8 training comes to Stewart for first time,” Spc. Rochelle Krueger, 3rd Sustainment Brigade, Fort Stewart (FORSCOM)

    Category V: James P. Hunter Award for Outstanding New Writer
    1st: Sgt. Ryan Hallock, 20th PAD, JBLM (FORSCOM)

    Category W: Paul D. Savanuck Military Journalist of the Yearr
    1st: Sgt. Michael MacLeod, 1st BCT, 82nd ABN, Fort Bragg (FORSCOM)

    Category X: Moss-Holland Civilian Journalist of the Year
    1st: T. Anthony Bell, USAG Fort Lee (IMCOM)

    Select a Category:
    A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X